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Inside-Out Solar Panels Solution

We provide innovative high quality nano TiO2 Slurry and Coating material, which have excellent dispersity, extreme high SSA and super-fine crystal structure. The partilce size and sharp can be also customized to fit diversified demands of solar cell producing, whatever in lab or industrial scale. In addition, self-cleaning coating could increase the energy output of the solar panels by keep surface clean and reduce modules surface temperature. Multi-innovated feature bring more possibility to the solar panel industry, in R&D and industrialization.


  • 200% SSA increasement to commercialized competitor products
  • Low temperature curing bring more choice to the process innovation (e.g. pre-mixing dye and TiO2)
  • No surfactant system, reduce the side-effect from other chemcial agent maximumly
  • Bigger SSA and high porisity provdie better dye absorption, bigger absorption capacity
  • Doping technology change the gap of TiO2, improving performance and reducing dye degradation speed
  • Self-cleaning function reduce the maintenance cost and increase power generated
  • Super-hydrophilic feature help reduce the module temperature


  • Self-cleaning & super-hydrophilic coating on Solar Panels
  • Semiconductor layer of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell - DSSC
  • Semiconductor layer of Perovskite Solar Cell


  • Self-cleaning and super-hydrophilic
  • Highly dispersed nano TiO2 slurry
  • Monodispersed nano TiO2 water-based sol
  • Compatible with almost all sovlent system
  • 5-20nm adjustable crystal size
  • Adjustable partilce form
  • Nanotube available
  • Higher SSA , 160-240 m2/g
  • Higher porisity available, 30-70%
  • Better dye absorption, bigger absorption capacity
  • Doping technology , reduce degradation of dye
  • Low temperature curing (even room temperature)
  • Safety, no extra pollution, environment friendly and harmless