Why is Odor Elimination Important for Selling off a Commercial Space?

The Americans spell it “odor” and the British spell it “odour”. There are differences between cultures and the way we perceive it, but there is no difference in one thing related to odor – elimination. Odor elimination is one aspect of modern living that no one will deny applying. There are several ways of odor removal and there are several familiar awkward odors we deal with. We have emphasized on odor elimination for the longest time possible. But, have you realized that odor elimination is important when you are trying to sell off your commercial storefront?

When you are planning to sell or even rent your commercial storefront, you want the best price for it. Unpleasant odors might be a problem when potential customers/tenants visit the place. Here are some methods to keep your store ready for purchase/rent and keep unsavory odors out of the door.

Clean it well: The first step that you need to take is clean the store thoroughly. Use a high power vacuum to suck out any odor source. Not just that, after vacuumed, make sure that the floors and walls are cleaned with organic cleaning liquid. Using an organic cleaning liquid is the best way to clean the walls minus any side-effects.

Look out for expired products: Products past their expiry dates are harmful in every possible manner. If they are a consumable product, they are no more in a state to be consumed and are a major source of foul smell now. For instance, you have some ketchup in your store and it has gone way past the date of expiration. The bottle might smell bad and send out bad signals to whenever there are potential customers in the store.

Odor elimination techniques: There are various odor elimination techniques including our method of coating with nanotechnology powered photocatalytic titanium dioxide that you can implement at your place. However, make sure you are not getting chemical based fresheners. Generally, the chemical based fresheners have a high amount of VOC which might lead to a bad indoor pollution. VOCs have several health impacts; you won’t want your tenants or customers to suffer from.

Selling anything is a tough task. Selling a commercial space like a storefront or even giving it out on rent is a notch tougher. You need to make sure everything is in place and keep your store ready for a visit anytime. A foul odor can make your store look unappealing and won’t fetch you the right price. This is where odor elimination becomes more important than ever before. Keep your spaces fresh and stage your sell properly with us.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality With Us

Air pollution is a major issue in several places. From small cities to big metropolises, everyone has their own problem with air pollution. In addition to the hazardous air pollution outside, the indoors are also becoming a dangerous place with components like VOC and lead lurking around. In all these, air purification is a prime concern that one shouldn’t ignore in any case.

Improving the overall air quality worldwide might not be in your hand alone, but making the indoor air quality better is definitely a task you should take up. It is all about taking the responsibility and working towards making the indoors livable. Indoor air purification needs just adding a few habits to your daily chores and utilizing modern technology to do the rest. Here are few tips to improve the indoor air quality.

· Freshen up your floors: Floors and walls are the places which have the potential of accumulating the most harmful components. Chemicals and allergens have the affinity to stick to your floors and walls. Use a powerful vacuum cleaner to suck all the dirt from the floor and carpets. Make sure the upholstery and walls are also cleaned well.

· Check the humidity:Humid conditions are the foster grounds of mites and molds. Keeping the humidity under check, i.e. around 30-50%, keeps the growth of allergens under control. Invest in a good dehumidifier and use air conditioners in summer to ensure the moisture is under control every time. In case there are any leaky plumbing, fix them as soon as possible to inhibit the growth of mold.

· Avoid cigarettes: Everyone knows the ill impacts of the vice. However, in case you are under the habit and are finding it tough to quit, the least you can do is take the smoke outside. Make your home a “No Smoking” area with immediate effect. Researchers believe second hand cigarette smoke to be the primary reason for indoor air pollution. More than 4000 chemicals are present in cigarette smoke and you won’t like if that dominates your house. Find a way to quit smoking for the better.

· Try switching to natural fresheners: Many air fresheners contain VOCs that deteriorate the air quality indoors. Switching to a healthier and more natural option is the best option to reduce the VOC in your indoor air. VOC air purification is a key step in keeping your indoor air quality sustainable for a longer time.

You can fall back on nanotechnology any time to make sure you have the best indoor air quality at all times. For instance, our air purification technique keeps VOCs under control and makes your air smell nice at the same time. Check out for alternatives before it’s too late.

