Reduce Your Chances of Cancer – Nano-Photocatalytic Odor Elimination Technique

Each year, more than 4 million people die prematurely due to indoor air pollution. Around 27% of them died due to pneumonia, 18% from stroke, 20% from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and 8% from lung cancer. The picture gives an explicit knowledge about the rising concern of passive smoke inside home and is particularly dangerous for children. It needs to be treated instantaneously before poor indoor air quality becomes a significant cause of carcinogens inside the house.

How are the carcinogens spread inside the home?

The volatile organic compound, or say VOC, is one of the significant cancer-causing agents for indoor. A person exposed to VOCs for long hours is believed to be at higher cancer than any outdoor pollutants in the air. VOC is easily noticeable in paints, furniture, household articles, cleaning agents, and many more. All these items smell differently due to the presence of certain inorganic aromatic compounds, such as benzene, formaldehyde, naphthalene, chloroform, and more. These compounds are considered by many authorities to be proven or probable human cancer, causing air pollutants in indoor air. Therefore, you need to find an air-purifying solution or odor elimination technique that can uproot the reasons and leave long-lasting results.

What is the best possible solution to indoor air pollution?

To fight cancer-causing agents, you need to keep your home clean from inside. Apart from that, take care of the eco-friendliness to save the environment from its harmful effects.

You can opt for a nano-photocatalytic odor elimination technique to remove all organic and inorganic pollutants from the indoor air. As the name suggests, the nano-photocatalytic coating is a combination of nanotechnology with a photocatalytic oxidation reaction. In the presence of nano-particles, a photocatalytic oxidation reaction occurs between the surface and the indoor air pollutants. It attacks bacteria, germs, and other disease-causing microorganisms at their cellular level, destroying their endotoxin to inhibit further regeneration. It also controls and purifies the volatile organic compounds in the air at the molecular level, such as carbon dioxide and water, so that no air pollutants affect the indoor.

Here are some of the best features of nano-photocatalytic air cleaning procedure –

  • Odor elimination
  • Highly active and durable for organic odor removal
  • Easy to apply in most diversified surfaces
  • Decompose odor at the molecular level. No absorption and covering required
  • Long-time performance due to catalytic oxidation reaction
  • Purifies indoor air quality. Removes harmful gases to keep the environment safe for humans.
  • Eliminate odor and microbial risk
  • Mineralize toxic gases in hydrogen oxide and carbon dioxide
  • Eco-friendly and harmless
  • Effective against all chemical and biological odor sources.

Where to find the nano-photocatalytic odor elimination technique?

TiPE introduces Nano-photocatalytic odor elimination: a trusted and certified manufacturer of nanotechnology-based air cleaning and purifying solution. Ensure the safest product, best price, and a hundred freedom from disease-causing organisms in your home or office with the application of the nano-photocatalytic coating.

Bottom Line

Take care of your indoor and outdoor health. Safeguard your home from cancer-causing pollutants with the help of advanced technologies, before it becomes too late to recover. To talk with experts about it, you can call +86-(21)-6363-4152, or drop an email to

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