Cleaning & Disinfecting is Essential for Medical Equipment!

Healthcare industry is continuously tasked with improvement in patient’s health and well-being in hospitals. Whether it’s through innovative medical facilities or complementary hygienic environment, they give greater attention to every detail.

According to recent survey done by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost 20 US patients acquired infections during hospital stays. Pathogen that causes healthcare associated infections is creating a challenge for hospitals, with respect to clinical treatments of patients and cross-transmission of pathogenic bacteria from one patient to another. Patients are dying more due to HAIs, rather than cancer, AIDS, accidents and any other reasons. This has led an increased interest in antimicrobial coating of reusable medical devices that are continuously in contact with patient.

Antimicrobial Coatings are featured with amazing benefits, you already know. It inhibits the growth of germs and bacteria on various surfaces, as well as pathogens. They have the potential to meaningfully lower the environmental impact of cleaning in a medical setting, where scores of different chemicals are used for a variety of purposes. If the surfaces are coated with this, it could reduce the amount of cleaning time, and therefore cost, which is essential to maintain facilities.

Medical devices are mostly used in hygiene critical environment. As a result, healthcare industry professionals look for antimicrobial coatings compatible to hygiene critical environment, biostable, and non-toxic and meet FDA standards. TiPE’s antimicrobial coating features nano VLR modified photocatalyst motivated coating with anti-bacterial and environment protection property. Safety, no extra pollution, environment friendly and harmless to human beings is best identifiable features.

Outpatients mostly use reusable medical devices for various reasons, like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), special nutrition problems, and the need for dialyses and wound suction. The mechanical devices are mostly accompanied with patients, both to and fro from the medical institutions such as ventilators, different infusions, different positive air-pressure equipment, wound suction system and many more. The devices than comes into contact with air-borne microbes and pathogens which can harm the patients as well as fellow members in the hospitals. Microbes can even contaminate the internal of the devices, causing a risk to patient’s health and hygiene. And, to reduce the burden of microbe cleanliness and antimicrobial coating is best solution.

Antimicrobial medical device coatings are developed with improved nanotechnology for anti-bacterial and anti-viral treatments. It utilizes nano VLR modified photocatalyst has amazing effect on killing almost all kinds of bacteria and virus included their mutants such as MRSA, SARS, H5N1 etc. The treatment thoroughly decomposes the pathogens at ground level, not just by killing, so the equipment is safe and protected for long. The photocatalyst also wipes out the indoor allergic agent to reduce chances of respiratory disease. It can also eliminate bad odor and keep the area fresh and clean. High-performance and ever-lasting effects are assured with every antimicrobial coating.

Hospitals are great breeding grounds for infections, where cleaning and disinfecting is extremely important for medical equipments. You can get antimicrobial coating services for all medical devices in your hospital.

TiPE has got some of the best results yet from different customers in USA and abroad. You can trust our product and services for disinfecting any medical equipment. Contact for any services!

The Need for Antimicrobial Coating at Hygiene Critical Environment

Places like hospitals, schools, hotels, taxis, and home are exposed mostly to pathogens and other microbes. The need for a scientifically proven antimicrobial technology that comes with lasting and adequate protection against harmful bacteria, fungi, and viruses is a must for them. Which is why; several leading brands turned to produce professional and reliable solutions to ward off the problems in a responsible way. One such invention was TiPE antimicrobial coating.

The Best Antimicrobial Coatings

TIPE’s has an Anti-bacterial and anti-viral treatment designed on nano VLR modified photocatalyst which can treat and protect any critical hygiene environment from bacteria and virus. This antimicrobial coating is uniquely engineered and features fantastic capabilities. It can inhibit the growth of germs on a variety of surfaces including their mutants such as MRSA, SARS, H5N1, etc., throughout their lifetime.

The Science behind it

Photocatalytic reaction and nanotechnology motivate TIPE’s antimicrobial surface coating. It can thoroughly decompose bacteria, virus and their body and endotoxin due to the photocatalytic reaction. The photocatalyst helps in complete destruction and elimination of disease-causing bacteria and viruses directly. Advanced nanotechnology kills the bacteria at the molecular level, and stops regeneration of it with the silver antimicrobial process. Meanwhile, photocatalyst process destroys pungent smoke and smell, and wipe out the indoor pathogens that cause allergies and other respiratory problems.

The Potential Perks of adding an antimicrobial coating

  • Stops the spread of pathogens to a broad spectrum.
  • Has the potential lower the environmental impact.
  • Keeps the inside air fresh and allergy free
  • Lasts longer, unlike other antimicrobial treatments
  • Control and restrain outspread of mold and fungus
  • No need to reuse frequently, thereby, reducing cleaning time and unnecessary maintenance expenses.
    • Use of Anti-microbial coating

      Antimicrobial coating is applied to the wall, counters, doors, handles, and other high areas. In hospitals, medical equipment and objects can use this coating to avoid corrosion, material degradation, odor and other surface problems. Some painters even apply them to paint layers to inhibit growth pathogens in those areas. Once infused into the paint or coatings, its silver antimicrobial additive will protect against the harmful bacteria without causing any discoloration or bad dour. In some facilities, this antimicrobial coating can be sprayed with carpeting, textiles, gloves, and masks also.

