What You Need to Know About Smog Removal: Counting on the Air You Breathe!

The onset of summers may have something more for you than beautiful sunshine windows and swimming opportunities! Interestingly, in many urban areas, smog can be more visible in summers. Well, before digging deeper for the contextual aspect of smog removal, knowing about the basic concepts of air pollution and the various factors would be an excellent idea.

Due to the deadly consciousness of the dangers of smog, suburban areas with metropolitan cities do not go unnoticed. No matter where you live, taking significant considerations for smog removal is necessary. Now, why should you worry about smoggy days?

Indeed, getting into the trenches, smog is a form of air pollution. In simple words, the word “smog” consists of two words, “smoke” and “fog.” It is a mixture of many pollutants, fine particulate matter, and ground-level ozone. It is believed that smog comes from different local sites, like, factories, pesticides, and lawnmowers. While the smog can be felt to exist in the atmosphere from the local sources, it can drift to significant places. Some smog may travel through winds, in both rural areas and urban areas. It is notable that while some places experience smog in summers, some others may see the effects in winter.

Can smog affect your health?

Indeed, smog can have an adverse effect on your health. Moreover, exposure to prevailing air pollution with smog frequently can result in different types of health problems. The main reason for its adverse facets comes with the fact of ozone content. Some people may experience coughing and throat irritation, and the severity may vary to a different person. If you are an asthma patient, ideas for smog removal can be a great idea. Opting for smog removal with the technology of Tipe, can perfectly fit in your requisites. Scroll down to know about the product that can comply with a healthier lifestyle.

Smog removal with a coating!

Eliminating the accumulation of smog in the environment to reduce the occurrence of pollutants and harmful particulate matter is essential. The nano-photocatalytic coating from Tipe provides you a safe and convenient way to get off the adverse effects to counter. At Tipe, you can choose the various nanotechnology products for controlling air pollution in an effective way. The technology involves a photocatalytic oxidation reaction between different pollutants. The particles include elements like nitrous oxide, VOC, and other agents that react in the presence of sunlight. The sun’s energy is known to decompose the inert chemical components into organic components like water and carbon dioxide. This is then followed by a photochemical oxidation process with a smog removal coating. Further, the particles get decomposed in the presence of nanoparticles. The products formed do not harm the surroundings and the people, which is why the nano catalytic coating is an excellent idea.

In conclusion

These can be applied to varied buildings, various auxiliary facilities, and roads. The smog removal coating can also help to reduce the effect of acid rain. The process greatly lowers the maintenance cost that you may incur heavily in the current context. Applying this coating in public places like schools, hospitals, and public transport can also be effective and reliable in the long run. Moreover, you can find the best product on nanotechnology for all your daily needs at Tipe at affordable prices.

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Use of Nanoparticles in Consumer Products

The crisis of environmental sustainability is growing due to disturbance associated with biodiversity, pollution, and climate change. It is one of the biggest obstacles faced by human beings. Every part of the earth is now affected by human intervention for many ages. From increasing the human population, urbanization, and industrialization to modern agricultural practices, impact our environment.

One of the major causes of these ecological threats is pollutants in the atmosphere. It occurs when harmful gases and smoke come into the environment, which leads to many malignant diseases, which are threats to human beings. Air pollution also makes it difficult for plants and animals to survive, and hence lack of environmental sustainability is also growing. Thanks to nanostructures, it plays a vital role in the advancement of smart materials and engineer technologies. They are well efficient for destroying harmful chemical contaminants and improve existing environmental technologies.

Nano-Photocatalytic has gained popularity in recent years due to better global awareness on the conservation of non-renewable energy. Organic pollutants like pesticides, herbicides, dyes, solvents adversely affect the environment, so nanoparticles are useful for detoxifying these hazardous substances.

Nano-Photocatalytic is inevitable material due to its novel characteristics and potential applications such as catalysis, molecular adsorption, and ion exchange, etc.

Read here, what are the uses of nanoparticles in consumer products.

Nanomaterials reveal physical and chemical properties that are helpful for the environment and increase the lifespan of a product. These include:

(1) Nanoparticles are now being used in the self-cleaning solar panel. The nano-photocatalytic coating protects solar panels from dust, rain, and other harmful environmental threats. It increases the life span, performance, and reduces maintenance costs.

(2) Most of the batteries contain toxic metals that cause many health problems to humans when they are not disposed of properly. Here Nano-particles play an essential role while making batteries recyclable through the use of pure alkaline-based zinc oxide.

(3) Nanotechnology detects chemical and biological substances and sensing biochemical changes in food. It also improves the packaging of food by using an anti-microbial agent on the surface of the coated film.

(4) Nanotechnology applications in water are mainly used for detecting, treatment, and pollution prevention and also improvement of desalination. For instance, using ion concentration, nanotechnology makes portable seawater desalination devices possible.

In conclusion

Today most of the companies are concern about the atmosphere and going green to save our earth. However, some organizations are still unaware that nanotechnology can bring certain advantages to the environment as well as improve the profitability of your business.

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Advanced Technology for Self-Cleaning Solar Panels

Solar panels are generally placed in regions that home a high intensity of sunlight. Interestingly, for meaningful purpose use, the solar panels are installed in the deserts, but apart from harnessing the solar energy, the panels add more to it!

