Can Bad Odor Affect Your Body And Mind?

Odor, especially bad odor, mostly associates with our indoor and outdoor environment. The cleaner the atmosphere around, the healthier and fresh we feel. Our mind and body find it really tempting to recognize good and bad odor around. According to new research, flower scents sprayed around the bedroom before sleep results in more positive dreams than unpleasant smells or no odor at all. This simply indicates one thing; your home needs advanced odor elimination technology to get rid of pungent smell around. Only fresh and clean air can boost your mental and physical well-being.

Let’s know few common reasons on how bad odor can affect our mind and body.

  • Bad odor has significant impact on the brain and is relic of life-and-death importance. Our olfactory receptor cells of nose are connected to the limbic system- which is the one of the oldest parts of human brain and responsible for long-term memory and other behavioral and emotional activities. Those who regularly inhale this smell mostly experiences negative psychological stats, such as, stress, depression, anxiety and chronic stress level. Thus, having odor elimination with one of our popular nano photocatalytic coating could be an ideal solution.
  • Smells has a greater impact on your spending, means what we buy, how much we spend and how much we gamble. According to a practical research, A Casino in Las Vegas witness 50 per cent rise in gambling money when a pleasant smell was sprayed in the slot machine. Another example is buying shoes; around 84 per cent of buyers find new shoe smell displayed in show rooms more attractive and purchasable for their pleasant aroma. Adding odor elimination program from one of our revolutionary deodorizing process is not only important for residential, it’s important for commercial set-ups too. Businesses can use nano photocatalytic technology to effectively decompose stink at molecular level and keep the indoor welcoming for your customers.
  • Bad odor can greatly affect your mental well-being. The pungent smell from rotten food, bacteria and other microorganism are scientifically proven to be a nervous system slower. Person who regularly smell bad odor experiences lower concentration level and poor memory. Smells triggers the memory cells in our nervous system, and are also an effective method to recover lost memory. It has been observed that memories triggered by smells tend to be clearer, more intense and more emotional. This is because, a part of human brain that process odor has direct links with parts that are involved with emotion and memory. Safeguard your environment with appropriate odor elimination technique.
  • Bad smells are major cause of health problems, as it contains gaseous molecules that can make you sick. One of the foulest smelling substances is Hydrogen Sulfide which is commonly sourced from sewer wastage. Hydrogen Sulfide does not cause any disease, but molecules can damage your central nervous by entering through the respiratory line. The amount of impact varies from percentage of gas inhaled, you can experience shortness of breath, headache, eye irritation, and even death if large amount of this harmful gas is inhaled regularly. It’s advisable to do proper odor elimination program followed by nano-technology solution regularly at home to keep the indoor air fresh and new.

In a nutshell, your power to sense smell can alert you against upcoming dangers. Even foul and pungent smell is a signature of warning. If the air inside your home is polluted, it is bad for you too. So, better opt for nano photocatalytic odor elimination technology to keep your worries at bay!

Keep Your Buildings New and Clean for Long

Air Pollution and dust, are two major concerns for buildings and other constructions in cities these days. You are left with no other choice then painting and coloring it again, the color losses its lustre due to the oxidative reaction between paint and pollutants giving a shabby and dull look. This is literally very heart-breaking, after all thousands of dollars has been spent to keep the building new and shiny.

There’s a simple and easy way to the cut cost on hefty painting bills that you invested in getting the building new and clean. You may not believe it, but there is an amazing photo catalytic nano self cleaning coating from TiPE, which can protect buildings as well as environment naturally.

Nano Self Cleaning Coating

Act is a Self-Cleaner

This is an innovative combination of super-hydrophilic, photocatalytic and anti-static cleaning properties of nano-particles, which works under the natural sun light to trigger chemical reactions which ultimately breaks down organic matter at the molecular level, and turns them to harmless carbon dioxide and water. Our nano-self cleaning coating keeps the buildings and other construction very clean, thereby reducing the additional maintenance and cleaning cost on other hand. You will notice a clean and microbe free atmosphere all around the building.

Your Building Maintenance Partner

Nano self cleaning coating is long-lasting and robust. Once apply this nano coating on the building’s surface, it will bring a self-cleaning function to the surface, without changing the color and materials. This property makes is extremely suitable for application on road and road side, as it avoid decomposition of NOx and acts as an air purifier at the same time.

As Money & Energy Saver

This revolutionary self cleaning technology keeps dirt and pollutants at bay. The super hydrophilicity protects the surface from dust, acid rain and air pollutant damage. It absorbs the UV from sun with the anti-UV property and then protects the surface from UV damage. In addition to that, the anti-mildew features restrain the mildew or alga growing, killing the bacteria and virus on the surface and the air near the coated building. All these properties make this nano-technology coating an assured product for reducing energy bills.

In a nutshell:

If you wish to keep your building young and beautiful for long, protect them from the harmful air pollutants using a photo catalytic nano self cleaning coating from TiPE. For sure, your energy crisis will slash down exponentially. Leave your maintenance worries on the shoulder of experts like us.

