Public Toilets – Where You Need Odor Elimination Technique Most!

We often come across several locations at home and office where odor elimination technique is an essential thing. Any stale or pungent odor can evoke for poor indoor condition and serious health hazards. But, we never give attention to the toilets around us that are used publically for a continuous period of time.

A public toilet is a serious concern for environment pollution that is often overlooked and ignored. Ammonia gas, mostly liberated from toilets is liberated directly in the air causing environmental pollution, and other disease causing organism. Public toilets are cleaned and disinfected, but the right measures are taken correctly to remove the odor. That’s wh it is extremely important to switch to an advanced odor elimination system that can deodorize the air without causing pollution.

Nano-Photocatalytic Odor Elimination

The nano-photocatalytic odor elimination is a brand new technology for deodorizing public toilets and other areas. You can use it anywhere and everywhere, safely and lightly. We don’t need to use room spray or disinfectant to clean the bad smell of ammonia from natural organic waste, and worry about its abandoning process or worry about ozone layer depletion and dangerous environmental effect. Nanotechnology based odor elimination can effectively decompose the stink directly into the molecular level and convert them into a harmless inorganic substance like carbon dioxide and water. Some of its special features are mentioned here; you can click and read.

How it Works

The nano-photocatalytic odor elimination process is a safe and environment friendly reaction, in which it itself works as a catalyst. The ammonia gas and photocatalytic reacts in the presence of sunlight and nano-particles to break the components into environment friendly substance. The process goes on for longtime, as it is sunlight based, so there is no stress about repainting or replacement or anything in between to cost you in the future. Once applied, the chain reaction keeps on cleaning the negative components to keep your toilets fresh and healthy for long. It not only effects the odor but also purify the harmful gas to keep the environment safe for human, to know to click here.

What are the benefits?

Nanotechnology developed odor elimination technique is extremely powerful and safe. There are several other benefits that are commonly unknown to people, these are –

  • Keeps your home fresh and lively with good odor.
  • Extremely effective and long lasting against pet odors and garbage in daily life
  • .

  • Finds a wide array of application. You can use it low cost garbage recycle centre or pump room odor control system setup.
  • Public Toilets in school, hospital, and other public places can take benefit of it.
  • Apply for odor elimination in plastic factories, biotech industry, and leather manufacturing units.
  • Also applicable in confined and critical areas such as semiconductor manufacture factory, space station
  • Easy and effective to a diversified range of applications
  • Helps in making advanced deodorizing products such as nano-odor elimination technique can remove pet odors from t-shirts and pet appliances.

How to get it ordered for you?

Log on to our website and speak with our experts about your problem. We provide odor elimination for private and public areas. You can find a more eco-friendly solution from us, that are completely based on nanotechnology and photocatalyst. Get complete details by visiting the website.


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