Everything You Need to Know About VOCs Air Purification

Do you know anything about volatile organic compounds (VOCs)? If no, then you are also among hundreds of other people who have no idea what volatile organic compounds are. In this article, we will talk about everything about VOCs air purification that you should know!

Volatile organic compounds are gaseous pollutants that are possibly harmful to everyone, especially for individuals suffering from asthma or chemical sensitivity. What makes it worse is that the indoor air, which seems clean, contains a high level of invisible VOCs.

Let’s have a better understanding of the entire concept so that you get a clearer picture of what it is all about!

What are VOCs?

VOCs or volatile organic compounds are gaseous elements, mainly formaldehyde elements present in the air, which can cause serious health problems if an individual is exposed on a daily basis or for a long time. Inhaling high levels of volatile organic compounds result in harmful elements entering the lungs, bloodstream and the body’s soft tissues. Formaldehyde can cause severe irritation in the upper respiratory system, headache, nausea, extreme discomfort, liver damage, or asthma. Also, some of the VOCs are odorous gases present in the air.

These compounds are large groups of chemicals that easily evaporate at room temperature and combine in the air. Because of its mixable nature, it is extremely hard to remove these compounds from the air compared to solid substances.

It is important to understand that you can find off-gassing of VOCs from the items that are regularly used in your house or from the release of chemicals during various household activities.

Hence, you need to tackle these invisible chemicals before it harms your health. The only way you can do this is by adopting an efficient way for VOCs air purification.

How are VOCs released into the air?

Off-gassing is the name of the process of the release of VOCs. Basically, it happens when products particulate matter and gases, which are usually carcinogenic substances or are elements that can react with air to form carcinogens, trapped in a liquid or solid form.

Best way to deal with VOCs: Advanced air purification solution –

TiPEnano PCO technology is one of the most reliable advanced air purification solutions that purify harmful air pollutants, including gases such as car exhausts NOx, formaldehyde, benzene, VOCs. The technology is designed to convert toxic organic substances into safe inorganic substances that include water and carbon dioxide. All this is done with just the power of light that helps to ensure a greener future.

The Bottom Line –

VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, are some of the most harmful chemical elements found in clear air. These substances are released from products that are used on a regular basis or activities that are extremely important for household works. The worst part is that a long inhalation of VOCs can result in various chronic diseases such as asthma or irritation. Hence, it is important to look for a reliable way through which you can purify the air that contains VOCs. TiPE offers the best and effective VOCs air purification technology that can help you avoid harmful diseases. Also, we try to make a greener future!

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Importance of Odor Elimination to Purify Your Indoor Environment

Pollutants that come in contact with you are more harmful than those compared to soil and water pollutants. It is important to know that these pollutants can adversely affect a person’s life quality as well as life expectancy.

When it comes to urban areas, it is extremely hard and technically challenging to purify indoor air. This is because, in such places, indoor air contamination happens from both inside and outside sources. Also, the hazardous pollutants present indoors are mostly organic components, dust, molds, toxic inorganics, pollens, viruses, bacteria, etc., that are volatile in nature. Conventional ventilation processes work as a catalyst in the entire process as it brings air pollution inside your house, increasing energy consumption for purifying it. This all also contributes to bad odor.

So are you wondering how to eliminate odor and purify your indoor air? The only way is to adopt new technology advancements that amalgamate reliable and eco-friendly design.

Effective Daily Deodorization Solution by TiPE –

Odor can be the result of various chemicals present in the air, namely ammonia used in toilets or hydrogen sulfide in livestock farms. The problem of odor elimination is hard to be solved by traditional methods because of the complicated composition of these chemicals.

This is when nano photocatalyst technology can help eliminate odor from your indoors!

It is one of the most effective and brand new deodorizing solutions that can be easily used everywhere. You don’t have to use any perfume or room spray to cover the unpleasant smell that can be absorbed by the materials and items present in the room. Along with odor elimination, the use of nano photocatalyst technology also helps you in protection against Ozone’s dangerous effects on your health.

The nano-coating can efficiently decompose the stink, converting them into harmless inorganic substances at a molecular level.

The photocatalyst is a chemical substance that includes no extra pollutants that can harm you. The oxidation of photocatalyst is an effective way to decompose odors. This excellent solution is not only utilized in daily life and indoor uses, but it is widely accepted for industrial processes also for eliminating smells.

TiPE offers various products that assist in odor elimination by being compatible with diversifying surfaces. The best thing is that our odor control technology does not need a big facility or electronic support and can be used for flexible fields.

The Bottom Line –

In most cases, unpleasant odor in any indoor setting is formed by small molecules of organic matter that are dispersed in the air. Even a very minute amount of such substance can cause a very strong smell that is extremely challenging to eliminate. This is the reason why TiPE offers a nano photocatalytic odor elimination solution that works efficiently and extremely well to convert these molecules into inorganic particles such as water and carbon dioxide. Also, the technology is versatile enough to be compatible with various surfaces.

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Here is the Best Nitrous Oxide Emission Treatment from Tipe!

