Odor, especially bad odor, mostly associates with our indoor and outdoor environment. The cleaner the atmosphere around, the healthier and fresh we feel. Our mind and body find it really tempting to recognize good and bad odor around. According to new research, flower scents sprayed around the bedroom before sleep results in more positive dreams than unpleasant smells or no odor at all. This simply indicates one thing; your home needs advanced odor elimination technology to get rid of pungent smell around. Only fresh and clean air can boost your mental and physical well-being.

Let’s know few common reasons on how bad odor can affect our mind and body.

  • Bad odor has significant impact on the brain and is relic of life-and-death importance. Our olfactory receptor cells of nose are connected to the limbic system- which is the one of the oldest parts of human brain and responsible for long-term memory and other behavioral and emotional activities. Those who regularly inhale this smell mostly experiences negative psychological stats, such as, stress, depression, anxiety and chronic stress level. Thus, having odor elimination with one of our popular nano photocatalytic coating could be an ideal solution.
  • Smells has a greater impact on your spending, means what we buy, how much we spend and how much we gamble. According to a practical research, A Casino in Las Vegas witness 50 per cent rise in gambling money when a pleasant smell was sprayed in the slot machine. Another example is buying shoes; around 84 per cent of buyers find new shoe smell displayed in show rooms more attractive and purchasable for their pleasant aroma. Adding odor elimination program from one of our revolutionary deodorizing process is not only important for residential, it’s important for commercial set-ups too. Businesses can use nano photocatalytic technology to effectively decompose stink at molecular level and keep the indoor welcoming for your customers.
  • Bad odor can greatly affect your mental well-being. The pungent smell from rotten food, bacteria and other microorganism are scientifically proven to be a nervous system slower. Person who regularly smell bad odor experiences lower concentration level and poor memory. Smells triggers the memory cells in our nervous system, and are also an effective method to recover lost memory. It has been observed that memories triggered by smells tend to be clearer, more intense and more emotional. This is because, a part of human brain that process odor has direct links with parts that are involved with emotion and memory. Safeguard your environment with appropriate odor elimination technique.
  • Bad smells are major cause of health problems, as it contains gaseous molecules that can make you sick. One of the foulest smelling substances is Hydrogen Sulfide which is commonly sourced from sewer wastage. Hydrogen Sulfide does not cause any disease, but molecules can damage your central nervous by entering through the respiratory line. The amount of impact varies from percentage of gas inhaled, you can experience shortness of breath, headache, eye irritation, and even death if large amount of this harmful gas is inhaled regularly. It’s advisable to do proper odor elimination program followed by nano-technology solution regularly at home to keep the indoor air fresh and new.

In a nutshell, your power to sense smell can alert you against upcoming dangers. Even foul and pungent smell is a signature of warning. If the air inside your home is polluted, it is bad for you too. So, better opt for nano photocatalytic odor elimination technology to keep your worries at bay!