Enabling Your Corporate Building with Self Cleaning Technology!

Buildings and infrastructures in public are open to dirt and dust every day. Pollutants from vehicles and industries are major reason for outdoor pollution; however, there are several other causes too to affects the outdoor of the construction. You must be wondering; why to bother about outdoor paints and coatings when you are working safe inside? Probably, the outdoor pollutant index can give an idea how important a photocatalytic self cleaning coating is!

What is the Need for Photocatalytic Self Cleaning Coating to Buildings?

Paints and VOC

According to studies, the paint applied on corporate, residential and commercial buildings liberates cryogenic pollutants mixed with volatile organic compounds. The VOC content of paints react with oxygen that forms bad ozone in the presence of sunlight. This is a contributory factor to greenhouse effect and cause global warming. The World Health Organization, reports 20-40% increased risk of cancer and 39% of US buildings accounts for primary source of energy consumption.

Air Pollutants

Air pollutants are one of the biggest concern for buildings too. Contemporary air pollutants have the potential to degrade organic coatings and polymers, which are of great importance to modern structures. Materials mostly used in building such as calcareous building stones and ferrous metals are more sensitive to pollutants. Manifestations of damage include losses of mass, changes in porosity, discoloration and embrittlement. Air pollution damages the material used to safeguard the construction in urban atmosphere.

How It Can Support Self-Cleaning?

Photocatalytic coatings are developed with innovation in mind. The coatings are anti-static and hydrophilic in nature which helps in self cleaning of the building. Nano Photocatalytic self cleaning coating contains air purifying components that removes the NOx and VOC compound when in contact with building. The elimination of NOx from automobile exhaust and industrial activities provide self-cleaning & anti-mildew function to decreasing the maintenance cost, so every building can contribute to Kyoto protocol not only the industries.

How it Safeguards Against Bacteria and Virus?

The Nano Photocatalytic self cleaning coating contains VLR, which is highly effective at different kinds of bacteria and virus and their mutants also such as MRSA, SARS, H5N1 etc. The photocatalyst can completely destroy the bacteria and virus directly, not just killing them, it thoroughly decompose bacteria, virus and their body and endotoxin. This types of coating control and restrain the outspread of mold and fungus. Get long term safety from bacteria and virus effect, no need to apply frequently.

Should We Apply Photocatalytic Coating Instead of Regular Paints?

Yes, off course! Application of Nano Photocatalytic self cleaning coating on new and old construction is an incredible step towards environment. Since, it utilizes no harmful chemicals and toxic substance which gets released in air after long-term exposure with environment pollutants such as sulphur dioxide, carbon dioxide, nitrous dioxide and more. So, there are very less or no chance of environmental pollution and green house gas emission. Your building is safe as well as environment friendly at the same time. Rather than applying a general coat of toxic paint, use of advanced self cleaning coating will be more advantageous.

If you are long way looking for an innovative coating for your building, then do not hesitate to consult our experts at TiPE. We provide complete solution from environmental pollution without leaving any scars and tears behind. Feel free to get in touch with us. Send you queries and details to contact us page.


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