Nano PCO Technology – Most Effective Air Purification Process for both Indoor and Outdoor Applications

Have you heard about the air-purification process through Photocatalysis? Well, it may sound complicated, but it is true that light energy can now effectively purify the air from those organic pollutants. Light is one of the vital energy sources, which enhances the living conditions on this earth.

With the development of Nano technology, the concept of photocatalysis came into existence. Nano photocatalytic titanium dioxide can easily circulate in the air and can remove the nasty air pollutants without any difficulty. Indeed, this photocatalysis method seems to be an innovative weapon for better health and cleaner air. The main objective of nano photocatalysis technology is to ensure both outdoor air purification as well as indoor air purification. Every day, a human deal with 85% harmful gases in the air, like VOCs, benzene, formaldehyde, car exhausts NOx and others. All these air pollutants can highly deteriorate the health conditions of individuals. Keeping the rising risks of air pollutants, TIPE initiated the nano photocatalytic technology.

Features of Nano PCO Technology –

  • Purify and mineralize harmful gases to CO2 and H20.
  • Cause no extra pollution and is environmental friendly in nature.
  • Longtime performance, organic pollutant decomposition, catalytic action mode
  • Easily eliminate airborne virus and bacteria
  • Remove the bad odor from the air and ensures fresh air circulation in the chamber.
    • Working Mechanism of Nano Photocatalysis –

      In the presence of light, nano photocatalyst titanium dioxide produces pairs of electrons and holes. This combination then reacts with the harmful air pollutants in order to stabilize them. The entire reaction process is pretty similar to Einstein’s photoelectric effect. But in the photocatalysis process, the pollutants are not only filtered but are also decomposed instantly. And this is the main reason, why there is no trace of any pollution during the purification process. To enhance the performance of this technology in indoor air purification, we have developed a unique VLR photocatalyst technology. Thus, this Nano photocatalysis is one of the best methods to ensure air purification without any worries.

      Wide Application Areas –

      Because of high efficiency and performance, there is a great demand for this Nano photocatalysis process in various industries. Mainly, this innovative air purification technology is used in hospitals, schools, food factories, printing units, waste disposal hubs, livestock industry, automobile sectors, offices, and in other areas.

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Nanotechnology: Black Panther’s Suit Piques Interest of Masses

Marvel Studios have hit gold with their latest “Black Panther” movie. As revealed in past during the San Diego Comic Con, T’Challa was anticipated to wear a high-tech nano-tech suit. It seemed that nanotechnology was about to have its first view in mainstream cinema. So, did we see the nano-tech suit? Or, the idea of nanotechnology is still as hidden as Wakanda? Did the suit have a hint of the real nano photocatalytic titanium dioxide and its functions?

One has to understand what nanotechnology really is to get the answer to these questions. Nanotechnology at its core means manipulating things at a nano level. As mentioned in Wiki, “In its original sense, nanotechnology refers to the projected ability to construct items from the bottom up, using techniques and tools being developed today to make complete, high performance products.” In the movie, Shuri, the king’s sister, has developed a suit using nanotechnology which fits in the necklace of the Black Panther. This saves a lot of time and T’Challa is ready to save Wakanda and avenge whenever needed at the tip of hat. If anything, this is just one way of looking at nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is a vast field of work and there is a wide range of applications like nanomedicine, nanoelectronics, biomaterials, etc… In a way, the new movie showed a glimpse of what nanotechnology can do if used in the right manner.

What are the present practical uses?

King T’Challa’s fictional nation of Wakanda is arguably the most advanced nation on the face of earth in terms of technology and culture. However, we mere mortals can also use the much-awed nano-tech for practical applications, as of now. For instance, the nano photocatalytic titanium dioxide coating can be used in several areas. The versatile coating has anti-microbial qualities as well as controls odor in the most environmentally friendly manner. Though getting the high-tech gizmos that make the life in Wakanda may be far-fetched, nanotechnology making lives easier is not. From self-cleaning to being environmental friendly, nanotechnology is there for you.

In conclusion, we are glad that the mainstream cinema world is taking steps of showing the world the power of nanotechnology. Albeit futuristic and jaded by CGI, masses have started gaining interest in nanotechnology even more than ever before.

Why Our Nanotechnology Is Better Than Traditional Methods?

Nanotechnology is the new global rage and for all the right reasons! There are several uses of the nano photocatalytic titanium dioxide that can be considered as innovative and green. We are TitanPE Technologies and we are one of the premier nanotechnology products suppliers. Our nano photocatalytic titanium dioxide is one of the finest innovations we have made that has the potential of changing the dynamics of several systems. Our titanium dioxide can be used as a coating in commercial and residential properties.

The versatility of our nano photocatalytic titanium dioxide is one of the better alternatives to the traditional methods. Here are some reasons why out nano photocatalytic titanium dioxide is better than the traditional methods.

  • No Side Effects: The one problem with typically traditional methods of cleaning and odor control was the side effects which were dangerous. With molecular changes at the nano level, our photocatalytic titanium dioxide has no harmful side effects. It is rather extremely environmentally friendly in its usage.
  • Holistic Nature: A major drawback in several traditional methods is the lack of a common method. One needs various solutions for various problems. The nano photocatalytic titanium dioxide, on the other hand, is a single step solution to several problems. The coating is capable of self-cleaning as well as has anti-microbial nature.
  • Easier Application: Our nano photocatalytic titanium dioxide is easy to apply and take off in comparison to the traditional methods. With the ease of application coming in, more people are leaning towards the use of nano methods. One doesn’t need the help of a professional help, which is the case with traditional methods. Our photocatalytic titanium dioxide is the best DIY support one can get.
  • Cheaper: When one has to buy several things for several uses and hire professionals for applying them, the price naturally goes higher. This has not been the case with our titanium dioxide. It is one solution to it all and it is much more affordable as well. You will not need to burn a hole in your pocket when you go for nanotechnology based products.
  • Lower Maintenance: Traditional methods demand a higher maintenance than our methods. One has to make sure that all the mechanisms are working properly and that takes a lot of time in traditional methods. With nanotechnology by your side, all you need to do is apply and forget. A lower maintenance need is one of the prime reasons for choosing nanotechnology.
  • Higher Efficiency: Even though the application is for a single time, the efficiency doesn’t deplete in the case of our nanotechnology. With such a higher efficiency, the overall energy costs are automatically decreased.

These are some benefits of our nanotechnology over the traditional methods. The use of our nano photocatalytic titanium dioxide is one of the best methods to remove the unnecessary costs in maintenance and application. Moreover, it can be considered as your first step towards a greener future.

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