All You Need to Know About Nano Photocatalytic Titanium Dioxide Coating!

Interestingly, you may be familiar with the use of titanium dioxide in the construction and housing field works. On a further note, you may also have gone through the range of benefits that get added to the windows and walls along the way. So, you may be wondering the reason to opt for the brand-new concept of nano photocatalytic titanium dioxide!

Indeed, the benefits of using the nano photocatalytic titanium dioxide as additives to paints, cement, and plastics roll for an upper hand in comparison to the other ones. The most elegant way to use them can account for a hygienic way of lifestyle. Let us put that in simpler words, keeping the surfaces of your walls, floors, and the ceilings clean is an essential talk of the modern lifestyle. Opting for the nano photocatalytic titanium dioxide can be the most effective and easy way to get onto the progressive aspect of nanotechnology. At Tipe, you can find a range of nanotechnology-inspired products that could sweep away all your daily life problems. For instance, whether you are looking for an air purification solution for your residence or NOx removal solution for your commercial facets, we have it all! Well, in just one go! Scroll down to explore the various aspects of using the nano photocatalytic titanium dioxide for a healthy living.

How does the nano photocatalytic titanium dioxide coating work?

Interestingly, you may want your surroundings to always be clean and hygienic. That too, when the world is struggling to get over the COVID-19 pandemic. On the efficient frontiers, humanity is scrutinizing the way of living in all respects for a safe and healthy lifestyle. Along with the coronavirus, there are many microbes that can adversely affect people’s health conditions. Contextually, you may never know the real cause of feeding the virus inside your organs! So, being safe and keeping the surrounding surfaces clean is the most effective way to get yourself safeguarded!

The nano photocatalytic titanium dioxide works in a similar way. Nano photocatalyst is considered to be one of the simplest natural processes that trigger a chemical reaction between the nanoparticles and the microbes. The reaction breaks up and is responsible for decomposing the organic matter. At Tipe, you can get the best quality nano photocatalytic titanium dioxide coating at the most affordable cost. The innovation gets to share its foundational base on the nanotechnology facets. In the present, with innovation for defining a healthy and safe lifestyle, the nano photocatalytic titanium dioxide can be the best coating for keeping all the surfaces of your automobiles, and building safe for a longer time.

Why buy from Tipe?

If you are wondering about the adverse chemical side effects for using titanium dioxide, rest assured! The chemical compound of titanium dioxide is entirely safe for use and a sustainable approach for an environmentally friendly living. Moreover, you can also find an extensive usage of the compound for various health products and in cosmetic manufacturing! At Tipe, you can not only be assured of the quality of product befitting the residence area and the corporate areas. There is a lot more to add! The product comes at the best price. The nano photocatalytic titanium dioxide coating has the ability to bond with the surfaces. For instance, it gets bonded with the surfaces of your window to absorb the artificial light(as per the availability) and the UV rays. In the process, it reacts with the moisture to form potent oxidizing agents. This then is responsible for breaking up the organic molecules and so the process of self-cleaning begins!

Indeed, that was a simple and effective approach for getting surfaces of the automobiles and the buildings clean and hygienic in no time!

In conclusion

You can buy the nano photocatalytic titanium dioxide coating from Tipe at the best range. The package comes in two formats. Either you can opt for a 10kg bag or that of the 25 kg product package. Before that, you can always go through the material data sheets for matching your requisites well.

Buy now and enjoy fabulous offers!

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What are the Best Uses of Nano Photocatalytic Titanium Dioxide?

Nanotechnology has proved as a boon for people around the globe. With the development of nanotechnology, it has shown a ray of hope for solving many problems. The best invention by nanotechnology is Nano Photocatalytic Titanium Dioxide. This compound is available in powder form making it easy for use. The chemical formula is Nano-TiO2, and with the invention of this compound, it is making lives easier.

Titanium Dioxide: What You Need to Know

Titanium dioxide is the most common and widely used material in the world. Titanium is a naturally occurring metal, which reacts with oxygen to form Titanium Dioxide. This metal is available in the form of dust, sands, ores, and soil in the original state. Titanium Dioxide is well known for many versatile applications due to its small particle size and semiconductor properties.

It is very easy to find titanium dioxide in every product we use in our daily lives. These products are easily available in dyes, paints, skin cream, soap, sunscreen, and many more products.

What are the Uses?

Pure titanium dioxide is in the form of white powder. This powder is available in two forms – the pigment graded powder and ultrafine or nanoscale titanium dioxide.

Pigment graded powder: – It has excellent light-scattering properties. This is mostly used in paint coatings, plastic adhesive, rubber, cosmetics paper, food, and other ingredients.

Ultra Fine or Nanoscale Titanium Dioxide: – It is used in sunscreen as a barrier against ultraviolet light rays. For automobile emission treatment, it is used in the form of nano or ultrafine form.

Features of Nano Photocatalytic Titanium Dioxide

The below-mentioned features will help you understand the uses of Nano Photocatalytic Titanium Dioxide:-

(1.) Sterilizing Effect: –TiO2 can decompose the harmful cells after killing it. This photocatalyst is quite effective as compared to another antibacterial agent. It has a long-lasting effect, and the photocatalytic reaction takes place even when the bacterial cells are covering the surface.

(2.) Deodorizing: – Either at the workplace or home, it is difficult to get rid of foul odors. Nano TiO2 is the best solution for odor elimination, and deodorizing is another important feature of the photocatalyst. They can eliminate foul odors like tobacco, formaldehyde, nitrogen dioxide, urine, etc. The foul odors can easily be eliminated with a photocatalyst.

(3.) Air and Water Purification: – The purification of air and water depends on the ability to oxidize or reduce various pollutant compounds present in the air no matter either it is CFC’s or any hazardous compound.

