Nanotechnology is best For Water Purification. Know How?

The thirst for clean and purified drinking water has taken science and technology too far. We have various water cleaning techniques to ward-off germs and disease, causing bacteria. Like, boiling, filtration, RO water purifiers, UV treatment, chemical cleaning with chlorine tablets, equipment based on osmosis and reverse osmosis, nano water treatment, and many more.

Water purification is imperative; we need to understand to the significance of cleaning the drinking water with the best method. Since all water purification methods are not 100% safe and reliable. Interested to know, lets’ give you an idea of that-

  • Boiling water is perhaps the most traditional methods of drinking water purification and still widely used, not just in remote areas but in highly urbanized areas. Boiling water removes bacteria, viruses, and parasites. But, it’s time consuming and turns the taste of water.
  • Disinfection with Chlorine Tablets is highly effective against bacteria and most viruses. However, bleaching takes a longer waiting time. Chlorine tablets are not so effective against Cryptosporidium or Cyclosporum.
  • Water Filtration is one of the most preferred solutions for cleaning water for personal consumption. The water filtration system can remove bacteria, large parasites and heavy metals from the water. However, there is a need for filter replacement after an interval of time, which is the major drawback of the water filtration system.

All other water purification system does have certain downsides. Another reliable solution for purifying water is nano water treatment.

Nanotechnology based water purification system is the most advanced system to clean water for drinking purpose. Nanotechnology offers the noval nano materials for treatment of surface water, ground water, waste water, and other sources of water contaminated by dirt, pollutants, toxic metal ions, organic and inorganic solutes, and micro-organism.

Nano Water Treatment

This is the most effective treatment for water purification that utilizes nanoparticles and photocataytic reaction for action against water germs, infections, bacteria, viruses, and more. Nanotechnology is effective against water contaminants, and it deals with water borne-infection more effectively than the conventional method. The chemical reaction involves nano photocatalyst as a catalyst that produces electrons and hole pairs. The nano particles react and break harmful components in healthy ones, leaving you with clean water molecules. Removal of water impurities with sunlight and nanotechnology shows us a brighter and greener future.

Other applications of nano water treatment

Cleaning and disinfecting drinking water are important. TiPE takes this thing very seriously that we have extended the use for several other areas. Here, we want to name a few such as core reaction parts of water purifier system, high performance solar water disinfection, upgradation to UV/PCO water treatment system, space station water recycling and more. Know in details from the website.


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