Antimicrobial Coating: A Must-Do for Public Transports

Did you know the disgusting truth of germs and infections in public transportation we use every day, worldwide? An international consortium of scientists and volunteers led by researchers in America found a devastating amount of infectious and harmful bacteria in city’s public transport. This means, there is potential to find new ways to control disease outbreaks and monitor bioterrorism.

What is the best way then applying an antimicrobial coating on bus, train, car and other public transportations? An antimicrobial coating provides an ideal solution from germs and microbial infection, because it feature advanced nano-phototechnology that kills microbes at elementary level. Let’s have a quick look –

Antimicrobial coating provides lasting protection against microbes

Scientifically proven antimicrobial coatings will provide long lasting and effective protection against harmful bacteria, ultimately leaving you with bacteria-free vehicles that are friendly to the environment. Antimicrobial and antiviral treatment is nano VLR modified photocatalyst which has an amazing effect on killing almost all kinds of bacteria and virus included their mutants such as MRSA, SARS, H5N1. You can have complete peace of mind from microbes, pollutants such as VOC and their health effects.

Antimicrobial coating is durable and last for longer

Once added to public transportation antimicrobial solution, the coating provides long term results that does not removes easily or affect the final finish. The coating can decompose bacteria thoroughly bacteria, virus and their body and endotoxin. The photocatalyst can completely destroy the bacteria and virus directly, not just killing them, therefore it won’t lose its effect because of the bacterial body accumulation on the surface. Overall, vehicles can run without causing threat to people and livelihood.

Antimicrobial Coating is cost effective

Antimicrobial coating is easy to apply and cost effective, as compared to decorative paints and coatings. Antimicrobial coating is made with proprietary nano-phototechnology that kills germs without costing any charge for external fuel or source. The coating keeps on working without investing much and regular maintenance work. This allows vehicle owners to offer constant microorganism protection without even breaking the bank.

Antimicrobial coating is growing rapidly

Protection against microbial infection has become an integral part of public communities and public transportation. Slowly, the need for antimicrobial coating has become a mandatory thing. The demand is constantly rising and there is no sign of downfall for any specific reason. The growing concern for cleanliness in various environments has led to the continued rapid growth of this industry. Building within hygiene critical environment such as hospitals, schools, care homes and food production facilities are known to be the primary customers. This in combination with growing concern for pollutants gives new ways for antimicrobial technology and solutions for the public.

Antimicrobial coating are sold by some of the leading manufacturers only

Antimicrobial coatings are trusted by millions of people in the world and available for some of the most critical environments only. Only a few of manufacturers are known around, and TiPE is among top of them because of unique photocatalyst feature. We are the leading producer of innovative environment solution to protect vehicles, building and others to bless humans with a pollution free environment.

If you are searching for an effective and targeted solution to everyday pollutants and germs, put a coat of TiPE antimicrobial coating on your vehicles and buildings. We can provide advanced paints or coatings to free vehicles from harmful effects of microbes and pollutants.

Always choose the best for transports, your single contributions to environment saves thousands of life and people. Have in doubt in mind, feel free to consult and speak to experts working with TiPE.


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