      TIPE’s antimicrobial surface coating with nano VLR modified photocatalyst technology gives an ideal option to keep your hospitals, schools, care homes and other areas clean and safe. So, next time when you are up for beset microbial protection, get your surface and tools painted from us.

The growing demand of antimicrobial coating

The demand for antimicrobial coatings is growing rapidly and rightfully so! There are several benefits of getting these coatings to work in an environment of potentially dangerous microbes. The key term to notice here is potentially dangerous, which shouldn’t be confused with certainly dangerous. When we say potentially dangerous areas having microbes, we mean places like hospital products, and maybe some commonly used things like a spoon or even a keyboard.

Why are these coatings so popular?

Today, the industry of antimicrobial coatings is considered a billion-dollar industry and healthcare sector has the largest demand. There is a significant cash flow towards the research and development of antimicrobial coatings. So, what makes them so special? Here are some benefits of the antimicrobial coatings that make them an in-demand product today.

Antimicrobial coatings help to stop the growth of pathogens which have the potential to harm many things around them. These coatings are easy to use and are as effective as possible.

Since the antimicrobial coatings we provide are based on nanotechnology, they have a lower impact on the environment. On the other hand, the chemical disinfectants generally used have serious implications for the environment.

If the surface it is applied to doesn’t need a thorough cleaning every now and then, the cleaning time and cost are reduced considerably.

The benefits in healthcare sector

As mentioned earlier, the healthcare sector is one of the largest users of the antimicrobial coating. Are you wondering about the reason behind it? Well, to understand that, we need to look at the most common areas where the coatings are applied. Antimicrobial coatings are generally applied to counters, walls, door handles, and other areas that involve a lot of touches. Coming back to the medical sector, there are several areas which involve a lot of touching. In addition to that, there are microbes lurking in the air. To keep everything safe for the patient, regular cleaning of the medical facilities is a necessity. Considering the amount of time and money the antimicrobial coatings save while being equally effective, the healthcare sector is not shying away from it. The environmental impact of cleaning medical facilities is way too high and the use of the powerful antimicrobial coatings reduces it significantly.

At the TitanPE Technologies, we use nanotechnology to build a better future. Our antimicrobial coating based on nanotechnology is the best option as of now. Place your order now to get the best of nanotechnology for your needs. Get in touch with us to know more about the antimicrobial coatings as well as nanotechnology.

Using Our Antimicrobial Coating In Medical Facilities

Medical facilities or hospitals are some of the most important institutions in our society. There are several things that should be maintained in a medical facility. But, the most important thing is cleanliness and hygiene. Maintaining a medical facility’s hygiene is no easy task. It needs a lot of manpower and time invested regularly. Our nanotechnology based antimicrobial coating is an innovation that will come to be helpful here. An innovation is as good as its practical implementation. With our innovative antimicrobial coating, hospitals and clinics can be kept clean with as little hassle as possible.

Here are some ways to use our antimicrobial coating in a medical facility for the betterment.

  • Rails: Rails are areas which are the most likely to have microbes breeding. Moreover, these are structures where everyone places their hands. This increases the chances of a microbial infection by many folds. Using our antimicrobial coating will surely help the cause of having clean rails throughout the hospital.
  • Scales and Blades: Next to rails, if there is something that can possibly have the most number of microbes, it has to be the scales and blades. They get in contact with the patient the most frequently. Using our antimicrobial coating on scales and blades is a great way of keeping them safe and sound.
  • Stretchers: Medicals are crucial junctions and things need to be rushed. This is where the stretchers play a role. They are helpful in bringing the patients and other injured ones to the facility quickly. Most of the times, there is a patient who is brought in an emergency on a stretcher. This is the major reason, they should be sterilized and a coating of antimicrobial will make it even better.
  • Beds: Beds are the most vulnerable things in a medical facility. They, at times, carry the most microbes. Patients come and go, but the beds remain the same. Cleaning of the sheets is a common thing, but the same can’t always be said about the bed. Our antimicrobial coating will help make the bed microbe-free for the longest time.

These are some areas where our antimicrobial coating can be considered a standard. These coatings can play an important role in defending epidemics in several places. Hospitals and other healthcare units like small clinics or the factory where the medical equipment is made should have the antimicrobial as a standard. This will help create the right kind of awareness around the safe invention and more people can use it. Not just hospitals, these coatings can also be used in homes at specific locations. At times when everything is modern and automatic, the antimicrobial coating is a revolutionary product that helps in ways more than one.

We are Titan PE technologies and we have some of the best solutions when it comes to the part of nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is the future and it holds the key to a greener and cleaner future. All that is needed is responsible steps to make it a healthy living standard everywhere including houses, offices, medical facilities, manufacturing units, etc..