Nano Photocatalytic Self- Cleaning Solar Panel from Tipe

Do you still consider self-cleaning property as a myth? Indeed, among all the benefits that get a place for the benefits, the essential point is that it is a renewable energy source. Right from reducing your electricity bills, the self- cleaning solar panels can also be an excellent option for opting for the best sustainable form of energy resource.

At Tipe, you can find the most cost-effective self-cleaning solar panels at an affordable range perfectly suited for all frontiers. Indeed, the concept is based on different photochemical processes and the idea of nanoparticles. Here is the complete approach for understating the importance of the self-cleaning solar panels for your requirements. Scroll down now!

Why opt for the self-cleaning solar panels from Tipe?

The self-cleaning solar panels are gaining much popularity over time, mainly because they help the solar panels be protected from adverse weather conditions. The condition can be anything, right from rain, dust, and other environmental damages. You can go through the list of benefits for using the self- cleaning solar panels now!

Benefits for choosing the self-cleaning solar panels than those of the traditional solar panels

● Increases the performance
● Maintains the newness of the solar panels
● Longevity
● Uses state-of-the-art technology

Interestingly, it can be traced that a dusty environment can degrade the efficiency of a solar cell by around 20%! So, opting for the self-cleaning solar panels can effectively help you maintain solar cells’ productivity.

How do the self-cleaning solar panels work?

At Tipe, you can find the best nanotechnology-inspired products that address the current problems. Right from the best solution for NOx removal to the effective anti-coating methodologies for odor control, Tipe can be the best one-stop solution!

Nanotechnology has completely transformed the face of the world. Indeed, it has successfully revolutionized the way we see the world now! In the self-cleaning solar panels, the photocatalytic oxidation reaction breaks the microorganisms and the pollutants on the surface. This reaction is carried on with the help of nanoparticles and sunlight as catalysts. This creates a protective layer around the surface, and thus the self-cleaning solar panels are a great way to have the old panels replaced! The super-hydrophilic nature and the anti-static properties never allow the water particles and the dust to stay over it!

The self-cleaning property of the self-cleaning solar panels effectively reduces the maintenance cost and increases the solar panels’ lifespan. In addition to that, opting for the best self-cleaning solar panels from Tipe allows you to have increased levels of efficiency and energy from the solar panels for your requisites. The output power is more, and it helps reduce the module surface temperature and keeps the surface clean.

The bottom line

If you are looking for a sustainable approach to using renewable energy sources, this self-cleaning solar panel can be a perfect choice. It has improved in the self- cleaning of solar panels. The self-cleaning solar panels effectively form a semiconductor layer on the dye-sensitized solar cell. This approach and method are compatible with almost all types of the solvent system!

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