Self Cleaning Solar Panelexpertise with responsibility

Nano-Photocatalytic Self Cleaning Solar Panels

Gone are those days, when the self-cleaning property was considered a myth. Today, solar panels can clean them automatically without the need for any manual help. Thanks to the advancement of Nanoparticles and photochemical processes that gave us the Self Cleaning Solar Panels.

Protect solar panels from rain, dust, and other environmental damages by applying a coat of nano-photocatalytic coating. Increase the performance, longevity, and newness of the panels with the help of state-of-the-art technology. Nanoparticles have changed the face of technology in the world. It has completely revolutionized the way we use to deal with environment polluting matters, or factors that affect the performance and lifespan of the product. The nanoparticles work in closely with the pollutant and dirt, so that it decomposes it from root and reduces the chances of reappearance. The photocatalytic oxidation reaction breaks the pollutants or microorganism on the surface with the help of sunlight and nano-particles as catalyst. The results are so impressive that it creates a protective layer. The anti-static properties and super-hydrophilic nature cannot let the water or dust stay on it. The self-cleaning property reduces the maintenance cost and increases the lifespan of the solar panel. In addition to that, self-cleaning coating increases the energy output of the solar panels by keeping the surface clean and reduce the module surface temperature.

You can witness air purification, anti-microbial, NOx removal and odor-controlling, developed on nano-particles and photocatalytic oxidation reaction after getting a Self Cleaning Solar Panel. It’s safe, reliable and cost-effective step towards controlling pollutants that results global warming. Our high-quality nano TiO2 slurry and coating material offer excellent dispersity, extreme high SSA and superfine crystalline structure. The particle size can be customized, depending on the demand of solar cell producing unit, whether it is for laboratory or industry manufacturing large-scale of self-cleaning solar panels for commercial purpose. You need to understand the requirement and get the self-cleaning solar panels for you.


  • Improvement in self-cleaning and hydrophilic nature of solar panels
  • Form a semiconductor layer on Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell
  • Best for Perovskite solar cell. Apply to form a semiconductor layer


  • Self-cleaning, dust and water resistance
  • Anti-dust and super-hydrophilicity
  • Highly dispersed nano TiO2 slurry
  • Monodispersed nano TiO2 water-based sol
  • The crystalline structure of 5-20nm of range
  • Customizable particle size
  • Higher SSA, 160-240 m2/g
  • Contains 30-70% of porosity
  • Compatible with almost all solvent system
  • Better surface absorption capacity
  • Low-temperature curing
  • Safe, Reliable and harmless
  • Eco-friendly, cause no extra pollution


  • Self-cleaning property reduces accumulation of water or dust on the surface
  • Better power generation and lesser maintenance cost
  • Super hydrophilic property acts as an anti-dust, anti-germ and anti-microbe. Reduces the module temperature too
  • 200% SSA increment, favorable for commercialized sectors
  • Low-temperature curing gives a better scope for innovation
  • No surfactant system reduces the chances of any side effects from chemical agent
  • Reduces pollutants that cause global warming
  • Environment-friendly and safe to apply.