Is the Antimicrobial Coating Solution Profitable for You? Learn with Us!

As the level of pollution is growing, it is harming the atmosphere in different ways. Safeguarding the other surfaces from mildew, fungi, and bacteria is essential to stay healthy and safe, right? For that, we have the all-new antimicrobial coating solution from Tipe!

The antimicrobial coating solution is based on the sustainable aspects of nanotechnology. You may have known the benefits of nanotechnology to curb the menace of the current problems effectively. At Tipe, you can get the most affordable solution to solve your daily life problems at just great ease.

Why should you choose the antimicrobial coating solution?

Investing in a product is more than just having it bought, right? Yes, we understand your requirements, and so we have the most innovative solutions for you to deal with environmental problems. The nano VLR model that we employ for almost all our nanotechnology inspired products can just be the perfect option for you to stay healthy and safe. The VLR modified photocatalyst offers a fantastic effect on killing almost all types of viruses and bacteria. Yes, these also include their mutants, like SARS, MRSA, H5N1, etc.

Interestingly, in the current context, where the world is reviving from the menace of COVID-19, nanotechnology products can be one of the sure-shot solutions to staying fit and healthy. The antimicrobial coating performance is excellent as it lasts for an extended time due to the catalytic reaction mode.

The photocatalyst’s improved performance in the antimicrobial coating can effectively prevent different viruses, bacteria, and their body and endotoxin. It not only destroys them but also is sustainable in approach. The antimicrobial coating solution won’t lose its effect because of the bacterial body accumulation over the surfaces applied. Moreover, the antimicrobial coating is also functional for eliminating smells from pets and smoke. The solution also wipes out the indoor allergic agent to reduce the chances of acquiring any kind of respiratory problems.

What are the objectives of the antimicrobial coating solution?

Before you settle in for a deal, it is sufficient to know how the antimicrobial coating is designed, right? The antimicrobial coating can help you control the chances of acquiring any kind of infection. You can apply this coating to public places, including antiviral and antibacterial treatment. It can be applied to many places like taxis, schools, hotels, hospitals, public transport and many more!

The antimicrobial coating is also effective for being applied over antiviral and antibacterial treatment for filters, masks, clothes, gloves, and different devices and products. If you are looking for a product to employ indoors, the antimicrobial coating solution is just for you! The antimicrobial coating solution can also be applied for an in-house antibacterial deodorizing agent at the most affordable cost.

The bottom line

The antimicrobial coating solution is entirely based on nanotechnology, and so you can have the best results for you to stay safe and healthy. These nano technology inspired solutions are not only affordable but also reduce the maintenance cost at multiple levels. Get the product now!

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How Can the Nano Photocatalytic Titanium Dioxide Coating Be Helpful?

In this ever-changing technological world, we are constantly over the progressing wheels for innovations and inventions. Nanotechnology is now shaping the way we look to solve different problems. Not only in the healthcare sectors, but nanotechnology has taken the lead in transforming the various domains, which requires the need for a brief acceptance, right?

Tipe presents one of the most innovative solutions that can deal with different daily problems that we face, out of the current pollution levels or the way we live!

Here is the most awaited solution with the nano photocatalytic titanium dioxide that requires your attention for its wide acceptability in different domains

How is the nano photocatalytic titanium dioxide coating useful for you?

It is now known that nano photocatalyst is entirely a natural process that is responsible for triggering a chemical reaction that decomposes or breaks up organic matter. With the  nano photocatalytic titanium dioxide  coating, you can effectively keep your automobiles, buildings, and different surfaces clean and hygienic.

What is Titanium Dioxide?

Titanium Dioxide is a naturally occurring oxide of titanium with the chemical formula TiO2. If you are wondering if it is safe to use, rest assured! It is entirely safe for use and adds more to its functionality, and it is environment friendly. For this reason, this is now widely used in different cosmetics as well as in healthcare products.

How does the nano photocatalytic titanium dioxide coating work?

Indeed, nanotechnology is powerful, right? The powerful aspect of the nano photocatalytic titanium dioxide is largely based on nanotechnology. The specialty about this is that it can bond quickly with the surfaces like building windows and panes. It can absorb UV rays or artificial light whenever it’s available. Them in the process reacts with moisture to effectively form a potent oxidizing agent, which is responsible for breaking up the organic matter. Hence, the process of self- cleaning is initiated.

What are the benefits of choosing the top-quality nano photocatalytic titanium dioxide coating?

Apart from being environment friendly, the nano photocatalytic titanium dioxide coating is also very useful in its applications. It dramatically reduces the cost of cleaning and thus lowering the maintenance cost. Secondly, It protects different surfaces from the harmful effects of external elements. Moreover, the nano photocatalytic titanium dioxide coating can readily decompose organic matter, including harmful bacteria, odors, fungi, and nicotine. That sounds great!

You can know about the material sheet and the specification of the product you require to buy from Tipe. Apart from that, the online store also allows you to choose from the different nanotechnology inspired products at the most affordable costs. Whether you are looking for air purification methods or the  NOx removal  solutions, Tipe has it all for you.

The bottom line

The nano photocatalytic titanium dioxide coating is the need for the hour as the world struggles to balance a cleaner and sustainable environment. Not only that, but the layer also helps you live a healthier lifestyle and ensures that you live in a completely safe and hygienic environment.

