Three Ingenious Ways to Use Antimicrobial Coating in Hotels

Maintaining a clean and bacteria-free environment is extremely important in the hospitality industry. Anyone traveling away from home for business or leisure always searches for a clean and comfortable place to live. If that turns into a dirty hotel room that makes the guest feel that why hadn’t they had their disinfectant in the bag. Then, it’s not surprising that the hotel needs nano-photocatalytic technology developed antimicrobial coating to keep the hotel rooms and community spaces clean and inhibit the growth of microbes there.

Antimicrobial Coating or nano VLR modified photocatalyst anti-microbial coating offers an amazing solution to bacterial disinfection, microbial growth, and viral spread and UV protection. The layer is highly effective in destroying the microbes in their native state.

Benefits of Antimicrobial coating

The antimicrobial coating is highly effective against the growth of germs, bacteria, and microbes in a critical hygiene environment. It develops from nanoparticles with photocatalytic oxidation reactions. In the presence of sunlight, a photocatalytic oxidation reaction breaks the germs and virus in their larval stage, which makes it difficult for them to regrow and spread again. It acts as a disinfecting layer on the surface of a wall, railings, kitchen, household things, decorating items, and much more.

Give your guest the best environment applying a clear coating of antimicrobial coating on everything that is hygiene sensitive. Let’s give you an idea of how to use an antimicrobial coating in a hotel.

Three ways to use an antimicrobial coating in your hotel

• Disinfectant

Hotel surfaces and its high traffic areas are vulnerable to bacteria, mold, and mildew growth. Keeping hotel areas and community spaces clean is a huge responsibility for every hotel owner, as 77% of business and leisure travelers value the indoor quality of the room in determining their preferences. The standard nano-photocatalyst VLR antimicrobial coating has an excellent anti-microbial and anti-allergen property. It can fight against the growth of destructive and odor-causing microbes. Once applied, the antimicrobial coating will make it almost impossible for germs and other pathogens ton hold on to their surfaces and thus lock them from transmitted from one surface to another.

• Deodorizer

Kitchens and bathrooms are highly susceptible to the spread of germs and bacteria in the air. The bathroom has seen to be the breeding ground of bacteria in the hotels, as a study confirmed at the American Journal of Infection Control. Kitchens are mostly unhygienic due to the constant exposure to oil, spices, and microbes in the air. So, it’s sincerely necessary to apply the odor control coating for deodorizing the hotel interior. The coating breaks the endotoxin of the germs and bacteria in the air. It decomposes the harmful stink directly into harmless inorganic substances such as Carbon Dioxide and water. The nano-photocatalytic oxidation reaction is useful for most types of odors.

• Environment safety

Growth and multiplicity in the hospitality industry make it essential to implement eco-friendly techniques for keeping the indoor air clean and fresh. The Nanotechnology-based photocatalytic oxidation antimicrobial coating serves as a boon to them. It allows hotel owners to ensure a pleasant experience for every guest. Reach a maximum number of customers and grow your market share in return, applying a fresh coat of antimicrobial coating. Forget about the products and services used for cleanliness purposes in hotel rooms. Seek for efficient cleaning and disinfecting technique that directly addresses the issue without causing any effect on the environment.

Bottom Line

A dirty hotel room plays a negative impact on traveler loyalty. So, if you want your customers to share a pleasurable experience, then protect their staying applying a fresh coat of antimicrobial coating on everything.

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Why Application of Antimicrobial Coating is a Must Thing for Livestock?

Nowadays, the livestock industry is growing at a faster rate. People are looking for more and more animal products in stores, as animal-based products are high in protein and carbohydrate levels. The demand for meat and milk products is expected to increase further in recent years. This means, if you are involved with animal husbandry, poultry, or any other animal-based business, you have taken special care of their food, living, and health.

Life of animals and birds in livestock

According to calculated data, a number of poultry animals and birds regularly die of serious health problems and malnutrition. Mostly affected by the germs, bacteria, and fungus that grows on their body and slowly becomes a scavenger threatening to their life, ultimately. It has become crucial to take some initiatives and control the effects of microbes and germs in the farms and poultry, like an antimicrobial coating on the walls.

