SBS Is The Health Issue You Are Looking If You Feel Breathless In Office

VOCs are now common knowledge and most people are actively trying to avoid products with VOC these days. They are responsible for several health issues, ranging from mild respiratory irritation to serious ailments like cancer. One of the major health adversities most office goers face is the sick building syndrome. So, what do you know about the Sick Building Syndrome? Let’s walk through it together to understand it better and how VOCs air purification plays an important role in solving it.

What is Sick Building Syndrome or SBS?

As it seems from the name it is a medical condition related to a building which has sick occupants for some reason. As per the UN National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health, “The sick building syndrome (SBS) is used to describe a situation in which the occupants of a building experience acute health- or comfort-related effects that seem to be linked directly to the time spent in the building. No specific illness or cause can be identified. The complainants may be localized in a particular room or zone or may be widespread throughout the building.” If you feel breathless in your office building for no reason, SBS could be a reason behind that. From poor ventilation to presence of VOC, the reason can be many, but you need to figure it out soon.

What are the symptoms?

Though there can be different symptoms, here are some common symptoms linked with SBS.

  • Itchy, irritated, dry or watery eyes
  • Nasal congestion
  • Throat soreness or tightness
  • Dry, itchy skin or unexplained rashes
  • Headache, lethargy, or difficulty concentrating.

Poor ventilation, high temperature, high humidity, sealed windows along with the conventional paints, coatings, and furnishings add up to the SBS.

What are the causes?

SBS is growingly becoming a major health issue among the office workers. There are several adverse health effects that can have a long-term impact on the affected. Here are some common causes of SBS.

Poor ventilation can be attributed as one of the major reasons behind SBS. The energy crisis lead to the reduction of ventilation is office which lead to use of sealed windows and hence, inadequate ventilation. Striking the right balance between installed HVAC systems and outdoor ventilation is the right way to go ahead.

Chemical contaminants from sources like paint, air fresheners, manufactured wood products, photocopy machine, etc.., are also a major reason behind SBS. The VOCs released from these indoor materials has to be dealt with as soon as possible to make the office space suitable for productive work. VOCs air purification is the way to go in such a situation.

Not just indoors, but the outdoor contaminants are also an issue. Polluted outdoor air that comes in has a lot of potential to make you sick. For instance, the air from the smoking zone in some office buildings, if enters the office space, can contribute a lot to the building’s health condition.

Sick building syndrome is a serious issue and it is making things uncomfortable for various office workers. The productivity is going down due to the lack of concentration which can be directly contributed to SBS. VOCs air purification is just one way to stay clear of such a problem. You can try and make your office a comfortable space with better ventilation and awareness.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality With Us

Air pollution is a major issue in several places. From small cities to big metropolises, everyone has their own problem with air pollution. In addition to the hazardous air pollution outside, the indoors are also becoming a dangerous place with components like VOC and lead lurking around. In all these, air purification is a prime concern that one shouldn’t ignore in any case.

Improving the overall air quality worldwide might not be in your hand alone, but making the indoor air quality better is definitely a task you should take up. It is all about taking the responsibility and working towards making the indoors livable. Indoor air purification needs just adding a few habits to your daily chores and utilizing modern technology to do the rest. Here are few tips to improve the indoor air quality.

· Freshen up your floors: Floors and walls are the places which have the potential of accumulating the most harmful components. Chemicals and allergens have the affinity to stick to your floors and walls. Use a powerful vacuum cleaner to suck all the dirt from the floor and carpets. Make sure the upholstery and walls are also cleaned well.

· Check the humidity:Humid conditions are the foster grounds of mites and molds. Keeping the humidity under check, i.e. around 30-50%, keeps the growth of allergens under control. Invest in a good dehumidifier and use air conditioners in summer to ensure the moisture is under control every time. In case there are any leaky plumbing, fix them as soon as possible to inhibit the growth of mold.

· Avoid cigarettes: Everyone knows the ill impacts of the vice. However, in case you are under the habit and are finding it tough to quit, the least you can do is take the smoke outside. Make your home a “No Smoking” area with immediate effect. Researchers believe second hand cigarette smoke to be the primary reason for indoor air pollution. More than 4000 chemicals are present in cigarette smoke and you won’t like if that dominates your house. Find a way to quit smoking for the better.

· Try switching to natural fresheners: Many air fresheners contain VOCs that deteriorate the air quality indoors. Switching to a healthier and more natural option is the best option to reduce the VOC in your indoor air. VOC air purification is a key step in keeping your indoor air quality sustainable for a longer time.

You can fall back on nanotechnology any time to make sure you have the best indoor air quality at all times. For instance, our air purification technique keeps VOCs under control and makes your air smell nice at the same time. Check out for alternatives before it’s too late.