Benefits of Antimicrobial Coating from TiPE

Touch screen technology is now used in the majority of our electronic devices. It can be considered a huge part of our everyday lives. Its presence has extended to various sectors, including personal devices, quick service restaurants, medical devices, and more. However, it is not limited to this, as screen touch technology can only grow as new devices and industries emerge.

Well, keeping aside the fact that it makes our lives easier, infection-causing bacteria are widely found in public touch screens, such as those found in hospitals and retail stores.

So, if you want to prevent bacteria from growing on your touch screen, you’ll need to switch to an advanced antimicrobial coating. This coating technology restrains antimicrobial activity, inhibits bacteria’s growth, and prevents the infection or disease from spreading.

Everything to know about antimicrobial coating –

TiPE is one of the most well-known antimicrobial coating producers. We have a cutting-edge approach for limiting antimicrobial growth by adding our nano VLR modified photocatalyst, which helps to destroy all forms of bacteria and viruses, including MRSA, SARS, and H5N1, as well as their mutants. The best part is that the antimicrobial coating’s output lasts a long time, thanks to the catalytic reaction mode.

A few of the advantages of our antimicrobial coating are mentioned below. Please take a look at the following to obtain a better understanding –

  • Germ-free protection – 

The antimicrobial coating protects different surfaces, including glass and ceramics, from the spread of bacteria-related diseases. It protects against harmful bacteria and viruses for an extended period. The solution was created to create a germ-free surface for technologies used in public places.

  • Long-lasting – 

TiPE antimicrobial coating is suitable for germ-free settings such as hospitals, classrooms, and hotels. This does not reduce its longevity; in reality, if used properly, it can last almost a lifetime. TiPE’s antimicrobial coating provides industry workers with full peace of mind in hospitals, retail stores, homes, and other environments.

  • Deodorization and anti-allergen function – 

The surfaces may also develop a foul odor due to several factors, including the presence of smoke. Our photocatalyst antimicrobial assists in the removal of odors as well as the elimination of indoor allergic agents. The best part is, this is effective in lowering the risk of respiratory disease of some sort.

The Conclusion – 

When people use touch screens more often, the risk of bacterial infection rises. This is why we need to find a trustworthy antimicrobial coating solution for full safety in public places like hospitals and schools.

The TiPE nano photocatalytic antimicrobial solution is the most advanced technology available for limiting and destroying bacterial and viral growth. The solution is highly long-lasting and can also aid in odor removal. Along with this, we have other odor-elimination innovations!


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