Do you know that nitrous oxide is now coming under scrutiny by different regulators? Although the harmful effects of nitrous oxide have been neglected for many years now, it is now known for being a potent greenhouse gas!

It is 310 times stronger than carbon dioxide and is majorly implicated in the destruction of the ozone layer. Contextually, you may also know that nitrous oxide is known to cause different climatic disasters, including photochemical haze weather and El Nino. For these cases, the nitrous oxide emission treatment from Tipe has gained much popularity for its efficiency to curb the menace caused by nitrous oxide in the current world.

Why is the nitrous oxide emission treatment necessary?

The elimination of nitrous oxide from automobile exhaust and different industrial activities can eventually sum up disastrous weather conditions. It is harmful to the environment we live in and adversely affects the quality of life of human beings. The amount of nitrous oxide in the atmosphere can add up to the earth’s greenhouse gas contribution and can be detrimental to all life forms. The nitrous oxide emission treatment from Tipe can be the perfect solution for controlling the level of NOx to increase and so helps us live a safer and healthier lifestyle. This also poses to be an effective solution to address the growing concerns about the issues relating to greenhouse gas and the existence of different life forms on earth!

How does the nitrous oxide emission treatment work?

The nitrous oxide emission treatment is based on nanotechnology inspired chemical reactions that are not only effective to reduce its harmful implications but also helps in controlling it completely. The nano photocatalyst technology now provides a new solution to remove the NOx in the atmosphere in an environment-friendly manner. It is also economical to use the solution for different aspects.

The nano photocatalytic coating is developed in the process, and it is due to this reason that the photocatalyst can be used to produce a catalytic filter for NOx. Moreover, the nitrous oxide emission treatment can also be applied to the roads and their auxiliary facilities to react with the atmosphere’s nitrous oxide. The process is on 27×7 and so is highly efficient.

The advantages of using the nitrous oxide emission treatment

The photocatalytic can effectively destroy various VOCs from car exhaust, which might also cause photochemical pollution. Due to this fact, the PM2.5 reading would also reduce to the normal levels. The nano-coating would also save a lot for the public maintenance cost, and so is an excellent option for everyone. The nitrous oxide emission treatment comes with self-cleaning properties and also anti-mildew features. All this makes it more acceptable and can be applied to different applications. This makes the NOx removal cost almost come to zero. Interestingly, the maintenance cost decreases sharply as it also gets combined with anti-mildew properties for better results.

The bottom line

The nitrous oxide emission treatment can be the perfect way to curb the menace caused by increasing levels of NOx in the atmosphere. Visit our store to buy the most innovative solutions to deal with the current problems with the best modern solutions at an affordable price.

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What Nano Water Treatment is All About: Importance And Uses

Human beings are dependent on water to live; however, we never take care of it. It is extremely challenging to clean contaminated water. This is the reason why a huge part of the population struggles to find drinkable water.

Hence, the water treatment industry has strived hard to find a solution. This was when they came out with Nano water treatment or the use of Nanotechnology to purify contaminated water. But, before going deeper into the topic, it is important for you to understand how important it is to clean the water.

The increasing demand for clean water –

It is estimated that the time is not too far when the entire world has to deal with a water-scarce condition if we do not save water or at least find a way to clean the contaminated water.

This is where the new filtration method can work as it can change the entire situation!

Filtering, reverse osmosis, and micro- or ultrafiltration are some of the most widely used methods across the world. However, the catch here is that it requires a high amount of energy and sometimes large quantities of chemical agents. In simple words, they are not cheap.

The lack of accessible purification technologies leaves numerous people vulnerable to water-borne diseases that can even lead to death.

But in such scenarios, Nano water treatment can be a solution!

Water Purification at the Molecular Level

The size of water pollutants varies. Also, they are often totally mixed with water that is extremely hard to be separate. The filtration method cannot be used in such cases. Nano water treatment offers a high level of filtration of water contaminated by organic and inorganic solutes, toxic metal ions, and microorganisms with the potential of novel nanomaterials. This photocatalyst based technology can also be used for drinking water to improve its quality. It deals with contaminants, such as bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, etc., in a more efficient way than other conventional water treatment systems struggle to do.

Also, another benefit of using Nano water treatment is that it either destroys or converts the harmful contaminants into harmless inorganic end products that include water, carbon dioxide, and inorganic ions.

TiPE™ is a leading nano science-based company that offers innovative and advanced solutions for catalyst, bactericide, optical, and sol materials. We amalgamate and contribute our unique competencies to Nanosciences and Materials Sciences, trying to drive economic prosperity and environmental progress. Learn more about “Embedding Innovation with the Nano Water Treatment.

The bottom line: future of water purification industry –

A massive section of the world is currently facing a scarcity of pure or uncontaminated water. This might increase in the coming years. This is the reason why people need to utilize new purification and filtration solutions.

Nano water treatment is the possibility of a brighter future!

This is one of those technologies which is still in its infancy. Also, we understand the fact that it might not be accessible to use right away because of the cost of material and manufacture. However, companies like TiPE™ are striving hard to fabricate a technology that can improve the quality of living.