Is there Any Way to Control Sick Building Syndrome?

Sick Building Syndrome or SBS is most common medical condition for many people around the globe. You may have witnessed an increase in various health issues and symptoms such as headache, eye, nose and throat irritation, fatigue, and dizziness and nausea. These symptoms are frequently pinned down to home heating, air conditioning and ventilation system failure. However, these are severe other attributes of air contamination due to building organic material, volatile organic compounds, molds, improper exhaust/ventilation system and undone air purification process.

So, is there any method to control and regulate sick building syndrome?

Nano PCO Technology – An Advanced Air Purification Solution for SBS


This is the next generation air purification technology, which can purify air pollutants caused by more than 85% harmful gases kinds in our life such as car exhausts NOx, formaldehyde, benzene, VOCs. Nano PCO Technology produces maximum free radicals which are highly effective in removing smoke damages or high levels of microbial contamination in closes space. This is one of the best nano technology improved purification method – saving and serving the mankind.


The process of producing PCO is directly linked to photon light and passing through a catalyst comprised of specific nano-sized mineral compounds. In the presence of light, the photocatalyst produces holes (h+) electron (e-) paris, which react with organic pollutant and harmful gases molecular similar to the Einstein’s photoelectric effect, but just in a higher level. The production of free radicals helps in destruction of pollutants, carbon monoxide, nox, odors, bacteria, formaldehyde, germs, mold spores and much, much more, and transforming them into harmless substances. The nano photocatalyst reacts as catalyst in the chemical reaction so that its performance will maintain longtime and it will almost not to be consumed. In short, it offers you the ultimate air purification process from Sick Building Syndrome.


As already mentioned, the nano PCO technology utilizes light energy to eliminate the harmful air pollutants in indoor. The air purification process purifies most air pollution and mineralizes harmful gas to H2O and CO2. It’s environment friendly and produces no additional pollution, and also helps in elimination of air borne bacteria and virus. The nano PCO technology is safest, cleanest and natural air purification method of Sick Building Syndrome elimination.


  • Core reaction parts of air purifier & HVAC (VOCs, PM2.5)
  • Building exterior surfaces and road facilites (NOx)
  • Office, houses, automobiles (VOCs)
  • Smoking area (Smoke smell)
  • Livestock industry (Ammonia, Stink)
  • Waste disposal facilites (Stink)
  • Printing & printing factories (VOCs)
  • Incinerator (Dioxin)
  • Hospitals, Schools (VOCs, Air borne virus & bacteria)
  • Food factories & transportations (Ethylene)

Scope of Nano PCO Technology

At TiPE , we always thrive to produce technology to control and eliminate air, water and soil pollutants. We are able to control sick building syndrome with an advanced air purification process. Our Nano technology air cleaning technology is able to convert complex and toxic organic substances to simple and safe inorganic substance, to bring a greener and clean future.

If you are facing difficulties and health issues due to poor indoor air quality, use enhanced air cleaning technique for a suitable indoor life.


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