How to Purify Water Impurities using Nano Photocatalytic Titanium Dioxide Powder?

Water purification is one of the major concerns for many homeowners. If the water is impure, it will no longer be fit for drinking or any household purpose. You believe it not, a maximum percentage of water pollutants are received from the household drainage only. And, impure water is one of the major causes of disease, sickness, and serious health issue. Apparently, you are left with two options – either stop consuming impure water or switch to an advanced water purification technique that can kill the microorganism, bacteria, and disease causing constituents without reducing the goodness of pure water.

Nano Photocatalytic Titanium Dioxide Powder for Water Purification

Nanomaterials have many surfaces, interface and small size effects, quantum size effects and macroscopic quantum tunneling effects that are different from the traditional bulk materials. They exhibit the mechanical, electrical, magnetic, optical, thermal and chemical effect. The use of nano photocatalytic titanium dioxide powders helps in elimination of micro-organism from the water, making it clean, fresh and healthy to drink. This is one of the biggest inventions that have created new waves in the water cleaning procedure. Studies have shown that photocatalytic reaction can decompose the refractory organic matter in water without the harming the purity and quality of the water.

Inphotocatalytic water treatment, the nanometer photocatalytic uses n-type semiconductors as catalysts such as nano-TIO and nano-ZnO. TiO as a photocatalyst has many advantages such as chemical stability, wide band gap, catalytic effect, non-toxicity, low price and many more. As per the observations, TiO is extremely recommended for a wide area of application.

Nano photocatalytic titanium dioxide powder makes it easier to cleanse and remove impurities from water.

Where can you find it?

Very easy and simple, Nano photocatalytic titanium dioxide powder is easily available for purchase on our website. TiPE sells good quality water cleaning titanium dioxide powder for photocatalytic oxidation purpose in the inorganic system. This product is found in anatase crystalline structure with 10-20 nm of particle size. pH value of the powder is in between 5-7, and it causes no irritation on the skin. You need to store the powder in room temperature to its white crystalline form. For more details several product lists, you can view the page directly.


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