Importance of Odor Elimination to Purify Your Indoor Environment

Pollutants that come in contact with you are more harmful than those compared to soil and water pollutants. It is important to know that these pollutants can adversely affect a person’s life quality as well as life expectancy.

When it comes to urban areas, it is extremely hard and technically challenging to purify indoor air. This is because, in such places, indoor air contamination happens from both inside and outside sources. Also, the hazardous pollutants present indoors are mostly organic components, dust, molds, toxic inorganics, pollens, viruses, bacteria, etc., that are volatile in nature. Conventional ventilation processes work as a catalyst in the entire process as it brings air pollution inside your house, increasing energy consumption for purifying it. This all also contributes to bad odor.

So are you wondering how to eliminate odor and purify your indoor air? The only way is to adopt new technology advancements that amalgamate reliable and eco-friendly design.

Effective Daily Deodorization Solution by TiPE –

Odor can be the result of various chemicals present in the air, namely ammonia used in toilets or hydrogen sulfide in livestock farms. The problem of odor elimination is hard to be solved by traditional methods because of the complicated composition of these chemicals.

This is when nano photocatalyst technology can help eliminate odor from your indoors!

It is one of the most effective and brand new deodorizing solutions that can be easily used everywhere. You don’t have to use any perfume or room spray to cover the unpleasant smell that can be absorbed by the materials and items present in the room. Along with odor elimination, the use of nano photocatalyst technology also helps you in protection against Ozone’s dangerous effects on your health.

The nano-coating can efficiently decompose the stink, converting them into harmless inorganic substances at a molecular level.

The photocatalyst is a chemical substance that includes no extra pollutants that can harm you. The oxidation of photocatalyst is an effective way to decompose odors. This excellent solution is not only utilized in daily life and indoor uses, but it is widely accepted for industrial processes also for eliminating smells.

TiPE offers various products that assist in odor elimination by being compatible with diversifying surfaces. The best thing is that our odor control technology does not need a big facility or electronic support and can be used for flexible fields.

The Bottom Line –

In most cases, unpleasant odor in any indoor setting is formed by small molecules of organic matter that are dispersed in the air. Even a very minute amount of such substance can cause a very strong smell that is extremely challenging to eliminate. This is the reason why TiPE offers a nano photocatalytic odor elimination solution that works efficiently and extremely well to convert these molecules into inorganic particles such as water and carbon dioxide. Also, the technology is versatile enough to be compatible with various surfaces.

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