Yes, you heard it right. Antimicrobial Coating developed on nanoparticles, and photocatalytic reaction can be the best thing you can do to prevent animal death due to microbial infections, germ attack, and other serious diseases. Whether your farm animals are living in a close area or open, application of nanotechnology improved coating can offer proven protection and safety from pathogen by controlling their unwanted growth in animal livestock.

Antimicrobial Coating in Livestock Industry

Benefits – An antimicrobial coating is the safest, long-lasting, and advanced method of disinfecting your poultry and farm area from harmful effects of germs, bacteria, and virus. There is a nano VLR modified photocatalyst which has an amazing effect on killing almost all kinds of bacteria, viruses and their mutants such as MRSA, SARS, H5N1, etc.,

Functionality – Let’s have an idea about how it works. The nano-photocatalytic antimicrobial coating features silver nanoparticles. The silver particles in antimicrobial coatings form a silver oxide layer on the outer surface, which has the ability to attack the microbial cells, penetrate inside the cells, ROS and free radical generation and modulation of the microbial signal which is the most prominent mode of antimicrobial action.

Process – When the photocatalytic reaction takes place in the presence of these silver nanoparticles, the silver particles deactivates the physiological and reproductive function of the pathogens, which is the basis for multiplicity and growth in pathogens. The photocatalytic reaction decomposes the bacteria, virus and their body and endotoxin. Meanwhile, the deodorizing actionwipes indoor allergies to reduce the incidences of any respiratory diseases.

Bottom Line

If you wish your animals remain safe and grow in a healthy environment, feel free to apply an antimicrobial coating in your farm, poultry, or livestock. An antimicrobial coating has all the efficiency. Nanotechnology has already transformed the way people use to care and protect the environment. You can also contribute and be a part of it. Choose the safest, effective, and cost-effective technique to do animal husbandry. You can also use this coating on medical appliances, transports, automobiles, home accessory, wall, equipment and more. Read and know all about antimicrobial coating and pathogens.

Is Your Gym Equipment Safe to Use – Does an Antimicrobial Coating Can Work?

Gyming has become an essential habit for today’s generation, more than half a population rushes to the gym every day for burning calories. Sweating in gym keeps can create the breeding ground for germs and bacteria, as well. Since many people use the same gym equipment every day and germs from one body to another is easy to transfer.

The answer to the QuestionM

According to researchers conducted by EmLab & PK on behalf of FitRated (a website that compares rates of different kinds of gyming equipment), your treadmill, exercise bike and free weighs are primary sources of germ transfer.

The free weigh carries an average number of 1,158,381 CFU which is equal to 362 times more bacteria than an average toilet seat. The treadmill and exercise bike performs a bit better than the microbial indexing, with average 1,333,432 CFU and 1,333,417 CFU respectively. In general terms, a treadmill is 74 times more contaminated than a regular faucet.

Speaking about the exercise bike, it contains 39 times more bacteria than a regular cafeteria tray. More studies are conducted to confirm the impact of these bacteria on the health of the people. The result shows 70 percent harmful influence on human health. So, the data give a clear indication about unhealthy a gym session can be.

So, what can you do?

The facts mentioned above give a clear indication of how unhygienic gym equipment, gym space could be for the people. If you are a gym owner and want your gym welcoming for people, then freeing all equipment from germs is one of the most accessible techniques. For that, a nano-photo technology based antimicrobial coating can work wonder.

Application of Antimicrobial Coating on Gym Equipment

A nano VLR modified photocatalyst based antimicrobial coating has a terrific effect on killing almost all kinds of bacteria and virus including their mutants such as MRSA, SARS, H5N1, etc. It contains photocatalyst component that can thoroughly decompose bacteria, virus and their body and endotoxin. Applying a coat of antimicrobial coating destroys then germs and bacteria on the surface of the gym equipment. And, if you will use on the indoor walls, then it helps in air purification by reducing the chances of any respiratory disease.

