What is the Best Technique for Odor Elimination?

Air fresheners are widely used to mark the unpleasant smell that surrounds you. Products like room freshener are developed to instantly eliminate the odor with a fine fragrance. The aerosol was the first kind of commercial air freshener used for home purposes, which had a fine mist to calm your senses with a beautiful scent.

However, one disadvantage of aerosol-based fresheners was that it was extremely harmful to the health as well as the environment. This was when the manufacturers had to come up with better versions of air fresheners, which were gel, liquid, and heat-activated based fragrances. Developed in a way that it instantly mixes with the environment, these fresheners stay for a long period.

With the onset of these new kinds of air fresheners also comes a large variety of fragrances. However, these scents are nothing but a combination of various chemicals that have the capability to eliminate the foul odor in the room.

These chemicals are often extremely hazardous to smell, with toxic products amalgamating to make the end product. According to various reports, these chemicals are the reason for various allergies, asthma, respiratory issues, hormone imbalance, and other health hazards.

Harmful chemicals present in air fresheners

air fresheners

According to service by the Environmental Protection Agency, most of the commercial air fresheners include petrochemicals, formaldehyde, ethylene-based glycol ethers and terpenes, p-dichlorobenzene, and aerosol pollutants. Continuous exposure to these chemicals can cause health-related issues. The VOCs can easily enter the respiratory system, causing headache, throat, nose, and eye irritation, nausea, and loss of coordination. Besides that, they are extremely hazardous to the environment.

In simple words, it is definitely not the best option for odor elimination. So is there any other way by which we can remove the foul smell from our indoor spaces?

Odor elimination technique by TIPE – 

Odor Elimination

Air fresheners are extremely hazardous with various chemicals that are dangerous to human health as well as the environment. This implies that it is troublesome to control bad odor with simple techniques. We need to choose an eco-friendly substitute that is reliable to be used in Indoor spaces.

TiPE offers a nanotechnology-based order elimination method that ensures to provide fresh and clean air by deodorizing the smell. This innovation uses photocatalytic technology to decompose the stinking particles at a molecular level, converting them into water and carbon dioxide.

The bottom line –

Eliminating odors at a molecular level is not a very easy task. You need high and precise techniques to carry out the process. Air fresheners have chemicals that are hazardous to the human body and the atmosphere.

This is why TiPE offers one of the safest alternatives for air fresheners. It uses nanotechnology-based odor elimination methods with the use of photocatalytic technology that does not cause any pollution and stays for an impressively long period.

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A Quick Overview of Nano Water Treatment

The population of the world is increasing at an exponential rate that is unstoppable. With the dramatic growth of population comes the issue of accessibility to clean water. Combined with an unpredictable climate, this challenge has pushed researchers towards developing techniques that improve the accessibility of safe drinking water to humans as well as animals.

In this effort of ensuring that no one is deprived of clean water, TiPE has come up with a nano water treatment method with photocatalytic techniques to remove potentially toxic contaminants and pollutants from drinking water supplies.

Common contaminants found in water –

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, water contaminants are all the organic and inorganic chemicals, biological particles, radiological or physical substances that are not water molecules. These contaminants have the potential to cause health issues and adverse effects when consumed by humans.

Below we have made a list of some of the most common types of contaminants found in water supplies. You can go through it to have a clearer picture of what needs to be filtered with nano water treatment solution –

  • Organic materials
  • Nitrogen
  • Zinc
  • Lead
  • Pesticides
  • Arsenic
  • Chromium
  • Uranium
  • Toxins produced by humans, bacteria, and animal drug
  • Sediments
  • Cadmium
  • Salts
  • Bleach
  • Metals
  • Nickel
  • Copper
  • Plutonium
  • Cesium
  • Soil erosion products
  • Bacteria
  • Virus
  • Parasites
  • Protozoa

Limitations of the traditional water purification methods –

Various kinds of water treatment solutions are used across the world that includes filtration, screening, sedimentation, reverse osmosis, gravity separation, ion exchange, neutralization, microfiltration, remineralization, ultrafiltration, and many more. These might be effective to a certain extent; however, they often turn out to be costly as they require a huge amount of water and energy to complete the process. Hence they are not always the practical choice for many people worldwide.

Perks of nano water treatment solution –

Nanotechnology-based water filtration solutions are extremely efficient and convenient for water purification compared to the traditional techniques. These solutions can be easily fabricated with custom features to enhance the absorption levels of contaminants from water.

For instance, you can increase or decrease the reactivity and post volume of your treatment solution. Also, both hydrophobic and hydrophilic interactions can be manipulated when working at the molecular level. This can exhibit high and impressive performance at an affordable price.

The bottom line –

The scarcity of clean water is turning out to be one of the major problems for people across the world. This is the reason why researchers are looking for advanced technologies that can help to purify water at a molecular level without using much energy and resources to decrease the production cost.

TiPE offers the best nano water treatment solution with the use of photocatalytic oxidation for the best results at affordable rates. This solution does not just filter the contaminants present in the water but purifies it at a molecular level.

