Corporate Building – Enhance Aesthetics with Nano Self-Cleaning Coating

With the mushrooming growth of businesses and companies, there’s an incredible rise in commercial infrastructure around the world. Corporate Giants like Apple, Facebook, and Google have built lavish campuses. These are some of the best architectural structures where thousands of people come to work every day. From BMW in Munich to Petroleum Conglomerates Petronas in Malaysia, there are some visually appealing masterpieces of architecture that will take your heart away.

Corporate buildings are becoming a center of attraction for many people. If you too have plans to construct a new one or already have one, but it looks too outdated, then apply the technology of nano-self cleaning coating to keep it impressive to the onlooker.

Make Your Corporate Building an Attractive One

Apply a fresh layer of nano-photocatalytic coating for maintaining the newness of the building, But, why you need it?

  • Corporate or commercial structures are exposed to rain, sun, dirt, debris, pollution, and several other unwanted things in the atmosphere. Rain when mixes with the pollutants in the air become a highly dangerous combination of acid rains, which can wither away the outermost layer of the building. The structure will start losing its natural texture due to the harsh impact. The best solution to acid rain is nano self-cleaning coating, click here to know more.
  • Ultraviolet rays from Sun are a significant cause of dull and lifeless looks of infrastructure. The intense rays persistently falling on the surface erodes the protective components of the paints. Building started to fade, irrespective of how many times you have tried to protect the newness with repainting. Nothing can stop the penetration of UV rays except the new nano-photocatalytic coating.
  • Dust, dirt, and debris are other natural reasons for the lifeless looks of your building. Dust accumulated on the surface of high towers and multi-story buildings is not native to clean every day. You may have to spend annually on cleaning and maintenance, and that even may cost a lot of money. Other primary concerns are the unwanted debris, mold, mildew and fungal growth on the surface. This is something that cannot be ignored after it affects the aesthetics of the building. To cut-off, additional charges, nano self- cleaning coatings are best in the list of other maintenance option.
  • Pollutants, mostly air pollutants such as NOx from automobile exhausts and volatile organic compounds create a harsh effect. Wall or glasses of the building may look faded, patched, and not-so lustrous due to the harmful impact of pollutants in the air. However, you can keep the surrounding clean and eco-friendly using the nano self- cleaning coatings.

Advantages of Nano Self Cleaning Coating on Corporate Infrastructures

Nano self-cleaning coatings are designed for serving a particular purpose. The nano-photocatalytic coat has anti-static, anti-bacterial, ant-microbial, anti-mold, anti-mildew properties. Its nanotechnology enhanced photocatalytic oxidation reaction can eliminate the problem from its roots, giving you long-term results and lesser expenses on maintenance cost. Your structure can look new for long. It will reduce the chances of dust and rain damages from the surface, without causing you additional charges. Nano self-cleaning coating is safe, clean, eco-friendly and extremely reliable.

Bottom Line

A well-maintained structure is an asset for a company. If you wish more business deals and top business relationships with the clients, keep the outer shiny. Your buildings represent your business, ethics, and success. Do not just overlook it!

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