Synopsis of Cross-Infection: Find the Best Way to Control It!

Have you ever heard of the cross-infection? If no, it is important that you get a basic understanding of what it is all about!

You must have seen doctors being obsessed with washing their hands or have observed that hospitals are always kept sterile. Do you know why it is so crucial? This is done to prevent the communication of infections from patients!

Cross infection is a medical term that is defined when harmful microorganisms, such as germs, viruses, and bacteria, physically transfer from a patient to another or within the body through various mediums, including medical tools and equipment. The transmission can also have been through any contaminated object that has been touched due to the improper maintenance of hygiene and not following the regular regulations disinfection in the hospital or any public place. The worst part is that such infections can be responsible for delaying the healing process of wounds that can lead to adverse conditions and serious complications.

This is obviously not ignorable. So what is the best way by which you can control cross-infection?

Cross Infection Control with Nano-Photocatalytic Coating

The best thing that can be used to prevent the transmission of these harmful germs and microorganisms in those infection-prone areas or equipment is the utilization of cross-infection control coating.

With the amazing advantages of nanoparticles and photocatalytic oxidation reaction, TiPE has developed an amazing antimicrobial coating that is incredibly effective in reducing the spread of cross-infection in any place. The coating comprises the best and most advantageous properties of nanoparticles with sunlight as well as photochemical oxidation that are crucial to break the microorganisms at the initial stage. Photocatalysts can help to completely remove and destroy the virus, not just killing them so that there will be no chances of regrowth.

All that is needed to be done is paint the walls as well as medical equipment with the cross-infection control coating. This way, there will be no further expansion and multiplicity of disease-causing microorganisms. The performance of the coating lasts impressively long as the process happens with the help of sunlight. Besides this, you do not have to look after it as it does not demand any regular maintenance or repainting.

Meanwhile, it is also important to consider that nano-photocatalytic coating is effective for odor elimination in indoor spaces and reduces the chances of various respiratory disorders.

The conclusion –

Cross-infection is a term that describes the transmission of disease-causing germs and bacterias from one object or person to another. This is the reason why it is important to control cross-infection.

TiPE offers the best solution that helps to restrict the growth of infections and germs in hygiene-critical environments such as hospitals and other public places.

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