Cleaning & Disinfecting is Essential for Medical Equipment!

Healthcare industry is continuously tasked with improvement in patient’s health and well-being in hospitals. Whether it’s through innovative medical facilities or complementary hygienic environment, they give greater attention to every detail.

According to recent survey done by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost 20 US patients acquired infections during hospital stays. Pathogen that causes healthcare associated infections is creating a challenge for hospitals, with respect to clinical treatments of patients and cross-transmission of pathogenic bacteria from one patient to another. Patients are dying more due to HAIs, rather than cancer, AIDS, accidents and any other reasons. This has led an increased interest in antimicrobial coating of reusable medical devices that are continuously in contact with patient.

Antimicrobial Coatings are featured with amazing benefits, you already know. It inhibits the growth of germs and bacteria on various surfaces, as well as pathogens. They have the potential to meaningfully lower the environmental impact of cleaning in a medical setting, where scores of different chemicals are used for a variety of purposes. If the surfaces are coated with this, it could reduce the amount of cleaning time, and therefore cost, which is essential to maintain facilities.

Medical devices are mostly used in hygiene critical environment. As a result, healthcare industry professionals look for antimicrobial coatings compatible to hygiene critical environment, biostable, and non-toxic and meet FDA standards. TiPE’s antimicrobial coating features nano VLR modified photocatalyst motivated coating with anti-bacterial and environment protection property. Safety, no extra pollution, environment friendly and harmless to human beings is best identifiable features.

Outpatients mostly use reusable medical devices for various reasons, like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), special nutrition problems, and the need for dialyses and wound suction. The mechanical devices are mostly accompanied with patients, both to and fro from the medical institutions such as ventilators, different infusions, different positive air-pressure equipment, wound suction system and many more. The devices than comes into contact with air-borne microbes and pathogens which can harm the patients as well as fellow members in the hospitals. Microbes can even contaminate the internal of the devices, causing a risk to patient’s health and hygiene. And, to reduce the burden of microbe cleanliness and antimicrobial coating is best solution.

Antimicrobial medical device coatings are developed with improved nanotechnology for anti-bacterial and anti-viral treatments. It utilizes nano VLR modified photocatalyst has amazing effect on killing almost all kinds of bacteria and virus included their mutants such as MRSA, SARS, H5N1 etc. The treatment thoroughly decomposes the pathogens at ground level, not just by killing, so the equipment is safe and protected for long. The photocatalyst also wipes out the indoor allergic agent to reduce chances of respiratory disease. It can also eliminate bad odor and keep the area fresh and clean. High-performance and ever-lasting effects are assured with every antimicrobial coating.

Hospitals are great breeding grounds for infections, where cleaning and disinfecting is extremely important for medical equipments. You can get antimicrobial coating services for all medical devices in your hospital.

TiPE has got some of the best results yet from different customers in USA and abroad. You can trust our product and services for disinfecting any medical equipment. Contact for any services!


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