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Anti-Mold and Mildew Resistant Coating That Lasts for Long

Growth of mold and mildew on the wall is really frustrating. It can hamper the aesthetic, as well as risk the lives of homeowners. Many of us are unaware, but the pungent smell of mold growth carries communicable bacteria and microbes with it. These disease-causing bacteria can affect the quality of indoor air. Sometimes people face respiratory disorders or skin infections or even chronic disease due to the spread mold spores. Put an end to mold and mildew growth by applying an anti-mold coating on the wall and interior. Apply the nano-photocatalytic coating in the interior or exterior of residential or commercial space to avoid the multiplicity of molds.

The nano-photocatalytic coating is one of the most advanced and innovative anti-mold solution today. Nanoparticles, are available in the smallest molecular size to improve performance and absorption property in any substance. Photocatalytic is an oxidation reaction between the microbes and coating in the presence of sunlight and nanoparticles as catalyst. This is also a photocatalytic oxidation reaction which decomposes the molds and their microbes in their early stage. It attacks the body and endotoxin of the microbes and germs so that it destroys completely from the root. Nanoparticles and photocatalytic reaction are not just killing of mold-germinating bacteria, it inhibits the re-growth also. Results are long-lasting, so you do not have to pay for anti-mold cleaning and paint every time. Above all, the anti-smell property of this coating purifies lousy odor from the indoor, giving you a fresh and welcoming feel every time.

Apply the Anti-mold coating in areas, particularly the bathroom and kitchen where there are high condensation and humidity. The coating eliminates the moisture which contributes to the development of mold. Keep your indoor air safe from mold spores, inhalation of which can lead to serious health problems and significant respiratory disorder.


  • Anti-mold and anti-mildew treatment of residential and commercial locations such as inventory, offices, manufacturing unit.
  • In-house, anti-bacterial, anti-deodorant, anti-allergic and anti-microbial treatment
  • The self-cleaning property, to enhance the longevity of the effect
  • Remove bad odor from the humid areas of the house
  • Cleanse the polluted air inside of the home or office
  • Control microbial infection, skin problems, respiratory disorder and much more
  • Reduce building maintenance cost


  • Anti-mold property restricts the growth of mold in the damp area
  • Purifies the air with it photocatalytic oxidation and nanoparticles
  • Longer self-life, as the anti-mold coating kills the microbes and bacteria from the root only
  • Deodorizes the air and keeps the indoor free from any allergies
  • Control and restrain outspread of mold and fungus
  • Long-time efficiency, no need for frequent painting or coating
  • No environmental pollution caused, safe, harmless and eco-friendly


  • Decompose the microorganisms, molds, and mildew from the root
  • Protect and seal off the walls from spreading infections
  • Help with mold remediation and painting
  • Apply anti-mold coat is same as applying paint, so you do need experts to do it
  • Anti-mold coatings can be used on top of the paint also. If there is growth, then remove it first then apply
  • Environment-friendly and safe for kids and pets
  • Release no harmful components in the air; it keeps the indoor clean and fresh always.