Nano PCO Technology – Most Effective Air Purification Process for both Indoor and Outdoor Applications

Have you heard about the air-purification process through Photocatalysis? Well, it may sound complicated, but it is true that light energy can now effectively purify the air from those organic pollutants. Light is one of the vital energy sources, which enhances the living conditions on this earth.

With the development of Nano technology, the concept of photocatalysis came into existence. Nano photocatalytic titanium dioxide can easily circulate in the air and can remove the nasty air pollutants without any difficulty. Indeed, this photocatalysis method seems to be an innovative weapon for better health and cleaner air. The main objective of nano photocatalysis technology is to ensure both outdoor air purification as well as indoor air purification. Every day, a human deal with 85% harmful gases in the air, like VOCs, benzene, formaldehyde, car exhausts NOx and others. All these air pollutants can highly deteriorate the health conditions of individuals. Keeping the rising risks of air pollutants, TIPE initiated the nano photocatalytic technology.

Features of Nano PCO Technology –

  • Purify and mineralize harmful gases to CO2 and H20.
  • Cause no extra pollution and is environmental friendly in nature.
  • Longtime performance, organic pollutant decomposition, catalytic action mode
  • Easily eliminate airborne virus and bacteria
  • Remove the bad odor from the air and ensures fresh air circulation in the chamber.
    • Working Mechanism of Nano Photocatalysis –

      In the presence of light, nano photocatalyst titanium dioxide produces pairs of electrons and holes. This combination then reacts with the harmful air pollutants in order to stabilize them. The entire reaction process is pretty similar to Einstein’s photoelectric effect. But in the photocatalysis process, the pollutants are not only filtered but are also decomposed instantly. And this is the main reason, why there is no trace of any pollution during the purification process. To enhance the performance of this technology in indoor air purification, we have developed a unique VLR photocatalyst technology. Thus, this Nano photocatalysis is one of the best methods to ensure air purification without any worries.

      Wide Application Areas –

      Because of high efficiency and performance, there is a great demand for this Nano photocatalysis process in various industries. Mainly, this innovative air purification technology is used in hospitals, schools, food factories, printing units, waste disposal hubs, livestock industry, automobile sectors, offices, and in other areas.

      If you are interested in availing the Nano photocatalysis for air purification process, then simply give us a call at +86 21 6363 4152.


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