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Here is All You Need to Know About Photocatalytic Self-Cleaning Coating

With the increasing number of industries in the present world, the problem of air pollution has aggravated to a great extent. Air pollution poses an extremely serious threat only to your personal health but also to the environment. Indeed, the photocatalytic self-cleaning coating can be an effective solution for controlling the effects of air pollution in your day to day life!

It is evident that getting rid of air pollution is not an easy task. But at Tipe, we provide you with the best nanotechnology inspired products to help you lead a safe and healthy lifestyle. The photocatalytic self-cleaning coating is based on nanotechnology, and you can effectively protect the environment as well as personal health with this self-cleaning system naturally. So, what is the whole process? Is it expensive, or it has varied limitations? Rest assured, it is nothing complex, and the photocatalytic self-cleaning coating can be applied quickly over the different surfaces at just the most affordable price. Explore it now!

How does the photocatalytic self-cleaning coating work?

The nanotechnology inspired  photocatalytic self-cleaning coating  follows the photocatalysis process that uses natural light in its reaction. The natural light triggers the chemical reaction that ultimately helps break down the organic matter at the molecular level. The end products are carbon dioxide and water, and so it does not cause any harm to the environment.

Here are the objectives you can follow to opt for the photocatalytic self-cleaning coating

The photocatalytic self-cleaning coating comes with the self-cleaning property. It helps to build self-cleaning, protection, and energy-saving aspects for a healthier lifestyle. You can also use this product for road self-cleaning and protection. Moreover, the photocatalytic self-cleaning coating also finds its applicability in industries, including the industrial facilities self-cleaning and protection.

The technology also helps in car exhaust purification and is effective in solar panel self-cleaning. At Tipe, you can get the best products for air purification methodologies and also the NOx removal solution to stay healthy and safe at all frontiers. Note down some photocatalytic self-cleaning coating features to ensure your deal goes in sync with your choices!

Features of photocatalytic self-cleaning coating

The most important factor while choosing the perfect product that resonates well with the current technology is the applicability for you, right? There are many features of the all-new photocatalytic self-cleaning coating that is beneficial for you.

  • The coating is super hydrophilic.
  • It provides organic pollutant decomposition.
  • It is anti-mildew
  • It also features to be anti-UV
  • The photocatalytic self-cleaning coating is not only anti-viral but also anti-bacterial
  • The coating is antistatic.
  • It helps in air purification.
  • It helps in  NOx removal  and is one of the best solutions for NOx removal from the atmosphere.
  • It is energy saving

The bottom line

Indeed, the photocatalytic self-cleaning coating is the next generation cleaning solution from Tipe. You can ensure that the surfaces are clean and healthy for you to stay by applying nano-coating on the building’s surface. That also brings a self-cleaning dreaming function to the surface without changing the materials and the colors.

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Explore the Best Anti Mold Solution to Stay Hygienic!

Just look at those molds and mildew on the wall just above your top floor spaces! Yes, that is really frustrating, right? The anti-mold solutions from Tipe are here to simplify all your problems and help you stay hygienic and healthy!

The anti-mold solution helps you keep the aesthetics in pace for your home and reduces the risk over the lives of homeowners. You may be unaware that even the pungent smell that comes out of the mold carries infectious bacteria and microbes that are detrimental to our health. Thus, these microbes and bacteria can adversely affect the quality of indoor air. Contextually, you will find people who ultimately suffer from different respiratory problems, skin infections, or even chronic diseases because of the mold spores’ longing dreads. If it seems familiar to you, you are on the correct webpage!

Here is the best product for an anti-mold solution that you can trust for your house, corporate buildings, or even the less-visited spaces! Scroll down to the bottom to explore the various benefits of using the anti-mold solution from Tipe.

The anti-mold solution from Tipe

Let nanotechnology rule the way you live! At Tipe, you can have your carts filled with the best nanotechnology inspired products at the most affordable cost. Not to be exaggerated, the nano photocatalytic coating is one of the most innovative and advanced anti-mold solutions today. You may know that the nanoparticles are available in the smallest molecular size. Yes, there is a reason for it! For this reason, the nanoparticles have improved performance and showcase greaterabsorption properties in any substance. The anti-mold solution from Tipe offers to be one of the most innovative approaches and ensures your indoors stray healthy and less harmful!

How does the anti-mold solution work?

The anti-mold solution from Tipe is based on the nano photocatalytic process. It is an oxidation reaction between the coating and the microbes in the presence of sunlight. Additionally, the nanoparticle is also employed in the reason, which acts as a catalyst. Contextually, to understand it simply, a photocatalytic oxidation reaction decomposes the bacteria and the molds in their early stages. Not only that, the anti-mold solution from Tipe attacks endotoxin of the microbes and the germs to be destroyed from the roots.

Do nanoparticles drive the efficiency of the anti-mold solution from us?

Indeed, YES! The photocatalytic oxidation reaction and the nanoparticles kill the mold-germinating bacteria and inhibit its re-growth. You will see the results are long-lasting and that you don’t have to be on your toes every time to maintain the process! Now, you do not have to spend extra on paint and ani-mold cleaning every time. Moreover, this coating’s anti-smelling property effectively purifies lousy odor from the indoors, giving you a rejuvenated and welcome feel always.

Where can you apply?

You can apply the coating in any exposed area, but some of the common areas have been listed below.

● Bathroom
● Kitchen
● Inventory
● Offices
● Manufacturing unit

The bottom line

Let the best anti-mold solution from Tipe rule the way you live in your
environment. Get the above-said reasons to work for you and help you stay
healthy with the best approach.

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