Extreme weather condition can, directly and indirectly, damage the public road transportation. Heavy rainfall and pollution create a drastic impact on the strength and longevity of the road. Flooding especially is the predominant cause of weather-related disruption to the transport sector. The local government body has to invest a lot of money on repair and maintenance since damaged roads can pose a threat to human safety, and causing significant disruption and associated economic and social impacts.

Existing approaches failed to control the impacts of rain, sun, ice and pollution on the road. There is a need for an advanced photocatalytic coating that cleanses itself and repels water accumulation, without any manual help.

Photocatalytic self cleaning coating is one of the most demanding protectors for building, equipment and hygiene critical objects. Modified with nano-photo sensitive technology, this is a paint that rejects water, reduces dust accumulation and acts smartly with sun rays on the road. Let’s talk about the most favorable points about self cleaning paint with nanotechnology.

Protection – Water accumulation on the surface of the road has poised considerable problems for road maintenance. Photocatalytic self cleaning coating gives freedom from all these types of worries. The super hydrophillic property of the coating repels the water by increasing the contact angle of water droplet on the surface. This is because of the titanium dioxide irradiated by sunlight. The wettability of the surface before and after the coating decreases, making the roads efficient to repel water and dust accumulation.

Self cleaning property – The photocatalytic self cleaning coating shows diversified benefits; self cleaning property comes under the category of protection it provides to the road, buildings and other hygiene critical surfaces. This is a breakthrough in the world of organic cleaning agent, the consumption of chemical cleaning agent and antimicrobial cleaning substance will be reduced, and finally, you will have a better world. The road can be cleaned itself just by rain and sun, no additional cleaning component is required.

Zero maintenance – Self cleaning coating needs no maintenance to improve longevity. Once applied, the coating works on itself. Titanium dioxide present in the paint acts automatically, the photocatalytic reaction will bring the self cleaning function to the surface, without making any changes in color and material. Furthermore, the product can be applied on road side to provide self cleaning and control NOx decomposition. This will save you from additional maintenance cost and repair charges.

Environment-friendly – Most of the water repellent coating is not safe for the environment. The composition of such products is highly unsafe for environment and the user. However, the photocatalytic self cleaning coating utilizes sunlight energy to function and removes water collection on the surface of the road. It does not release any harmful compounds such as Volatile organic compound or toxic materials in the environment, which is why; it is safe and causes no harm to the people around.

Protect the surfaces from rain, sun and air pollutant damage with photocatalytic self cleaning coating. Ask for a free consultation with experts from TiPE; we can help you understand the advantage of nanotechnology with respect to public benefit. Visit the website for more details!