Let’s talk about Nitrous Oxide!

Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) and Nitric Oxide (NO) together are clubbed as Oxides of Nitrogen or Nitrous oxide (NOx). Nitrogen, upon combustion, combines with oxygen to form Nitric Oxide and on further combination with oxygen, it becomes Nitrogen Dioxide. Though Nitric Oxide is not a hazard at a smaller concentration, Nitrogen Dioxide is. These gases react to form smog and acid rain all while being important contributors to the formation of ground-level ozone and fine particles too. All of it is directly associated with the greenhouse effect and have several adverse health impacts. Nitrous Oxide emission treatment is the need of the hour as the amount of nitrous oxide is increasing day by day.

Sources of pollution:

Nitrous Oxide is the result of the combination of Nitrogen and Oxygen during combustion. This becomes even more rampant while combustion at high temperatures. Hence, anywhere there is combustion in the presence of nitrogen, NOx can be found. For instance, car engines are a major source of NOx production and it even occurs naturally during lightning. Considering this, the amount of NOx pollution can be too high in areas with a higher number of vehicles.

Environmental issues:

NOx is a major contributor to the ill cause of Global Warming and Greenhouse Effect. They have a direct impact on vegetation like reducing growth and leaf damage. They have the potential to destroy the ecosystem of a forest. As per a study, local traffic emissions have a substantial contribution to exceeding critical levels and critical loads in areas of vegetation. In addition to the harm NOx does to vegetation, it also has the affinity to react with other pollutants and form ground-level Ozone which hampers all kinds of vegetation at higher concentration.

Nitrous Oxide emission treatment is a crucial step needed to sustain our planet for a longer time. There are several health issues due to the hazardous group of gases. When exposed for a longer term, it can increase the risk of respiratory conditions and allergen-related issues.

We have a cost-effective solution for nitrous oxide emission treatment that can help you tackle these issues at hand while complying with the Kyoto Protocol as well. Get in touch if you are interested in building a sustainable environment for the future generations.


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