The solar panels can accumulate dust, and therefore it is necessary to go for cleaning it. Moreover, the dust particles also counter for reduced efficiency of the solar panel for industrial usage. The resultant dirt and soiling also hinder the process of converting light energy into electrical energy. Hence, it is essential to clean the PV panels to maintain its steady performance. Gone are the days when people used to clean the solar panels manually, indeed, on those harsh weather conditions! Now, the technology has advanced for a shared vision for a self-cleaning solar panel. Well, that may be a brand new concept in the market, scroll down to brush up with the nanotechnology in your effective solution.

Self-cleaning solar panels from Tipe

The self-cleaning solar panels can clean them automatically without the help of any manual intervention. This is made possible with the help of the amazing nanoparticles and photochemical processes. Now, you may be wondering about the various aspects of functionality for these self-cleaning solar panels!

How does it work?

By applying a coating of nano -photocatalytic coating, the solar panels can be protected from dust, rain, and other environmental damages. In recent times, the nanoparticles have shaped the face of the technological advancements for using solar panels in those difficult-to-reach areas. The coating helps for self-cleaning purposes as an excellent method to maintain the solar panels’ longevity and performance. Interestingly, owing to the small molecular size of the nanoparticles, these can work closely with the dust particles and the pollutants. This process decomposes the pollutants from the roots and prevents it from causing further harm. You can find the best nanotechnology solutions for odor control, air pollution, and various adverse phenomena that can count for a backslide!

In this process, the photocatalytic oxidation reaction tends to break the pollutants on the surface of the solar panels in the presence of sunlight and nanoparticles as a catalyst. It effectively creates a protective layer and accounts for a self-cleaning solar panel action for a more extended period. The super-hydrophilic nature and anti-static property do not let it settle on the panels for dust and water molecules.

Why go for nanotechnology from Tipe?

At Tipe, you can find an extensive range of products for NOx removal, air purification, and water treatment at affordable prices. In the present scenario, keeping hold of the hygienic processes on a regular check is highly essential. In the current terms, the self-cleaning solar panel is one such idea that limits the dependency in manual labor, thus going for a better approach!

The technology aims to make your life simpler and impressive. The nanotechnology solutions from Tipe reduces your maintenance cost-effectively. The high-quality nano TiO2 slurry and coating material can offer excellent dispersity, superfine crystalline structure, and extremely high SSA for your panels. Interestingly, the size of the particles is highly customizable. It eventually depends on the demand for solar cell producing units. Whether you require these self-cleaning solar panels for large scale industries or laboratories, we offer the best quality products at an affordable cost. Getting your requirements listed would be an excellent idea for getting the appropriate self-cleaning solar panels for your industry!

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All You Need to Know About Cross Infection Control Methods!

In the wake of this unfortunate pandemic situation, we are now heading for advanced solutions for keeping public places like hospitals and clinics under a hygienic roof! Needless to say, the COVID-19 pandemic has shaken humanity with its spiky grips of unhindered infectious aspects. With more people turning for the medical facilities in the various clinics and hospitals, there has been a steep increase in acquiring the infection for the hospitals and other health facilities. The risk has been following a progressively steep curve in the number of patients in the grips of the deadly virus.

As hospitals continue to go for higher investments in technology, the risk of cross-contamination also holds its grip in the front seat! Even though it would be difficult to disinfect those keyboards used in various hospitals and clinics. Well, that is something that calls for an effective cross infection control. Bacteria and viruses can eventually grow and sustain themselves in difficult-to-reach places in any medical facility. Since the risk of infection is more in a hospital, cross infection control is a major aspect to deal with in the near future.

What is cross-infection?

Cross infection is the process of transference of harmful viruses and bacteria from one body to another. In the present context, that can prove as deadly too. The spread of infection can take place between humans or any object. Not forgetting the adverse effect of the coronavirus for humanity, cross-infection can be detrimental to the health of a person and can often lead to severe complications.

Prevention is always better than cure!

At Tipe, you can find a range of nanotechnology products for the most complex daily life problems. Apart from the nanotechnological advancements in the field of water treatment solution and NOx removal, you can opt for the best way for cross infection control methods. While cross-infection can be a common phenomenon in the present world, yet it accounts for a more comprehensive way for its abstract attacks. The cross-infection control methodologies from Tipe cam be an excellent method for those highly prone areas and public places.

Why choose cross infection control methodology from Tipe?

Nanotechnology can be witnessed as a boon for the modern lifestyle. Nanoparticles with photocatalytic oxidation can add more to the cross-infection control benefits. With the anti-microbial coating from Tipe, you can opt for the best way to control the risk of cross-contamination and ensure a healthy lifestyle. That eventually focuses on the advanced self-cleaning and disinfecting properties of nano photocatalytic coating. The coating helps to restrict the growth of germs and the deadly viruses on the various surfaces. Moreover, the cross infection control method also aims to help to prevent the growth of multiple viruses and bacteria, including their mutants like SARS, MRSA, and H5N1. The photocatalyst employed in the process eradicates the bacteria and various infections, not just temporarily.

Apart from owing for a promising method for cross infection control, the maintenance cost for the solution grasps for ultimate affordability. You can save those thousands of dollars by opting for the nanotechnology solution from Tipe. Meanwhile, the nano photocatalytic is also useful in controlling the odor, eventually reducing the chance of respiratory complications in humans!

In conclusion

Living a disease-free and healthy lifestyle is something that needs to be impressed upon now! With the best solution for cross infection control from Tipe, you can assure a risk-free life in all the public places, including the various clinics and hospitals. Steeping for a greener tomorrow accounts for a bold head start today!

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