Affordable Options to treat Excessive Nitrous Oxide Emission

Although once nitrous oxide was considered entirely devoid of complications, it is now recognized as harmful if misused further. The inappropriate use of NOx (nitrous oxide) can result in adverse side effects. Interestingly, nitrous oxide diffuses faster into the air contained within the body. The rate is much higher than that of when it diffuses out. Resulting in a temporary increase in either the pressure or volume of the cavity that can be detrimental.

Nitrous oxide affects white blood cell production. So, it is now a subject of significant study among scientists to curtain its appropriate use. The continued use of nitrous oxide remains a controversial topic. Further, at present, there is no suitable substitute for NOx that is economically available.

In the present scenario, we offer an innovative solution for nitrous oxide emission treatment. With the advancement and extensive usability of Nanotechnology, we provide ways for NOx removal efficiently. Scroll down and know more about NOx removal and the emission treatment.

Objectives that mends our way:

  • We aim to purify and decompose the NOx (nitrous oxide) that is produced due to large-scale pollution and factory wastes. So, NOx removal coating should be a must for vehicles.
  • Our team shares a broader outlook over the pathetic situation of most of the metropolitan cities. We employ our technology to decrease the photochemical crisis risk in the cities.
  • Bit-by bit, we strive to contribute to our endeavors for the ever-increasing stumbling blocks of global warming
  • Complying vigorously with the Kyoto Protocol, we offer affordable and innovative solutions for global warming.

Our innovation with your requirement

  • Amidst the modern lifestyle, NOx emissions are now coming under scrutiny by the regulators.
  • Nitrous oxide is a potent greenhouse gas, also depletes the ozone layer and causes dangerous climatic disasters. Some of the climatic changes being the El Nino and photochemical haze weather.
  • With these harmful aspects, we strive for innovation in the removal of NOx and provide efficient nitrous oxide emission treatment. Shortly, humankind may face severe problems if the present condition continues to prevail.
  • Removal of NOx from the exhaust of the automobile, industrial, and manufacturing wastes has now become essential. The nano photocatalyst can be an ideal solution to all environmental problems.

Our nitrous oxide emission treatment provides an effective way to eliminate the risk of environmental problems.

How do we do that?

  • The nano photocatalyst technology that we employ assures a sustainable solution for NOx removal economically. It is also environmentally friendly.
  • Photocatalyst can be used to produce a catalytic filter for NOx. It can be done due to the nano photocatalytic coating developed.
  • It can also be applied on the road with its auxiliary facilities to react with the NOx in the atmosphere 24/7.
  • The photocatalytic reaction can effectively destroy various VOCs from car exhausts.
  • It helps to decrease the PM2.5 reading considerably.
  • Our nano-coating can also save a lot for the maintenance cost of the road and the related auxiliary facilities.
  • It combines with the self-cleaning, anti-mildew features together with the NOx removal function. This makes the NOx removal cost almost negligible.
  • It is interesting to know that the governments don’t pay extra costs for the NOx removal function anymore.

So the idea of nano photocatalytic coating technology is an ideal and affordable solution. For it accounts for the most credible implementation of a carbon trading project under the flexible mechanisms of the Kyoto Protocol.

We strive to save the environment with the photocatalytic self-cleaning coating to opt-in for a more sustainable solution

How will you be benefitted?

  • The NOx removal will produce a high-performance car exhaust treatment device that improves its efficiency.
  • It can be applied on roads and its auxiliary facilities to reduce car exhaust pollution and acid rain. It also assures self-cleaning & anti-mildew functions to considerably reduce the overall maintenance cost.
  • When applied in tunnels, it purifies the feculent air from inside and keeps them clean.
  • It is also used on the buildings to purify the surrounding air. It dynamically reduces the maintenance cost and promises a healthier life.

In conclusion

Contribute your bit towards a safer and healthier world for a better place to live. Let our technology of nitrous oxide emission treatment take care of the adverse effects of harmful NOx. With our best nanotechnology solution for NOx removal, stay safe, and stay healthy.

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What is Solar Panel, How to use Nano-Photocatalyst and their benefits

As we all know, the sun is the nuclear reactor that liberates photons a small unit of energy for billions of years. These tiny particles can travel 93millions of distance from the sun to earth in just 9 minutes. These photons produce abundant solar energy to fulfill global needs for a whole year.

