How to Clean Solar Panels Properly?

The need for clean and renewable energy sources can be cited as the reason behind the use of more and more solar panels. Solar panels are making our lives easier while keeping the environment safe. Solar panels are entering the mainstream energy market gradually and rightfully so. Owing to the global concern, it is not uncommon to find a solar panel on the rooftops. Though most solar panels come with the photocatalytic self-cleaning coating, they might get dirty over time and you might need to clean them. Bird dropping, grime, accumulated dust can be the reason behind an unclean solar panel.

TitanPE Technologies provides the photocatalytic self cleaning coating for keeping the solar panels clean, but we understand that you need to clean the panel as well. Here are some tips that you should keep in mind when cleaning solar panels.

Overcast conditions: Make it a point to clean the solar panels on an overcast or cloudy day, early in the evening. The idea is to clean it when the sun is not at its maximum potential. When the sun is at its peak, the water used to clean the panel will vaporize quickly and the glass will be full of streaks.

Avoid using hard objects: Don’t use metal objects or hard abrasives to clean the solar panels. There is a chance of getting scratches on the panel. Moreover, these scratches can impact the efficiency of the panel. Not just that, avoid detergents as much as possible. Detergents and abrasive products can leave streaks and scratches on the panel.

Soft fabric is a must: Generally, solar panels are easy to clean and with a little distilled water and a microfiber cloth, you can keep it clean. Soft fabric like microfiber or a coarse cloth covered sponge can do the trick. Moreover, make sure you use clean distilled water. The tap water might have minerals which can leave streaks behind. Use distilled water to clean the solar panels.

These are some basic cleaning tips for solar panels. Solar panels come with the photocatalytic self-cleaning coating which will keep it clean for the longest time. That said, you don’t need to clean the panels if they aren’t dirty enough to impact the performance. In case you live near an industrial area and oily stains are an issue for your panels, you can use isopropyl alcohol for the cleaning purpose.

There are several risks associated with cleaning solar panels on rooftops. If you have to clean it, try doing that from the ground using required supplies. If that is not an option and you wish to go to the rooftop to clean, make sure you follow proper safety guidelines. The best thing one can do is leave it to the professionals. Cleaning the rooftop solar panels is a risky affair and you should be careful while cleaning it.


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