7 Common Drawbacks of Painting Your Home with Non Self-Cleaning Coats

Have you ever thought of a self-cleaning coating for your home exterior that can rinse of dirt and pollutants on its own? We got the solution for you. 

With the innovation of nanotechnology and nano-photocatalytic technology, adding protection from several climatic conditions, dirt, debris, and environmental pollutants have lot becomes easier than the conventional paints that we use to apply on any home’s exterior. Nano-self cleaning coating has made a revolution. If you are thinking about a paint job with normal paints, pause for a moment, and rethink. The non self-cleaning paints can damage your building integrity and aesthetics. Whereas, the nano self-cleaning paint can safeguard your home against all possible damages in the present as well as future. Let’s us help you!

7 Common Drawbacks of applying non self-cleaning coating on your building’s exterior

1 – No protection from air – pollutants

The normal paints you use for painting exterior are just for the sake of maintaining the aesthetics of a building. Paints add a sophisticated and newness to the home exterior. But, paints are not effective against environmental pollutants like CO2, NOx and other harmful gases. You need a nano self-cleaning coating which cleanses off the dirt and pollutants on its own.

2 – No protection against acid rain effects

In general, the normal paint used for exterior painting lasts fora maximum of two to three years. The climatic factors like sun, snow, and rain or sometimes acid rain withers away the chemical components of the paint. Due to this, the building faces physical damages and starts looking old after a few rainy seasons. Nano self cleaning coating is developed with nanotechnology to control the after effects of acid rain or other climatic factors on the building. The nano particles cover the exterior from any damages. Read more about acid rain effects from here

3 – No safety against microbial attack

The common paints you use are not safe and effective against microbes, bacterial, and fungal growth in the buildings. However, nano self-cleaning paint can restrain mildew and algae growth. The self cleaning coating decomposes the microbes and pollutants into organic substrates in the presence of sunlight and air. A nano photocatalytic oxidation reaction takes place on the surface, which safeguards the building exterior from microbial attacks.

4 – Does not protects the surface from UV rays

UV rays are extremely problematic for home and its dwellers. UV rays can remove the luster and shine, from the aesthetic point of view. If it penetrates through the building, then it can harm the health of all living inside the building. Common paints are not effective against the UV rays of the sun. Whereas, the nanotechnology based photocatalytic self cleaning coatings are extremely effective against UV rays. It can absorb the UV from the sun and then protect the surface from UV damage.

5 – Attracts dust and rain on the surface

One of the biggest drawbacks of normal exterior pains is hydrophilicity and dust-resistance. The common paints cannot protect the surface from rain and dust accumulation. This results in a fast degradation of the building exterior. The home will lose its original shine and luster after a few days of a new coat of paint. The building will start looking old and outdated until you will again polish it with paint. Self-cleaning with nanotechnology are super–hydrophilic and anti-static in nature. Dust and rain drops do not stay on it.

6 – Not environment-friendly

Common paints are inorganic compositions of color pigments, plastic, VOC and many other toxic substances. When applied on any exterior surface, it liberates gaseous molecules which are harmful to the health of the home as well as the environment. Whereas, nano self cleaning coating is developed with eco-consciousness in mind. It has a self air purification property and NOx decomposition function. This paint creates no negative effect on the environment by liberating harmful gases. Nanotechnology photocatalytic self cleaning coating is completely safe and environment-friendly.

7 – Does not last for long

Generally, paints are not resistive to dust and rain. So, it cannot resist environmental and climatic conditions. Every time you have to apply a fresh coat to restore the newness. Nano self cleaning coating is safe and long lasting.

Nano-photocatalytic self cleaning coating is best for application in any exterior. Whether it’s a residential or a commercial one, this paint is comparatively safe and reliable than common paints. Think wisely and then take any decision if you are planning to paint your home. Invest in something that can give you long term results.

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