Importance of NOx Removal: Innovation From TiPE

Nitrogen oxides present in our atmosphere is one of the most harmful pollutants. These chemicals play a major role in the percussion of acid rain, ozone accumulation, and photochemical smog. The harmful oxide consists mainly of nitric oxide (NOx) and Nitrogen dioxide (NO2).

NOx is a greenhouse gas that is 310 times stronger than carbon dioxide. It plays a major role in the destruction of the ozone layer, which results in adverse climatic conditions. With the utilization of catalytic converters present in automobiles, the rate of NOx emission has reached a point where it is almost uncontrollable. Besides that, NOx is one of the chemicals that is released from manufacturing plants of nitric acid, which produce nitrated materials such as explosives and fertilizers, etc.

Because of the rising environmental issues due to NOx, continuous research, with a huge amount of expenditure, over time has been carried out to develop advanced and efficient NOx removal techniques. This can be a crucial step and contribution to the protection of our planet!

What is the NOx removal solution from TiPE?

TiPE has a nitrous oxide emissions treatment that uses nano photocatalyst technology for great efficiency and effectiveness. With the photocatalytic coating, the photocatalysts used in the solution produce a filter for NOx. It can also be used in roads and auxiliary facilities to filter the NOx present in the atmosphere by reacting with it. This destroys the various components that cause photochemical pollution.

So, it is a solution that helps to remove NOx from the surroundings in an environmentally friendly and economical way. This makes our nano photocatalytic coating NOx removal technology ideal for the implementation of carbon trading projects.

Goals of our NOx removal solution –

  • Purify & remove the NOx present in the atmosphere;
  • Lessen the photochemical crisis;
  • Contributes to global warming solution;
  • Work with the Kyoto Protocol at a low-cost

Features of our NOx removal solution –

  • Decompose the harmful pollutants in the atmosphere.
  • Purify car exhaust using sunlight.
  • Effective NOx removal treatment with nano effect and catalytic reactions.
  • Self-cleaning for a reduction in the maintenance cost.

Advantages that you can get from our NOx removal solution –

  • Produces a high-performance treatment that can be used to purify car exhaust in a very efficient way.
  • When used on roads and auxiliary facilities, the solution can destroy the car exhaust pollution and acid rain, removing the NOx present in the air.
  • Provides self-cleaning and anti-mildew functions for a reduction in the maintenance cost.

The Bottom Line –

NOx is one of the most harmful elements present in the air. It is a greenhouse gas that can create adverse conditions for our environment.

TiPE offers nitrous oxide emission treatment, which is based on nanotechnology for extreme effectiveness. With nano photocatalytic technology, it is designed for NOx removal from the atmosphere.

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