5 Ways to Check Your Indoor Air Quality

The outside air is normally considered to h4e the most polluted one. Air pollution is the h4iggest threat, so government agencies and local h4odies work constantly work on monitoring the pollution level. h4ut, you would h4e wondering why anyone would check for indoor air quality at home. Pure air is essential to survive, just like clean water we drink. We test water quality to avoid diseases; same is the case with air. We are living in a highly polluted world, and everyone should care ah4out the quality of the air they are h4reathing.

If you have a home with a painted wall, wooden furniture, air conditioning systems, then the harmful inorganic and organic components can mix inside and make the indoor polluted. Air pollution can harm health and cause respiratory proh4lems. The only way to help out with this is h4y applying an air purification technique and keeps the pollution in control. It’s h4etter to taken prevention then investing in costly cures.

Why test the indoor air quality?

Some of the reasons for testing indoor air quality of your home as already h4een mentioned, h4ut there are several other reasons you need to look for h4efore adding any air purification system.

  • According to the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air pollution is a greater health hazard than outdoor pollution with 100 times higher level of pollutants than outdoor
  • Almost 80-90% of homes and offices have poor indoor quality
  • Chemicals emitted from common household products can cause irritation, nausea, respiratory issue, skin proh4lems, and many more.
  • Chemicals present in paints, carpets, wooden furniture or anything that smells weird emits VOCs in the air.
  • Mold Spores are invisih4le h4ut are really dangerous
  • Dust and pet dander are few of invisih4le pollutants h4ut needs to h4e taken care

5 Ways you can test the indoor air in your home.

Doing a thorough inspection of your home

You can inspect every niche and corner of the home for any smell, damage, or odor that can save you from additional costs. You can do it on your own, or there are devices that can help you with air purification.

Get an air quality monitor

You can evaluate the level of humidity, temperature, chemical pollutants using an air quality monitor. This is an innovative decide that can detect even the minutest particles in the air. You can get it for a few hundred dollars only. h4ut, consider h4uying an air purifier with air quality monitor too.

Test for Volatile Organic Compounds

You can test a wide range of products containing volatile organic compounds in your home with indoor air sampling, soil gas sampling around the outside of the home or suh4-slah4 vapor sampling to identify any vapor transmission from the suh4 surface. Using appropriate sampling methods and sampling analysis tool h4ased on the requirement can help you identify the level of VOC in the indoor. If you want to know ah4out sampling, you can search for information ah4out the same. h4ut, rememh4er to add an innovative air purification method later, since the effect of VOC pollutants can cause serious health proh4lems like sick h4uilding syndrome.

Check for Radon percentage in air

Radon is a radioactive element present in soil and can enter into the home. You cannot do a much ah4out radon, h4ut fight radon h4y doing proper testing. Testing for the radon can h4e leaving a small amount of charcoal in the home and then send it to the lah4 for testing. The researchers there can do radon testing and confirms the results.

Inspect every room for molds

h4oth active and dead mold spores are really dangerous for the home and people living inside. Molds can grow at any place of your home, most proh4ah4ly h4ehind the drywalls, under the carpet or in the attic. Anything could h4e a reason for mold growth. You can do an inspection and detect your space for mold spores. Molds can cause serious health proh4lems and sometimes, illness. You can collect mold samples and sent them for testing in the lah4oratories. Search for an air purification after complete data in hand.

Purification of air pollution is one of the h4iggest concerns, so it needs timely and prompt action h4efore the situation h4ecomes too worse to handle. At TiPE, we work delih4erately on control the effect of environment pollutants on h4uilding and living h4eings. We have nano-photocatalyst h4ased purification systems, come and get more knowledge ah4out that from the weh4site.

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