Other Big Benefits of Air Purification in “No-Smoking” Zones

Smoking is one of the major causes of death in humans; it is growing to be the leading and apparently affecting mankind and environment with the passive chemical components in it. Smoking kills thousands of men and women worldwid. Still, only a few people are aware of the dangerous side effects and what are the measures to control it.

One of the biggest concerns is the poor health condition of non-smokers due to inhalation of impure air around themselves. The second-hand smokes are creating new threats; constant exposure to harmful chemicals can end in chronic disease, heart problems, and reduced bodily function. We immediately need an air purification solution for improving air quality and achieving a better environmental condition in indoor and outdoor.

Keep Air Clean with Nano-Photocatalytic Air Purification Method

Many people are turning to effective air purification methodology to cleanse the toxic chemicals in the no-smoking areas of home and office. However, the devices do practically nothing no matter where they are placed or how often they run. So, you need to include nano-photocatalytic air purification coating to remove harsh gaseous pollutants from the indoor environment.

Nano PCO technology is a next generation air purification technology, which can purify air pollutions caused by more than 85% harmful gases kinds in our life such as car exhausts NOx, formaldehyde, benzene, VOCs. In the presence of sunlight, a photochemical reaction happens with nanophotocatalyst as a catalyst. The reaction produces holes (h+) electron (e-) pairs, which react with organic pollutant and harmful gases molecular and produces long time results. You might have heard about Einstein’s photoelectric effect, this reaction utilizes the same concept but at an advance level. There is no more pollution in the whole purification process, the pollutant is not just collected or filtered, and it is decomposed.

We are now able to convert complex and toxic organic substances (i.e., formaldehyde) to a simple and safe inorganic substance (i.e., water and carbon dioxide) only with the power of light, which shows up a big picture of the greener future.

Application in No Smoking Zone

Nano PCO technology is highly responsive to the smoking problem arising today.

  • You can easily apply the air purification process in public places and smoking areas, the coating with absorb the chemical component and break in the organic and healthy substrate.
  • The nano PC air purification coating is extremely important in offices and cabins, where non-smokers are mostly affected by passive cigarette chemicals. It will help the indoor keep clean and fresh by killing all the disease causing components.
  • • Moreover, the best of its usage you can find at home. If you are one of those passive smokers who cannot leave smoking just for the sake of environmental concern, then least you can coat the indoor with nano PCO technology enabled air purification coating. This coating will keep your loved ones safe from hazardous cigarette chemicals and remove bad odor liberated through paints, wooden furniture, wall paint, and others. Know when your home needs an air purification here

Other methods of air purification you can try on are – use air purifiers, keep the area ventilated, open the windows, get rid of cigarette smell with sprays. However, all of these solutions are always not reliable and safe. You need to trust something that will give a hundred percent sure and long term effects. Like the nano photocatalytic air purification method.


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