As the sun release photons, for this reason, Solar panels have invented to convert sunbeam from the sun into electricity that can be used to electrical power loads.

It has myriads of uses, including remote sensing, remote power systems for cabins, telecommunications equipment, and generate electricity for residential and commercial use.

With time Solar panel conversion potentiality decreases 20 percent due to dust, and other grime builds upon it.

So it is essential to clean Solar panels every few weeks to eliminate dust particles. Some people use commercial detergents to clean it, but it might be a bit costlier as well as consume time and harmful to the environment also.

Nowadays, many advanced technologies have come to the market that clean solar panels automatically without any effort. Laboratories and industries are in high- demand as they are busy in making the non-renewable source of energy. Nano-Photocatalytic is the best Incumbent technologies for self-cleaning solar panels, among others.

What is Nano-Photocatalytic

Nano photocatalyst is a combination of photocatalyst actions and Nanotechnology. It has enormous use from ceilings, interior to exterior walls for cleaning, and keeps your things dirt-free.

Apply Nano-photocatalytic coating to solar panels to protect from dust rain and other harmful chemicals.

How does it work

When you paint Nano-Photocatalytic, water-droplets not forms and it reduces the cause damage by rainwater, the coat of Nano-Photocatalytic coating is exposed to sunlight, it can decompose all organic substances on the surface, but in the presence of sun rays, this coat will decompose the unrefined pollutants.

Once the coat decomposes gradually, it soaks organic pollutants and cleans the surface automatically.

Benefits of Nano-Photocatalytic

  • This Nano-Photocatalytic is colorless transparent that can be applied on any surface like metal, stones, or glass, or even painted walls.
  • Due to enough exposure to light, the coat in the solar Panel reduces the water strain gradually.
  • It can prevent the development of dirt, grime, and mold particles; due to this, it keeps marble, stone cleaner.
  • Nano- Photocatalyst has the antimicrobial properties that kill bacteria from the surface as well as in the air around the building surface.

In Conclusion

Solar Panel uses upraises as it is the renewable resource and produce electricity for residential and commercial use. But with time, the life span and efficiency also reduce as it accumulates dust on the surface. So, Nano-photocatalyst is the best way to protect the solar Panel from losing it potentiality produces more energy for our uses.

Antimicrobial Coating Solutions

The antimicrobial coating has been extensively used to provide adequate and long-lasting protection against fungi, bacteria, and molds. It minimises the effect of any microbial infection that may have a terrible odour and staining over the surfaces. The antimicrobial agent is used to inhibit the ability of any microorganism to grow over surfaces.

The antimicrobial coating is typically based on the applications and usage of nanotechnology in our day-to-day life. The professional and reliable solutions by our team guarantee a healthy and sustainable future for all.

What is the objective behind our Antibacterial coating?

  • We objectify to applying the antibacterial and antiviral treatment for public places like hospitals, schools, hotels, and public transport.
  • It would ensure that the public areas are kept hygienic and would considerably reduce the risk of infectious diseases.
  • Antibacterial and antiviral treatment can also be applied to the antibacterial mask, filters, and gloves. It can also be used extensively for antimicrobial treatment of the personal protective equipment.
  • The antimicrobial coating also finds its application in the in-house deodorizing and epidemic protection.

How do we ensure Advanced, durable, and safe prospect from the antimicrobials?

  • The nano VLR modified photocatalyst that we are using has a fantastic effect on killing almost all kinds of bacteria and viruses. These also include mutants such as MRSA, SARS, and H5N1.
  • With proven results over the performance of the antimicrobial coating, it has an excellent lasting time. The effect lasts for a relatively long period due to the catalytic reaction model we employ.
  • Our improved photocatalyst can help in destroying the bacteria and viruses directly. It not only kills them at the moment but also retains its effect voraciously.
  • Also, the photocatalyst antimicrobial coating can eliminate the odor that arises from the smokes and pests.
  • It wipes out the indoor allergic agent that reduces the incidence of respiratory diseases considerably.

Features of our antimicrobial coating solutions

We emphasize to make technology to be used for the betterment of humanity. Sustaining and learning the various facets of nanotechnology, antimicrobial coating features are highlighted efficiently.