Importance of Water Treatment and Various Methods

Water – the symbol of life, death and everything in between. Water is the very sign of our planet is as livable as it is. At times, we tend to take the ease in which we get the water for granted. A simple turn of the tap and clean water is at our disposal. The importance of water can be understood by the fact that our body is composed of almost 70% water. However, owing to pollution and other man-made hazards, water is getting deteriorated day by day. Nano water treatment is the recent innovation in the field of water treatment. Do you know why it is important to treat water?

If you answered the previous question in negative, here is why it is important. There are a plethora of diseases that are spread via water. Diseases like Hepatitis A, Cholera, Botulism, Typhoid, Dysentery, Polio, etc. are water-borne and claim several lives across the world every year. Clean water is almost like a myth now owing to our own callousness. Apart from that, the fact that you are using clean water has a positive ripple effect on your mind. Have a look at some common water treatment methods that are in use.

Distillation: One of the most common methods of water treatment popular in many households. It is the process of heating the water until it boils after which the vapor is cooled and captured. This is one of the earliest methods of cleaning water of all the impurities. Though distillation is effective, it is quite slow in comparison to other methods.

Reverse Osmosis: If you happen to follow the modern trends, reverse osmosis or RO was making waves a few years back. The tap water passes through a semi-permeable membrane that ranges from 90 to 99% of components originally present. Though initially developed for industrial purposes, RO is now common in various households.

UV Purification: UV purification is probably the most cost-effective water purification techniques used these days. Homeowners, as well as business owners, use this method to remove a wide range of biological impurities from water. Coupling it with nano water treatment can turn out to be a fruitful step in getting clean water. The best part about UV as well as nano water treatment is that it doesn’t hamper any of the plumbing parts involved in the process, unlike other methods.

Water is one of the key elements of survival on our planet. It is our responsibility to keep it clean and available to all. Proper water treatment can ensure that the water we consume is free from harmful impurities. Nano water treatment is the latest innovation to enter the water treatment industry. The versatility of nanotechnology is a welcome step in making the waters great again.

The Versatility of Nano Photocatalytic Titanium Dioxide

Versatility is the key to nanotechnology and the nano photocatalytic Titanium dioxide just goes to show that. From the most obvious problems to the most uncommon issues, titanium dioxide is at the helm of a holistic solution to all. The nano photocatalytic titanium dioxide is available in powder form which makes it easy to use. Nano-TiO2 is an innovation that is making lives easier with its versatility.

Here are some functions of the versatile Nano-TiO2 to prove the point better.

Sterilizing Effect: Nano photocatalytic titanium dioxide has the ability decomposing the harmful cells after killing it. In fact, the photocatalyst has been found to be much more effective than any other anti-bacterial agent. The photocatalytic reaction takes place even when the bacterial cells are covering the surface. This gives the Nano-TiO2 an edge over others. The best part is it provides a long-lasting effect.

Deodorizing: There are several odors around us that we don’t pay attention to. If you know about the familiar odors and want to know the way out of it, Nano-TiO2 is the solution. Odor elimination or deodorizing is another important function of the photocatalyst. Some common odor molecules like tobacco, formaldehyde, nitrogen dioxide, urine, etc… are easily removed by the photocatalyst.

Air and Water Purification: Purification of air and water depends on the ability to oxidize or reduce various polluting compounds present in there. Be it the CFCs in air or hazardous organic compounds in water, Nano-TiO2 has the solution for it. The photocatalyst reacts with almost every polluting compound and decomposes them at a molecular level. Purification is just another function the nano photocatalytic titanium dioxide is known for.

Self-Cleaning: When it comes to exteriors of buildings, cleaning is a big hassle. Nano photocatalytic titanium dioxide comes to the aide in such situations. Due to the self-cleaning property, the exterior surfaces are cleaned without any risky labor. Moreover, the cost of maintaining the cleanliness is also reduced by great margins. The coating is hydrophilic in nature helping it to stay clean under every circumstance.

These are some general functions of the nano photocatalytic titanium dioxide. Nanotechnology is now everywhere and it helps in a wide area of service. From cleaning to purifying to controlling foul odors, Nano-TiO2 is the long-term solution you were looking for.