Best Cross Infection Control Solutions for Safe Living at Tipe!

In the current situation, where the pandemic’s adverse repercussions badly hit the population, staying safe and healthy has become the common talk, right? Many medical patients and different medical practitioners in hospitals and clinics suffer from bacterial and viral infections. This is more aggravated due to the physical transmission though the disease-causing bacteria and germs from objects or maybe via contact!

The Cross-infection control solution from Tipe can be the best way to curb this advanced problem’s menace with the perfect equations of nanotechnology. At Tipe, you can opt for the best cross infection control solutions at the most affordable price. It is based to curb the transmission of the disease-causing germs, usually when you get in contact with a contaminated body! However, that does not mean you are safe in the public areas, as cross-infection may also occur even if the transfer of infection is between the objects or pieces of equipment.

Is the cross-infection control solution from Tipe effective to address the current problems?

Indeed, Tipe is known for providing the best nanotechnology inspired products that are not only functional but also is cost-effective. Right from the air purification methodologies to the best approach for addressing the modern-day problems of NOx removal, Tipe has it all for you.

The cross-infection control solution from Tipe has the benefits of nanoparticles with the correct balance of the photochemical oxidation reaction in sunlight’s presence to break the deadly microorganisms in their early stages. The anti-microbial coating that surmounts the aesthetics of the all-new cross infection control solution from Tipe can effectively combat the spread of cross-infection in any space. You can also consider the advantage of the self-cleaning properties and the advanced disinfecting properties of a nano photocatalytic coating.Indeed, it finds a better scope for dealing with the growth of infections and germs in any hygiene-critical environment.

How to use the cross-infection control solution- We made that easier for you!

Apply the coating of the cross-infection control like paint over the different surfaces. You can paint the walls and the various medical equipment with the all- new nanotechnology inspired coating of the cross-infection control. This will help restrict further expansion and attack of the various microorganisms and control disease-causing microorganisms’ multiplicity.

How does the cross-infection control solution work?

Contextually, utilizing nanoparticles’ properties with the efficacy of the reactions in the presence of sunlight, the photochemical oxidation reaction breaks the disease-causing germs in their early stages. It helps control the further multiplicity of the bacteria and disease-causing germs, including their mutants such as SARS, MRSA, H5N1, etc. The photocatalyst employed in the reaction not only kills the bacteria but destroys it completely.


The performance of the cross-infection control coating lasts longer, as the process is useful in the sunlight! Plus, you do not need to repaint the surfaces all the time, so the maintenance cost is less. In the process, the cross-infection control coating is also helpful in eliminating the foul odor and smell from the outdoors and indoors. Buy now to enjoy great deals!

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