Let’s Talk About Viral and Bacterial Infections in Hospitals!

Hospitals are counted among the most commonplace of viral and microbial infections. Hospitals are great breeding grounds for infections and it affects a lot many people with lower immunity. According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one out of 20 patients contract bacterial infection every day and it estimates to $10 billion of the economy every year.

However, layering the hospital with an advanced, durable, safe antimicrobial coating featuring nanotechnology from inside to outside of the hospital can reduce the impact and control of the number of infected patients.

Sources of Infection

Bacterial – Bacteria are the type of organism that is contagious and cause much serious illnesses or life-threatening complications. Some common bacteria cause serious sickness such as Acinetobacter baumannii which are mainly found in intensive care units and areas with highly ill people. B. cepacia bacteria pose serious threats to patients with chronic lung diseases and there are several others also. All can be treated with an antimicrobial coating with Nano-technology that aims at saving and serving the mankind.

Viruses – Viruses are a tiny organism that may lead to mild to severe illness. Viruses by themselves are not alive, they cannot grow or multiply on their own and need to enter a human cell and take over the cell to help them multiply. Some of the most common disease- causing viruses is HIV which spread to patients via improper infection control procedures, such as sterilization and disinfection, influenza virus, H1N1 strain, or swine flu, norovirus and others.

Antimicrobial coating and infection

To combat the harmful effects of bacterial and viral infection, nano VLR modified antimicrobial coating give amazing results. It kills almost all kinds of bacteria and virus included their mutants such as MRSA, SARS, H5N1 etc. It features a targeting nature that can completely destroy the bacteria and virus directly, not just killing them; therefore it won’t lose its effect because of the bacterial body accumulation on the surface. The performance lasts longer due to the catalytic reaction mode. The photocatalyst can also eliminate the pungent odor of smoke, pets and reduces the indoor allergic agent to reduce the chances of any respiratory disorder.


The nano VLR modified antimicrobial coating serves in a broad spectrum of the healthcare industry and public. It’s anti-viral and anti-microbial features kill almost all kinds of bacteria and virus and meet anti superbugs needs. The advanced nano-technology offers deodorization and anti-allergen features, which later helps in control of mold and fungus overgrowth too. Anti- bacterial & anti-viral treatment of nanotechnology for hygiene critical environment such as hospitals, schools, hotels, taxis, buses etc are common benefits, and protection from the epidemic in a hospital adds more to it benefits. The antimicrobial coatingis safe, pollution free, environment friendly and harmless to human beings.

Management of hospital hygiene and infection is an important aspect, and it’s a must for patients, staff, and common people too. So, never compromise with the safety of the environment of the healthcare facility. Get your buildings treated with antimicrobial coatings from a trusted nanotechnology partner. Apply to any public building schools, hotels, and taxis, buses for anti- viral and anti-bacterial protection. Do not forget to get medical equipment and tools such as mask, filter, gloves, clothes, device, and products treated with an antimicrobial coating. If any confusion regarding nano VLR modified antimicrobial coating or nanotechnology, feel free to ask from TiPE.


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