Things to Know About Nanotechnology and Its Benefits for COVID-19

The Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) continues to block most of the operations worldwide. From manufacturing to the service sector, many domains have been affected by its adverse effect. The worst part is no vaccine or medicine has been made to prevent or cure this disease.

However, the solution could lie in nanotechnology! How? Next, we discuss the potential nanotechnological contribution to stop the spread of Coronavirus.

The possible contribution of nanotechnology to COVID-19 –

So far, no specific treatment or vaccine has been proposed for the treatment of COVID-19. Only some drugs are conventionally used that helps to improve the immune system against malaria called chloroquine.

However, the surprising characteristics of chemical compounds, especially nanodrugs, can contribute significantly to medicine and pharmacy and can also be considered a promising solution to stop the deadly outbreak of COVID-19 worldwide.

According to some reports, the nanoparticles can change their size and intensified its properties induced by the severe increase in the surface area to volume ratio. And the most interesting point is that the structure of the Coronavirus depicts similarities with the nanoparticles.

So, the idea is that the nanoscale particles can interact with or join the proteins in the peaks with the resulting disruption of the viral structure through the use of electromagnetic radiation, mainly infrared light. The resulting structural damage can suppress the virus’s ability and its genome to multiply and reproduce within a host.

Theranostics is a recently emerging area, involving virus detection and neutralization using nanodrugs and nanomedicine with a focus on diagnosis and therapy.

Accordingly, there are reports of the application of nanoparticles to combat microbes that cause influenza and tuberculosis. Nanoparticles hold the ability to intercept pathogens and viruses due to possible surface modification and functionalization. They can be modified or functionalized to dissolve the lipid membrane of viruses or even bind to spike proteins in S1 and/or penetrate the envelope and encapsulate the nucleocapsid and RNA. The nanoparticles can be modified and functionalized to attack a particular virus or rabies of viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens. With their size, the modified nanoparticles can move through the body in the bloodstream without causing problems or disrupting other functions, especially those that participate in the human immune system and can stay much longer in the body to detect viruses.

The bottom line,

At Tipe, we innovate new solutions using nanotechnology that can improve the quality of real life. Our nano science-based company is active in catalysts, bactericide, optical, and high-performance sol materials by connecting the unique competences in Nano Sciences and Materials Sciences.

We have a range of diversified products in the nano photocatalyst, developed to contribute high-quality and excellent performance to all the clients worldwide in multi-fields.

Advancing for a Healthier Living with the Nano Photocatalyst Reaction Approach!

Amidst the various countable ways for letting modern humanity struggle for a safer living, how about getting in the shoes of the tiniest form of fighters in the modern era?

Indeed, you may have guessed the word right, nanoparticles! In the wake of the pandemic of COVID-19, we are ongoing for a permanent shift in our current lifestyle for a safer one. It will not be wrong to say that nanotechnology has paced up to provide substantial benefits for COVID-19!

Meanwhile, how about exploring the core of the process that goes in for a count of the nanoparticles in the present world? Undoubtedly, the nano photocatalyst has acknowledged and flattened the griming situation with a much robust approach. Whether you are looking for a water treatment solution or that of the air purification methods, the nano photocatalyst reactions have made them all available for an accepted technology. At Tipe, you can get the best quality products for curtaining the general issues in current situations. That may be opting for an odor control solution or getting the best solution for NOx removal in the commercial levels. Scroll down to the bottom for exploring an unparalleled approach for dealing with the emerging problems in the most affordable way.

What do you mean by nano photocatalyst?

Well, let the understanding be made simpler for you! You may have heard about the different steel industries in your country, or for people who are inclined to the non-technical world, you can take the example of a nearby bakery shop! What do you think is the core element of a steel industry or a bakery shop for getting the improvisations in a broader outlook? What is that element that exists in the center in both of these cases that bridges the various stages for a functional approach?

Well, have you scribbled something related to a “furnace process” for the first one! And a “baking process” for the second one! See, you are already on the note for a quick understanding of each of the processes’ core. In the same manner, the nano photocatalyst process lies in the heart for any nanotechnology techniques, entailing the various forms. Moreover, the technology uncurtaining the reactions of the different substrates, including the microbes, bacteria, and the viruses, with the nanoparticles (as a coating), is carried under the reaction agent, which is called nano photocatalyst. On the other hand, the term nanotechnology profoundly deals with a broader outlook. Contextually, being the smallest reacting molecules, the nano photocatalyst processes are competent to deal with the various modern problems with great ease. On a technical term, that is what calls for a quantum approach for draining the existing non-functional temporary solutions for a healthy lifestyle.

Modern problems require an advanced solution!

As soon as you saw those unhygienic growths of the molds and mildews on the walls and floors of your house, you opted for getting that surface painted! Right?

In the process, you spend lavishly for getting that done, and meanwhile, in just another few weeks, you experience the same condition again! That may be quite frustrating and account for a higher maintenance cost. How about opting for the best nano photocatalyst reactions as anti-mold and mildew coating? Indeed, that is the need of the hour. Opting for effective nano photocatalyst solutions in the most affordable range can eventually cut off the extra costs for a healthy living. Apart from that, these nano photocatalysts also lay in the heart of every nanotechnology solution you get at Tipe.