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Importance of NOx Removal: Innovation From TiPE

Nitrogen oxides present in our atmosphere is one of the most harmful pollutants. These chemicals play a major role in the percussion of acid rain, ozone accumulation, and photochemical smog. The harmful oxide consists mainly of nitric oxide (NOx) and Nitrogen dioxide (NO2).

NOx is a greenhouse gas that is 310 times stronger than carbon dioxide. It plays a major role in the destruction of the ozone layer, which results in adverse climatic conditions. With the utilization of catalytic converters present in automobiles, the rate of NOx emission has reached a point where it is almost uncontrollable. Besides that, NOx is one of the chemicals that is released from manufacturing plants of nitric acid, which produce nitrated materials such as explosives and fertilizers, etc.

Because of the rising environmental issues due to NOx, continuous research, with a huge amount of expenditure, over time has been carried out to develop advanced and efficient NOx removal techniques. This can be a crucial step and contribution to the protection of our planet!

What is the NOx removal solution from TiPE?

TiPE has a nitrous oxide emissions treatment that uses nano photocatalyst technology for great efficiency and effectiveness. With the photocatalytic coating, the photocatalysts used in the solution produce a filter for NOx. It can also be used in roads and auxiliary facilities to filter the NOx present in the atmosphere by reacting with it. This destroys the various components that cause photochemical pollution.

So, it is a solution that helps to remove NOx from the surroundings in an environmentally friendly and economical way. This makes our nano photocatalytic coating NOx removal technology ideal for the implementation of carbon trading projects.

Goals of our NOx removal solution –

  • Purify & remove the NOx present in the atmosphere;
  • Lessen the photochemical crisis;
  • Contributes to global warming solution;
  • Work with the Kyoto Protocol at a low-cost

Features of our NOx removal solution –

  • Decompose the harmful pollutants in the atmosphere.
  • Purify car exhaust using sunlight.
  • Effective NOx removal treatment with nano effect and catalytic reactions.
  • Self-cleaning for a reduction in the maintenance cost.

Advantages that you can get from our NOx removal solution –

  • Produces a high-performance treatment that can be used to purify car exhaust in a very efficient way.
  • When used on roads and auxiliary facilities, the solution can destroy the car exhaust pollution and acid rain, removing the NOx present in the air.
  • Provides self-cleaning and anti-mildew functions for a reduction in the maintenance cost.

The Bottom Line –

NOx is one of the most harmful elements present in the air. It is a greenhouse gas that can create adverse conditions for our environment.

TiPE offers nitrous oxide emission treatment, which is based on nanotechnology for extreme effectiveness. With nano photocatalytic technology, it is designed for NOx removal from the atmosphere.

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Why Do You Need to Get Rid of Nitrous Oxide: Effects and Solution

Nitrous oxide is a colorless and odorless substance that is considered to be harmful to the body. When inhaled, the compound can slow down the body’s reaction time that results in a feeling of euphorbia.

When it comes to environmental issues, carbon dioxide emissions are considered to be a massive problem that is running short on time. However, it is time that we also focus on nitrous oxide as it is 300 times more potent. Not just that, it plays a major role in depleting our ozone layer.

This is the reason why we need to get a hands-on nitrous oxide emission treatment that can help us save our environment.

Sources of nitrous oxide – 

The gas is well known for its recreational purposes; however, most of it is generated through farming. The emission of nitrous oxide from the soil happens from the chemical and biological processes with inorganic nitrogen compounds such as nitrate, nitrite, and ammonium. The microbes in the soil combine with nitrogen to create this compound. Besides that, there are various processes that are involved in the release of nitrous oxide, including denitrification of nitrate in anaerobic soil, microbial mediated nitrification in aerobics soil, nitrifier denitrification of ammonium as well as the chemical reduction of nitrate and nitrous oxide.

NOx removal technique from TiPE –

TiPE offers a nano photocatalyst technology for nitrous oxide emissions treatment in the atmosphere through economical mediums. The nano photocatalytic coating helps to produce a catalytic filter for nitrous oxide when used in vehicles. For eliminating the nitrous oxide present in the air, the solution reacts with the compound in the atmosphere and destroys the harmful elements to reduce photochemical pollution.

The NOx removal technique is the best solution to reduce a lot of public maintenance cost on the road and its auxiliary facilities that include sound barriers, crash. This happens because it combines the anti-mildew and self-cleaning features for nitrous oxide removal. So there is almost no cost involved in the function of the solution!

Features –

  • Purifies car exhaust using sunlight;
  • Nano effect with catalytic reaction;
  • Durable and impressive results;
  • Self-cleaning functions;
  • Reduces cleaning and maintaining cost;
  • Decomposes the pollutants present in the air, such as VOCs;
  • Reduces PM2.5; and
  • Efficient nitrous oxide emission treatment

The conclusion –

Nitrous oxide is one of the most harmful components present in the air that harm our environment. It is a greenhouse gas that depletes the ozone layer. Because of its adverse effects on the atmosphere, it is important to remove NOx from the air.

TiPE offers the best nitrous oxide emissions treatment that helps to decompose the harmful components present in the air with its Nano photocatalytic technique. The best part is that it is extremely economical and does not demand any additional expenses.