Potential Features of Antimicrobial coating

  • An antimicrobial coating serves a protective layer against the environmental pollutants, germs, bacteria, and viruses. It hinders the transfer the pathogens from one body to another, which is a significant cause of infection.
  • The antimicrobial coating serves on a targeted level. When applied to specific equipment or place, the coating protects from several unknown contaminants.
  • Antimicrobial Coatings are robust and long-lasting. The coating stays for long, no matter what physical changes occurs outside. This gives you complete safety and peace of mind from microbial attack, leaving a healthy and safe place for gyming sessions.
  • Antimicrobial Coating is strong on germs and bacteria. This coating not only kills the virus, but it also decomposes the endotoxin to avoid the chances of regrowth or rebirth.
  • Antimicrobial Coating is safe and harmless to the human body. VOC is one of the primary constituent present in paints these days, which is harmful and a threat to the environment. The photocatalytic property present in antimicrobial coating leaves no extra pollution behind, giving an environment-friendly substitute to regular paints.

How to find the best antimicrobial coating for you?

At TiPE, you can find a variety of antimicrobial, anti-pollution, and environment-friendly based product to disinfect, clean and purify your things. We believe in using on using natural resources with advanced technology to remove bacteria, germs, and pollutants from the environment. Nano Technology based Antimicrobial coating is one of them. You can know about antimicrobial coating is a must do for public transport here.

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Antimicrobial Coating: A Must-Do for Public Transports

Did you know the disgusting truth of germs and infections in public transportation we use every day, worldwide? An international consortium of scientists and volunteers led by researchers in America found a devastating amount of infectious and harmful bacteria in city’s public transport. This means, there is potential to find new ways to control disease outbreaks and monitor bioterrorism.

What is the best way then applying an antimicrobial coating on bus, train, car and other public transportations? An antimicrobial coating provides an ideal solution from germs and microbial infection, because it feature advanced nano-phototechnology that kills microbes at elementary level. Let’s have a quick look –

Antimicrobial coating provides lasting protection against microbes

Scientifically proven antimicrobial coatings will provide long lasting and effective protection against harmful bacteria, ultimately leaving you with bacteria-free vehicles that are friendly to the environment. Antimicrobial and antiviral treatment is nano VLR modified photocatalyst which has an amazing effect on killing almost all kinds of bacteria and virus included their mutants such as MRSA, SARS, H5N1. You can have complete peace of mind from microbes, pollutants such as VOC and their health effects.

Antimicrobial coating is durable and last for longer

Once added to public transportation antimicrobial solution, the coating provides long term results that does not removes easily or affect the final finish. The coating can decompose bacteria thoroughly bacteria, virus and their body and endotoxin. The photocatalyst can completely destroy the bacteria and virus directly, not just killing them, therefore it won’t lose its effect because of the bacterial body accumulation on the surface. Overall, vehicles can run without causing threat to people and livelihood.

Antimicrobial Coating is cost effective

Antimicrobial coating is easy to apply and cost effective, as compared to decorative paints and coatings. Antimicrobial coating is made with proprietary nano-phototechnology that kills germs without costing any charge for external fuel or source. The coating keeps on working without investing much and regular maintenance work. This allows vehicle owners to offer constant microorganism protection without even breaking the bank.

Antimicrobial coating is growing rapidly

Protection against microbial infection has become an integral part of public communities and public transportation. Slowly, the need for antimicrobial coating has become a mandatory thing. The demand is constantly rising and there is no sign of downfall for any specific reason. The growing concern for cleanliness in various environments has led to the continued rapid growth of this industry. Building within hygiene critical environment such as hospitals, schools, care homes and food production facilities are known to be the primary customers. This in combination with growing concern for pollutants gives new ways for antimicrobial technology and solutions for the public.

Antimicrobial coating are sold by some of the leading manufacturers only

Antimicrobial coatings are trusted by millions of people in the world and available for some of the most critical environments only. Only a few of manufacturers are known around, and TiPE is among top of them because of unique photocatalyst feature. We are the leading producer of innovative environment solution to protect vehicles, building and others to bless humans with a pollution free environment.

If you are searching for an effective and targeted solution to everyday pollutants and germs, put a coat of TiPE antimicrobial coating on your vehicles and buildings. We can provide advanced paints or coatings to free vehicles from harmful effects of microbes and pollutants.

Always choose the best for transports, your single contributions to environment saves thousands of life and people. Have in doubt in mind, feel free to consult and speak to experts working with TiPE.