(4.) Self Cleaning: – This is the best option to maintain the exteriors of the building. Once applied on the exterior, it is cleaned without any risk. Apart from this, the cost of cleaning and maintenance reduces by a higher margin. The coating applied is hydrophilic.

The features mentioned above make them the first choice for every application as well as make them even more popular in the market.

The Final Thoughts

The features mentioned above are general functions of Nano Photocatalytic Titanium Dioxide. This has become possible with the help of Nano Technology, from cleaning to maintaining the exteriors of the buildings Nano – TiO2 is a long term solution for every requirement.

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Use of Nano Photocatalytic Titanium Dioxide Powder for Emission Treatment

Automotive exhausts are one of the significant sources of air pollution. Polluted gas particles mix with the air around, making it unhealthy to inhale. The problem is not limited to merely correcting the harmful exhaust gas emission, instead of finding an eco-friendly long-lasting solution that can limit the occurrence and keep the exhausts clean.

Nano Photocatalytic Titanium Dioxide Powder has the solution! Now, automobile manufacturers or emission treatment companies can take the benefits of titanium Dioxide to reduce air pollution and exhaust gas emission from the automobile. Nanoscale titanium dioxide can be used as supporting material for catalyst applications in a photocatalytic oxidation reaction.

What is Titanium Dioxide?

Titanium is a naturally occurring metal, which when reacts with oxygen forms of Titanium Dioxide. It occurs in ores, indigenous dust, sands, and soil in the original state. Many people can find titanium dioxide in everyday articles like sunscreen, dye, paint, soap, skin cream and many more. In sunscreen, titanium dioxide acts as an active ingredient in filtering UV radiation. It protects a person’s skin by blocking sun ray absorption but could lead to skin cancer later.

Uses and benefits

Pure Titanium dioxide is a fine, white powder. But, it is available in two distinctive forms – the pigment graded powder that has excellent light-scattering properties and used in paint, coatings, plastic, adhesive, rubber, cosmetics, paper, food contact material and other ingredients. Other is ultra-fine or nanoscale titanium dioxide powder which is mostly used in sunscreen as a barrier against UV light rays. In automobile emission treatment, Titanium Dioxide is used in its nano or ultrafine form. Nano Photocatalytic Titanium Dioxide Powder is an innovative application of titanium dioxide in favor of nature.

Application in automobile emission treatment

Unlike all other photocatalytic oxidation reactions, nano titanium dioxide powder is a little different. For emission treatment, photocatalytic oxidation reaction takes place in the presence of sunlight and nanoparticles as a catalyst. Here it is different. The nano titanium dioxide powder can be used as a catalyst to destroy complex pollutants in organic matter like carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen. In the presence of sunlight and titanium dioxide particles, the process can on long without requiring any maintenance work or anything in between. Once applied the results can go for long as such the process goes on.

Scope of titanium dioxide powder

Nano-titanium dioxide powder offers unlimited applications. For the automobile industry looking for an eco-friendly option to control air pollution through exhausts, Nano Photocatalytic Titanium Dioxide Powder is a blessing in disguise. Can be used for the creation of a clear coating for automobile exhaust or power stations for the removal of nitrous oxide gas (read – NOx Removal Coating should be Must for Vehicles – Know Why?), the nano Titanium Dioxide Powder can go further in future. Application and usage of TiO2 powder are limitless.

Order the finest quality of titanium dioxide online. Visit the website; you can find a complete PC series of Nano Photocatalytic Titanium Dioxide Powder ready to dispatch on your request. Feel free to collect more information from the experts!

Nano PCO Technology – Most Effective Air Purification Process for both Indoor and Outdoor Applications

Have you heard about the air-purification process through Photocatalysis? Well, it may sound complicated, but it is true that light energy can now effectively purify the air from those organic pollutants. Light is one of the vital energy sources, which enhances the living conditions on this earth.

With the development of Nano technology, the concept of photocatalysis came into existence. Nano photocatalytic titanium dioxide can easily circulate in the air and can remove the nasty air pollutants without any difficulty. Indeed, this photocatalysis method seems to be an innovative weapon for better health and cleaner air. The main objective of nano photocatalysis technology is to ensure both outdoor air purification as well as indoor air purification. Every day, a human deal with 85% harmful gases in the air, like VOCs, benzene, formaldehyde, car exhausts NOx and others. All these air pollutants can highly deteriorate the health conditions of individuals. Keeping the rising risks of air pollutants, TIPE initiated the nano photocatalytic technology.

Features of Nano PCO Technology –

  • Purify and mineralize harmful gases to CO2 and H20.
  • Cause no extra pollution and is environmental friendly in nature.
  • Longtime performance, organic pollutant decomposition, catalytic action mode
  • Easily eliminate airborne virus and bacteria
  • Remove the bad odor from the air and ensures fresh air circulation in the chamber.
    • Working Mechanism of Nano Photocatalysis –

      In the presence of light, nano photocatalyst titanium dioxide produces pairs of electrons and holes. This combination then reacts with the harmful air pollutants in order to stabilize them. The entire reaction process is pretty similar to Einstein’s photoelectric effect. But in the photocatalysis process, the pollutants are not only filtered but are also decomposed instantly. And this is the main reason, why there is no trace of any pollution during the purification process. To enhance the performance of this technology in indoor air purification, we have developed a unique VLR photocatalyst technology. Thus, this Nano photocatalysis is one of the best methods to ensure air purification without any worries.

      Wide Application Areas –

      Because of high efficiency and performance, there is a great demand for this Nano photocatalysis process in various industries. Mainly, this innovative air purification technology is used in hospitals, schools, food factories, printing units, waste disposal hubs, livestock industry, automobile sectors, offices, and in other areas.

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