The Power of Better Odor Eliminating Process

Odor, bad, good or stinky, plays a crucial role in how we perceive things around us. The tiniest component of an odor can give social clues about what we should eat, how to treat each other and whom to get closer with. Smell or odor contains the key to our emotions when we smell anything we feel it. Since the smell is the only sense that is linked directly to the limbic system which is responsible for processing emotions and memory. Good or bad anything you smell reflects in our behavior and mood

It has been also proven that smell is a powerful thing. Whenever you smell something the olfactory system, which is directly linked to the emotional part of the brain, sends immediate information from the nose to the brain to recognize any smell. Many a time, people suffering from the neurological disorder are treated with old things to revive the memory, and results have been good till date. Support you smell the pot roast, and it instantly transported you back to the grandmother’s kitchen. The scent of roses will take you to the lost spring. Rubbing alcohol may take you to the last time you visited a hospital.

You can smell everything around you; however, the smell of your home affects your mood and behavior the most. Many a time, your home is full of foul and stinky odor that may be because of indoor pollution caused by the presence of volatile organic compounds and wall paints containing hazardous chemicals. Or, pets in the home can fill the entire home with a musty smell. You want to keep your home and pet frequent areas completely odor free.

Well!! There is an odor elimination technique that guarantees sure shot results in eliminating bad odor from home. The nanotechnology based photocatalyst coating can decompose chemical components into a molecular level and convert them to a harmless inorganic substance such as water and carbon dioxide. In fact, this coating is so strong that many industrial and public areas can be deodorized with it.

Some special features of nanotechnology based odor elimination technique.

Environmental-friendly, no extra pollution

To reduce the amount of carbon foot print on the earth atmosphere, the nano-photocatalytic coating decomposes the harmful chemicals in pollutants into the organic substrate. This is safe, environment friendly and leaves no negative effect on the environment. Ensure a healthy atmosphere in your indoor and outdoor every day.

Easy to apply in most site and diversified surfaces

The nano-photocatalytic coating is easy and effective in the odor elimination process. It requires no professional for application, any person having basic knowledge about how to apply paints can do the job without any hassle.

Decompose the odor in a molecular level, no absorption or covering

Traditional deodorizer and home disinfectant are very slow. It takes a lot of time to remove the bad odor since those were developed on absorption and covering process. Nano-photocatalytic odor eliminator for home is bit different; it decomposes the inorganic components into the atmosphere into water and carbon dioxide.

Results last for a longer time

The nano-photocatalytic coating is based on Photocatalytic oxidization reaction, which is the best odor eliminator for room and an effective process to most odors’ decomposition. It utilizes solar energy to decompose sticky smell at the molecular level. So, the smell lasts longer and you do not have to invest in painting, as often.

Eliminate odor and microbial risk at the same time

The nano-photocatalytic coatings are advanced odor removal technique. It can deodorize the environment and disinfectant at the same time. The chemical reaction kills all the germs and microbes present inside your home, keeping your home safe and germ free.

These are some of the best points of odor elimination technique, you can find at TiPE. If you are looking for more updated odor elimination and disinfecting procedure, feel free to contact our experts. Speak and discuss your problem.

Keep your home and an outdoor environment free from bad odor


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