  • A broad-spectrum activity and nonselective targeting.
  • High performance and relatively more lasting effect.
  • The decomposition of endotoxin and germ body is done effectively.
  • No units of extra pollution are produced.
  • It is an environment-friendly approach and harmless to humans.

Benefits of our Antimicrobial coating technology

  • The broad-spectrum antimicrobial features kill almost all kinds of bacteria and viruses. Contextually, it prevents the risks of any viral disease from spreading.
  • The anti-allergen feature provides deodorization to a more significant aspect.
  • It is the best treatment for the antibacterial mask, filter, and device industries. Also, the extensive use of the procedure maintains the hygiene of the medical devices
  • It helps us to control and restrain the outspread of molds and fungi infections.
  • It has the potential to defend epidemic diseases from spreading in public areas efficiently.

The final word

Safeguarding the surfaces and the areas which are inhabited by human beings is essential. The antimicrobial solutions that evolved out of the corners of nanotechnology get extensively deployed now. The treatment not only ensures the healthy well-being of all but also guarantees a better and sustainable future of humankind. Stay safe; stay healthy.

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Advancing for a Healthier Living with the Nano Photocatalyst Reaction Approach!

Amidst the various countable ways for letting modern humanity struggle for a safer living, how about getting in the shoes of the tiniest form of fighters in the modern era?

Indeed, you may have guessed the word right, nanoparticles! In the wake of the pandemic of COVID-19, we are ongoing for a permanent shift in our current lifestyle for a safer one. It will not be wrong to say that nanotechnology has paced up to provide substantial benefits for COVID-19!

Meanwhile, how about exploring the core of the process that goes in for a count of the nanoparticles in the present world? Undoubtedly, the nano photocatalyst has acknowledged and flattened the griming situation with a much robust approach. Whether you are looking for a water treatment solution or that of the air purification methods, the nano photocatalyst reactions have made them all available for an accepted technology. At Tipe, you can get the best quality products for curtaining the general issues in current situations. That may be opting for an odor control solution or getting the best solution for NOx removal in the commercial levels. Scroll down to the bottom for exploring an unparalleled approach for dealing with the emerging problems in the most affordable way.

What do you mean by nano photocatalyst?

Well, let the understanding be made simpler for you! You may have heard about the different steel industries in your country, or for people who are inclined to the non-technical world, you can take the example of a nearby bakery shop! What do you think is the core element of a steel industry or a bakery shop for getting the improvisations in a broader outlook? What is that element that exists in the center in both of these cases that bridges the various stages for a functional approach?

Well, have you scribbled something related to a “furnace process” for the first one! And a “baking process” for the second one! See, you are already on the note for a quick understanding of each of the processes’ core. In the same manner, the nano photocatalyst process lies in the heart for any nanotechnology techniques, entailing the various forms. Moreover, the technology uncurtaining the reactions of the different substrates, including the microbes, bacteria, and the viruses, with the nanoparticles (as a coating), is carried under the reaction agent, which is called nano photocatalyst. On the other hand, the term nanotechnology profoundly deals with a broader outlook. Contextually, being the smallest reacting molecules, the nano photocatalyst processes are competent to deal with the various modern problems with great ease. On a technical term, that is what calls for a quantum approach for draining the existing non-functional temporary solutions for a healthy lifestyle.

Modern problems require an advanced solution!

As soon as you saw those unhygienic growths of the molds and mildews on the walls and floors of your house, you opted for getting that surface painted! Right?

In the process, you spend lavishly for getting that done, and meanwhile, in just another few weeks, you experience the same condition again! That may be quite frustrating and account for a higher maintenance cost. How about opting for the best nano photocatalyst reactions as anti-mold and mildew coating? Indeed, that is the need of the hour. Opting for effective nano photocatalyst solutions in the most affordable range can eventually cut off the extra costs for a healthy living. Apart from that, these nano photocatalysts also lay in the heart of every nanotechnology solution you get at Tipe.

In conclusion

It is essential to buy the best quality and functional products for meeting the present requirements. You may be experiencing a range of various unhygienic conditions in your residential site or that of a commercial one! In fact, keeping the surroundings around your space clean and healthy undoubtedly owes its importance in recent times. Get the best technology with the nano photocatalyst method to solve all your problems at one go. Buy now and enjoy fabulous offers!

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