Nano Technology – Saving And Serving the Mankind

Water is said to be a life savior, and indeed it is right. Clean and safe drinking water gives reason for life on earth. Have you ever wondered the effect of wide range of chemical waste and increasing population on natural resources? Fact is, harmful pollutants from industries and humans have turned water bodies into a pool of poison. The whole water system is struggling to keep up with the growing human needs and eliminating substantial pressure on natural resources. But, comes out with failed results!

This content highlights the need for new and advanced water treatment solution that can access safe water from any resources and make it healthier for us.

Nano Water Treatment

This is an innovative method for getting clean and purified water at lowest investment. Water is an easy solvent; it can dissolve any solvent and make it unsafe for health and environment. Particulates and impurities attached to water molecules are highly toxic, almost in-seperable to remove with purification procedure. One of the best methods to purify directly is using nanotechnology-water treatment.

Nano-technology refers to engineering and art of manipulating matters at nanoscale. The advanced water treatment utilizes this procedure to clean novel nanoparticles from surface water, groundwater and wastewater contaminated by toxic metal ions, organic and inorganic solutes and microorganisms. This in turn improves the treatment efficiency as well as augment water supply through sale use of unconventional water sources. Nanotechnology holds great potential, your just need to access with the right tool.

Benefits of nanotechnology water treatment

This innovative technology helps business and residential owner overcome scarcity of clean and fresh water. Here are some of the major advantages of using nano water treatment for us –

Self-cleaning – Nanotechnology combines novel nano materials that clean groundwater, surface water and polluted water molecules with ease. This nano particle is extremely active towards recalcitrant contaminants, and they work in combination with photocatalytic oxidization technology. The chemical reaction ultimately breaks down organic matter at the molecular level, and turns them to harmless carbon dioxide and water. You can see filtered and purified water molecules without any charges. It can be used to remediate the environmental water system with extensive research and wastewater cleaning methodology.

Saves energy and money – Nanotechnology wastewater treatment is a revolutionary cleaning system. The system offers a number of advantages over potential water cleaning and purification system. One of the most important is money and time saving. Nanotechnology works fast with SODIS system; it absorbs UV from sun and the anti-microbial property cleans the dirty water. The photocatalytic reaction kills the bacteria and pollutants from water. You do not have to go for frequent maintenance and repair. The system keeps on running without any disturbances.

Nano water treatment is widely used in water cleaning system. Adding one to your home or industry is biggest step towards conservation of natural resources on earth. Reduce the wastage of water, recycle and use it like normal. For more details, you can ask information from TiPE.

Nano PCO Technology – Most Effective Air Purification Process for both Indoor and Outdoor Applications

Have you heard about the air-purification process through Photocatalysis? Well, it may sound complicated, but it is true that light energy can now effectively purify the air from those organic pollutants. Light is one of the vital energy sources, which enhances the living conditions on this earth.

With the development of Nano technology, the concept of photocatalysis came into existence. Nano photocatalytic titanium dioxide can easily circulate in the air and can remove the nasty air pollutants without any difficulty. Indeed, this photocatalysis method seems to be an innovative weapon for better health and cleaner air. The main objective of nano photocatalysis technology is to ensure both outdoor air purification as well as indoor air purification. Every day, a human deal with 85% harmful gases in the air, like VOCs, benzene, formaldehyde, car exhausts NOx and others. All these air pollutants can highly deteriorate the health conditions of individuals. Keeping the rising risks of air pollutants, TIPE initiated the nano photocatalytic technology.

Features of Nano PCO Technology –

  • Purify and mineralize harmful gases to CO2 and H20.
  • Cause no extra pollution and is environmental friendly in nature.
  • Longtime performance, organic pollutant decomposition, catalytic action mode
  • Easily eliminate airborne virus and bacteria
  • Remove the bad odor from the air and ensures fresh air circulation in the chamber.
    • Working Mechanism of Nano Photocatalysis –

      In the presence of light, nano photocatalyst titanium dioxide produces pairs of electrons and holes. This combination then reacts with the harmful air pollutants in order to stabilize them. The entire reaction process is pretty similar to Einstein’s photoelectric effect. But in the photocatalysis process, the pollutants are not only filtered but are also decomposed instantly. And this is the main reason, why there is no trace of any pollution during the purification process. To enhance the performance of this technology in indoor air purification, we have developed a unique VLR photocatalyst technology. Thus, this Nano photocatalysis is one of the best methods to ensure air purification without any worries.

      Wide Application Areas –

      Because of high efficiency and performance, there is a great demand for this Nano photocatalysis process in various industries. Mainly, this innovative air purification technology is used in hospitals, schools, food factories, printing units, waste disposal hubs, livestock industry, automobile sectors, offices, and in other areas.

      If you are interested in availing the Nano photocatalysis for air purification process, then simply give us a call at +86 21 6363 4152.