In conclusion

It is essential to buy the best quality and functional products for meeting the present requirements. You may be experiencing a range of various unhygienic conditions in your residential site or that of a commercial one! In fact, keeping the surroundings around your space clean and healthy undoubtedly owes its importance in recent times. Get the best technology with the nano photocatalyst method to solve all your problems at one go. Buy now and enjoy fabulous offers!

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What Do You Need to Know about Nano Photocatalyst?

With the evolution of technology, there is a considerable increase in the level of pollutants in the atmosphere. As there is an increase of pollutants, there are various methods to control or eliminate the level of impurities from the atmosphere. In the present scenario, there is no such technology that promises accurate results to solve the problems and maintain the hygienic environmental conditions.

To get rid of this problem, nanotechnology has brought a revolution in the field of science and research. The best solution to the problem is the use of nano photocatalyst, which can help you to keep the environment clean and green.

The Uses of Nano Photocatalyst

The best solution to the problem is the use of Nano Photocatalyst. Some applications of Nano photocatalyst are mentioned below:-

(1.) Best for Air purification

Due to the presence of a high level of impurities in the air, it causes a dangerous effect as well as it can lead to severe respiratory problems. The use of nano photocatalyst it helps to remove the impurities at the nano level. It helps to remove contaminants like nitrogen oxide or volatile organic compounds. The pollutants are converted into carbon dioxide, organic substrates, and water. It’s a safe and effective method for air purification.

(2.) As Self Cleaning Coating

The residential and commercial building starts looking dull after some time due to constant exposure to sun, rain, wind, etc. Renovation requires lots of investment, so the use of nano photocatalyst is the best idea. Applying a layer of nano photocatalyst will help you clean the building automatically. It is very beneficial for long term use.

(3.) Best for Odor Control?

Bad or filthy smell harms the body and mind. The use of nano photocatalyst helps you to remove the bad odor from any place. It is one of the latest deodorizing techniques that you can use everywhere. The nano-coating will effectively decompose the stink at the molecular level and convert them to harmless inorganic substances.

(4.) Helps in Water Purification

This technology helps in the purification of drinking water. The nanoparticles break the toxic metal ions, organic and inorganic solutes, and microorganisms into harmless inorganic end products.

The Final Thoughts

Nanotechnology has made everything possible. The use of nano photocatalyst is one of the most reliable and safe solutions to keep your environment safe from all types of contaminants.

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Is Nano Photocatalyst an Ideal Solution for all Environmental Problems?

If you ask yourself, how to control dangerous pollutants from your water, air, buildings and the surrounding atmosphere, then you are left with no accurate answer since the number of technologies developed to date does not assure a hundred results.

A lot of them are prone to errors which are certainly not appreciated for application an unhygienic condition. For instance, there are hospitals, public toilet areas, commercial vehicles, manufacturing industries, and many other places affected by inorganic and organic pollutants. The air outside or inside of the building are infiltrated, many disease-causing germs, bacteria, or air-borne disease are pruning the quality level of the surrounding. Air purification, odor control, water treatments are a compulsory thing to do.

So, what is the ideal solution to all environmental problems?

One solution for many problems is nano-photocatalyst oxidation reactions.

Nano-Photocatalyst for air purification – Inhalation of impure or polluted air can cause a dangerous effect. It can lead to severe respiratory problems. Nano-photocatalyst based air purification can clean the pollutants at the nano-level. The photocatalytic oxidation removes the impurities like nitrogen oxide or volatile organic compounds into organic substrates carbon dioxide and water. It’s a safe and effective procedure for air purification.

Nano-Photocatalyst self-cleaning coating – Many residential and commercial building starts looking dull and outdated after a few years of new paint. The reason is constant exposure to rain, sun, wind, and environmental pollutants. Investing money on new paints is not a good idea. A nano-photocatalyst self-cleaning coating can help you cleanse your building on your own. The photo-catalytic reaction keeps long term effects, and you are saved with money.

Nano-Photocatalyst based odor control – Bad or filthy smell from indoor or outdoor is really disturbing. It can cause a poor effect on the body and mind. A nano-photocatalytic coating can remove bad odor from any place. It is a brand new deodorizing technique so that you can use it everywhere easily, safely and lightly. You do not need to use perfume to cover the odor, absorb odor into some materials and worry about its abandoning process, or worry about ozone dangers to health anymore. Now, the nano-coating can effectively decompose the stink into the molecular level and convert them to a harmless inorganic substance such as water and carbon dioxide. The nano-photocatalyst is effective to most odor decomposition.

Nano-Photocatalyst for water treatment – The present nanotechnology-based water purification treatment is best for cleaning drinking water, but it has the potential to clean contamination from surface water, groundwater, wastewater, and other water resources. The nanoparticles in the photocatalytic oxidation reaction break the toxic metal ions, organic and inorganic solutes, and microorganisms into harmless inorganic end products. The process is an ongoing one, so you do not have to change the filter regularly. Nano-photocatalytic water treatment is safe and easy to use.

Bottom Line

Nanotechnology has revolutionized the world. With the combination of photocatalytic oxidation reaction, it has gone above the expectations. If you are searching for a reliable and safe solution for environmental pollutants, then consider it. The nano-photocatalyst cleaning and disinfecting process can help you to keep your outdoor and indoor free from germs, bacteria, and all harmful pollutants in the environment. For more details, you can visit the website.

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