Antimicrobial Coating from TiPE is Best for Touch Screen Technology

Touch screen technology is presently integrated into most of our gadgets that we use. We can consider it to be a humongous part of our daily life. It has spread its influence to various industries, such as personal devices, QSRs, medical devices, and more. However, it is not limited to this as with the onset of new gadgets and industries, the use of screen touch technology will only increase.

Well, on the one hand, it is making our lives easier, whereas, on the other hand, infection-causing bacteria are mostly found in these public touch screens, including hospitals and retail shops.

So, if you want to restrict the growth of bacteria in your touch screen, then you need to adapt to an advanced antimicrobial coating. This coating technology prevents antimicrobial activities, combats the growth, and stops the spread of the infection or disease.

Advantages of antimicrobial coating –

TiPE is one of the most renowned developers of the antimicrobial coating. We have an advanced solution for restricting antimicrobial growth by incorporating our nano VLR modified photocatalyst that helps to kill all kinds of bacteria and viruses, along with their mutants, including MRSA, SARS, H5N1, etc. The best part is that the performance of the antimicrobial coating lasts for an impressive duration because of the catalytic reaction mode.

Antimicrobial Coating

Below we have mentioned a few benefits of our antimicrobial coating. Kindly have a look to get a better understanding –

  1. Germ-free protection –

The antimicrobial coating prevents the spread of bacteria-related diseases on various kinds of surfaces, including glass and ceramics. It provides protection for a very long period to eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses. The solution is specifically designed to establish a germ-free surface.

  1. Deodorization and anti-allergen feature –

Often, your surfaces can end up having a foul smell because of various reasons, such as the smoke around. Our photocatalyst antimicrobial helps to eliminate odor, along with wiping out the indoor allergic agents. This is effective in reducing the chances of any kind of respiratory disease.

  1. Durable –

TiPE antimicrobial coating is ideal to be used for germ-free protection in public places such as hospitals, schools, hotels, etc. This does not decrease its longevity and can almost last for a lifetime if used in a proper manner. The antimicrobial coating from TiPE offers industry professionals the satisfaction of complete safety within hospitals, retails, households, and other establishments.

The Bottom Line – 

With the growing use of touch screens every day, the risk of bacterial infection is increasing. This is the reason why we need to look for a reliable antimicrobial coating solution for complete protection in public sectors such as hospitals, schools, etc.

The TiPE nano photocatalytic antimicrobial solution is the best-advanced technology for restricting and killing the growth of bacteria and viruses. The solution is extremely durable and can also help to eliminate odor. We also have other technologies for odor elimination, along with this!


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