Here is the Best Self-Cleaning Solar Panel for All Your Requirements from Tipe!

Do you know a dirty solar panel can reduce its power capabilities by up to 30%? Yes, that’s true! And the challenging part of this fact is that you cannot control its external factors, including water, dust, pollen, and harsh weather conditions.

In the present context, here is the most affordable solution for your power requirements through the self-cleaning solar panel from Tipe. If you are worried about its price, rest assured, the value you get is much higher than that! Gone are those eras in which the property of self-cleaning was considered a total myth. We are now in an era that demands modern solutions to ever-changing contemporary problems. With nanotechnology taking its top place in the stage of the modern-day issues, Tipe is ready with the best and most affordable products for making it all possible for you!

What do the self-cleaning solar panels do for you?

Indeed, understanding the mechanism of how the self-cleaning solar panels work can be the simplest way to get started, right? The self-cleaning property helps the solar panels to be well functioning in harsh weather conditions. It protects the solar panel from dust, rain, and various other environmental damages-something you are not even aware of!

So, how does it do that? All these are possible only by applying a coat of nano-photocatalytic coating to the solar panels! See, the magic of nanotechnology is built on the solutions to conventional problems. The nanoparticles work in close contact with the pollutants and the dirt parties. In the process, these nanoparticles help the undesired dust to decompose from its roots. That means you have reduced the chances of its reappearance by just applying a coat of the nanoparticles. That is amazing!

Now, you may be wondering about the advantages that you get from selecting the self-cleaning solar panels over the conventional solar panels. Indeed, here are some of the benefits listed to make it easy to understand the importance of self-cleaning solar panels for your requirements.

Advantages of choosing the self-cleaning solar panels from Tipe

  • The self-cleaning property increases the longevity of the solar panels.
  • Not only is it helpful for having a reliable source of energy, but it also increases the performance of the solar panels to multiple levels.
  • What about the newness of your solar panels? You will want your solar panels to be new all along with its usage. The self-cleaning solar panels are perfect because they do not require an additional effort from your side to retain its value and performance, that too, with the least maintenance cost.

The bottom line

The self-cleaning solar panels are best for Perovskite solar cells, and you can also have them applied to form a semiconductor. That is the beauty of using nanotechnology to fit the best requirement for your convenience. Get them now to have an effective solution for harnessing solar energy more wisely.

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All About the Best Smog Removal Solution that You Need to Know!

It’s been a long journey to find and validate the ever-increasing issues of air pollution in the current world. Yes, the fact that most of us are acquiring respiratory problems is something well directed to the increasing levels of air pollution. Moreover, to worsen the problem even more, the automobile vapors and the harmful gaseous vapors from the industries are aggravating the situation even more.

Indeed, there is an eco-friendly solution in between all these problems that can be the best way to curb the menace caused by it- the all-new smog removal solution from Tipe! With this technology, you can effectively opt for eliminating the level of smog from the private and public spaces in just no time. So, what makes it so effective? Here are some of the top tips for using nanotechnology with the best solutions for your modern-day problems at the most affordable cost. Follow now!

What does the smog removal solution do for you?

The main objective for having this smog removal coating applied to your terms is that it effectively eliminates the elimination of smog in the environment. It can help reduce the occurrence or even lesser the occurrence of harmful pollutants. You just have to apply the unique anti-smog coating on the buildings, roads, or vehicles. The modern smog removal solution from Tipe is not only safe but is also eco-friendly for usage in almost all the applicability.

How does the smog removal solution work?

This methodology for eliminating the risk caused by pollution involves a photocatalytic oxidation reaction between the different pollutants. The pollutants may include nitrous oxide, VOCs, and other harmful agents. The response takes part in the presence of sunlight and the nanoparticles. It is so because the energy from the sun helps decompose the chemically inert components into organic components, including carbon dioxide and hydrogen. So, does it harm human life?

Indeed, NO! A photochemical oxidation reaction occurs when sulfur dioxide or nitrogen comes in close contact with the smog removal coating. It helps decompose the particles in solar energy and thus is not harmful to human beings. Moreover, the smog removal solution from Tipe offers to have a long-lasting effect as the reaction goes on without any interference.

Advantages for opting for the best smog removal solution from Tipe

The first advantage is that it reduces the maintenance cost for all the properties, be it government properties or private ones. It can be roads, public buildings, or public transports systems. Why so? Because you don’t have to paint it again and again. The smog removal solution from Tipe comes with a self-cleaning property, thus making it the best choice for you.

The bottom line

Get the best smog removal solution from us to purify and decompose all the air’s harmful pollutants. Let’s increase the percentage of oxygen for a better world to live in.

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What is Your Say on the Best Cross- Infection Control Solution from Tipe?

Amidst the present pandemic situation, you may find it difficult to stay protected, right? There are many hospitals, medical patients, or even go through different medical practitioners who are suffering from viral or bacterial infections. Cross-
infection control can be an effective way to be safe and protected from present-day problems’ adverse effects.

