How to Cut Cost from Building Maintenance Work?

Did you know, homeowners spend more than $2,000 a year on maintenance work only? From that, a major portion is spent on painting and home interior improvement. Regular pollutants, climatic conditions, and harmful chemical cleaning treatments remove the protective shield from the building exterior. That may result in frequent painting, coating, and cleaning expenses on your dream home.

Home or building maintenance is something important for homeowners. You cannot ensure all round protection from physical damages and technical repairs. However, you can protect it from environmental damages with innovative nanotechnology based photocatalytic coating.

Nano–Photocatalytic Coating and your building

The nanotechnology based photocatalytic coating is a proprietary method of TiPE; it helps in the removal of environmental pollutants from the building surface. The advanced photocatalytic technology gives a wider scope to building maintenance work. Mostly, homeowners have to spend a lot of money on painting the building, since it weathers away due to rain, water, sun, and most importantly the environmental pollutants. As we say pollutants, we mean the carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, dust particles, and more. Among all of them, nitrous oxide from car exhausts, power plants, and others are hazardous to the indoor and outdoor of the building. The nanotechnology based photocatalytic coating is the best found nitrous oxide emission treatment. You can rely on the efficiency and performance of the coating without any doubt.

How nano-photocatalytic coating can reduce building maintenance cost?

The nano-photocatalytic coatings are the best nitrous oxide emission treatment for residential, corporate, or any commercial setting. It helps in cutting maintenance cost since the coating is

  • Dust resistant – The nano photocatalytic coatingis resistant to dust, pollutants, and environmental particles. The coating is developed with advanced technology so that it can repel all dust particles accumulated on the surface and do self cleaning.
  • Water resistant – The nanophotocatalytic coating is hydrophobic in natur; water molecules cannot stay on the surface of the building in rainy or snowy weather condition. Your build is protected from the growth of molds and mildew due to humidity.
  • Resistant from nitrous oxide – Nitrous oxide is dangerous for health. When you inhale the nitrous oxide gas, it affectsboth severely. The harmful chemical components may cause difficulty in breathing, skin irritation, and even death. So, primarily, you should do the nanotechnology based nitrous oxide emission treatment for air purification and remove all the pollutants from the surface, and it will keep on working for long.
  • Lasts long – The nanotechnology based photocatalytic coating works on the photocatalytic oxidation reaction in the presence of sunlight. The nano particles work as a catalyst. The reaction goes on long, and pollutants are broken into organic substrates. So, the results are longer and better. You do not have to take care of painting and coating your building, frequently.
  • Cost effective – The process is safe, reliable, and cost-effective. Once the coating is on the building, it will last for years without asking any maintenance work. You can save thousands of dollars from maintenance cost on paints.

Bottom Line

Nanotechnology has already revolutionized the world with its mesmerizing powers. The amalgamation of photocatalytic oxidation reaction makes nanotechnology based coating more safe, reliable, and cost-effective. You can have the best nitrous oxide emission treatment here. Finda more effective solution for cars, motor vehicles, industries, factories, corporate office, and more.

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