How can the cross-infection control solutions be effective in present-day problems?

In cross-infection transfer, you may experience an infection that happens between two or more bodies. Yes, it can be from the objects and between human bodies. It is mainly caused by improper maintenance of the hygiene-critical environment. If the above case seems familiar to you, you can opt for the coating for cross-infection control solutions from Tipe at the most affordable cost. In this way, you can restrict further multiplicity and expansion of disease-causing microorganisms effectively.

Why the cross-infection control solution from Tipe?

The cross-infection control solution from Tipe adds an extra edge over the traditional methodologies for controlling the infection. It helps add the benefits of nanoparticles with a photocatalytic oxidation reaction. The antimicrobial coating can be the perfect choice for you to have a healthy space. On top of that, the cross-infection control solution from Tipe comes with self-cleaning properties.

How does this cross-infection control solution work for your requirements?

The technology encompasses the idea of nanoparticles with sunlight that progresses the reactions of photochemical oxidation. This process helps break the microorganisms at their early stage. In this process, the nanoparticles help in restricting the multiplicity of viruses and bacteria, including their mutants such as SARS, MRSA, and H5N1. The main process is carried out with the help of the photocatalyst in the cross-infection control solution.

Contextually, speaking about the performance, it is excellent as it lasts longer, and the process keeps in going in the presence of sunlight. Plus, it is advantageous, as it requires very little or negligible maintenance. Moreover, the nano-photocatalytic coating can effectively eliminate bad odor and pungent smells from the indoors. This, in turn, reduces the chances of respiratory disorders from occurring.

Objectives to guide you!

  • The cross-infection control solution from Tipe restricts the growth of harmful microorganisms and limits the spread of infection to a great extent.
  • It also is helpful in inhibiting microbial infection.
  • The solution keeps indoors safe and free from bacteria, microbes, viruses, and bad odor.
  • It helps you connect to an environment-friendly solution.

The bottom line

Indeed, stepping in for a greener tomorrow, the cross-infection control solution from Tipe can be the best option to choose from. Indeed, choose the best products where nanotechnology is combined with real-life solutions at an affordable range. The cross-infection control solution will keep all your spaces healthy and hygienic at the least expected cost!

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What is Special About Nano Photocatalytic Self-Cleaning Solar Panels from Tipe?

Do you consider the property of self-cleaning to be a myth? If yes, the self-
cleaning solar panel from Tipe can be the perfect product to help you believe in
its functionality!

Solar panels are profoundly used as one of the most popular replacements for the
traditional sources to harness natural resources. The self-cleaning solar panel
from Tipe can be the best choice because it is affordable in the price range and
functional for most of the applications. Today, you can see that solar panels can
clean themselves automatically without the need for any human intervention.
Yes, you don’t have to put in that extra effort to clean the solar panels from now!

The idea behind working of the self-cleaning solar panels

The advancement in the facets of science and technology has led to the
development of such incredible products that can simplify the way you deal with
the surroundings. The self-cleaning solar panels are one such product from Tipe
and are based on the nanoparticles’ functionality and the photochemical

What is the use of self-cleaning solar panels in your daily life?

Can you control how the external factors harm your solar panels? Indeed, that is
never possible. The self-cleaning solar panels protect the solar panels from dust,
rain, and other environmental damages. Yes, you heard that right, the self-
cleaning solar panels are easy to use. You just have to apply a coat of Nao
photocatalytic coating, and the work is done. Count the advantages of opting for
the best quality self-cleaning solar panels for your requirements-

● It increases the performance of the product.
● It provides greater longevity for usage.
● The newness of the self-cleaning solar panels can be maintained with the
help of state-of-the-art technology.
● The self-cleaning property helps you reduce the maintenance cost.
● The anti-static properties and the super-hydrophilic nature reduces the
chance of dust and water to settle over the solar panels.

In addition to all the above advantages, the self-cleaning solar panels give more
energy output than those of the traditional ones. This, in turn, helps the panels to
reduce the module surface temperature and thus a longer life!

Indeed, where the nanoparticles have changed the face of the world, these solar
panels from Tipe can change the way you deal with the traditional solar panels
for all your spaces.

Features you should know about the all-new self-cleaning solar panels.

● It forms a semiconductor layer on Dye-Sensitized solar cells.
● The self-cleaning solar panels are best designed for Perovskite solar cells.
● There is considerable improvement in the hydrophilic nature and self-
cleaning aspects of solar panels with the self-cleaning property’s help.

The bottom line

Indeed, opting for better power generation and reduced maintenance costs can
be the perfect way to handle the current energy problems. The self-cleaning solar
panels are good for the environment and outline its various advantages for being
used in each of the corporate or residential spaces. Get them now to enhance
energy productivity!

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