The Nano Self Cleaning Coating Could Be the Next “Energy Saver”

Summers are hot, and so does the market for cooling appliances are!

When the temperature increases and eco-system becomes unbearable to sustain life, people look for efficient cooling solutions to keep the indoor comfortable. No matter how expensive an air conditioning system comes for. Home and office cooling appliances are easy to use but are a hard hit on your pocket. The equipment charges for a maximum of electricity bills to function properly and are comparatively pricey. Whereas, many of the homeownersis unaware of the fact, that the inside temperature of any building can be controlled by cooling the outside.

If you wish the inside of the building should be cool and comfortable in the scorching heat, then apply a fresh nano self cleaning coating on the building.

Nano Self Cleaning Coating is one of the best inventions of all time which can help homeowners in several ways – keeping the building safe from molds and lowering the inside temperature is few of them. A coat of nano-self cleaning can be applied on the outdoor; this will protect the outside from dust and fungal growth on the building first and later reflects the excess temperature in the outside to keep the inside cool. Let’s have a quick look at how the nano self cleaning coating works.

A nano self cleaning coating is an innovative combination of super-hydrophilic, photocatalytic and anti-static features.

  • Super hydrophilicity is a property where the paints repel excess of water from the rain from outdoor on the surface of the building and cleanse it without wastage of excess of water. You don’t need additional water to clean your building after a rain; it cleanses itself.
  • Next is a photocatalytic reaction in the presence of sunlight. NOx and other pollutants from outside damage the building exterior and gives scope for molds and mildew growth. Nitrous oxide emission is a potent greenhouse gas also and 310 times stronger than carbon dioxide and is implicated in the destruction of the ozone layer and causing climatic changes. This sincerely means a dire need of self cleaning coating for the building which can remove the NOx concentration on the outside. The photocatalytic property helps in the easier decomposition of harmful pollutants into organic substrates. It destroys various VOCs which might cause photochemical pollution, and the PM2.5 levels are decreased accordingly. The coating features advanced nanotechnology with photocatalytic properties. You can keep your building eco-friendly with the coating.
  • Another plus factor of nano self cleaning coating is the anti-static property. Any dust particles, microbes, and pollutants can stand on the building coated with nano self cleaning paint. The paint is designed to repel dust, dirt and other environment pollutants from the outside, keeping it look new and fresh always. This always saves you from additional building maintenance charges also.

All these physical properties are related to the cooling property of the nano self cleaning coating. It reduces the energy consumption for cooling the building in summer. So, nano self cleaning coating could be the next energy saver, without any harmful effects on the environment and the eco-system.

If you are looking for new ways to beat the heat, choose nano self cleaning coating than investing in costly electronic appliances that costs more.

Use Nano-self Cleaning Coating to Clean and Maintain Your Home Exteriors

Everyone adores their homes and rightfully so! Cleaning homes sound like a tough thing to do and no one really wants to do that. However, it is important and needs to be done. When it comes to cleaning homes, the toughest part is to clean the exterior of it. Dust, pollution, algae formation and many more issues are ruining your outer wall. Nano self-cleaning coating is an easy way out of it. You can use it for your exteriors easily and here are some areas it will help with.

  • Pollutants: We are at a time when there is a lot of pollution around. The nano self-cleaning coating will help in keeping the exterior of your home free from pollutants. Moreover, it will purify the air pollution near and on the surface.
  • Dust Protection: Dirt and dust stick to the exterior walls due to their electrostatic nature. A self-cleaning coating doesn’t allow the electrostatic nature to work on it hence, not allowing the dust particles to stick to the wall. This is also helpful in the case of acid rain.
  • Keep It Cool: Summers are harsh times and can heat up your home from the outside. To get rid of it, we use the air conditioner and that increases the energy consumption all while emitting harmful gases into the atmosphere. The self-cleaning coating can keep your house cooler. Hence, the energy consumption is reduced by a huge margin.
  • Say No To Water Stains: The exterior walls get no respite when the rains arrive. After the rains are gone, the water stains are hard to remove. They are high up on the wall and needs a lot of effort to clean. With the self-cleaning coating, you don’t need to worry about the water stains as well.
  • UV Protection: The ultraviolet (UV) rays are harmful to everything that comes in touch with it. The exterior walls of your house are no exception to it. They start losing their color and strength due to the UV rays. Protect your home’s exterior with nano self-cleaning coating.

These are some reasons you should opt for the advanced nano self-cleaning coating. It will help you save the time, energy, and money while maintaining the exterior of your house. Moreover, you just need to apply it once and forget about it. The cleaning and maintaining process will happen without any interference. Place your order now for the self-cleaning coating!

Clean Your Glasses and Keep Them Clean for a Long Time

Glass is a commonly used material in and around us. From doors and windows to tabletops, they are found in several contemporary designs. One can easily find an element of glass when walking into a commercial or residential building. Glass makes the aesthetics pleasant and creates an illusion of space. However, they tend to be sensible, fragile and get dirty soon. When a clean glass window can give the design an edge over others, a dirty glass window will take that away. We have a nano self-cleaning coating which is ideal to keep the glass clean at all times with no effort. But, to apply the coating and keeping your glass windows clean, you need to put in the effort to clean the windows. Here are some tips to clean your glass windows.

Most of the cleaning materials we tend to use have a high dose of VOC which are perilous to your as well as the earth’s health. Hence, we have tips which are easy as well as don’t harm in any which way.

Distilled water is the key: When the window cleaning day comes, most people don’t care about the water they use. Unlike other materials, the water content matters when it comes to glass. Water plays a big role in keeping the glass clean and streak-free. It matters even more when the water you use is hard water. Distilled water has no minerals or hardness making it ideal for a streak-free glass.

Vinegar will save your glass and money: Vinegar is one of those ingredients which will make you go ga-ga. It is great to drizzle over your salad and also equally amazing to sprinkle over your glass windows. For a natural and cheaper option, a vinegar-water solution can do wonders. Mixed at a ratio of 1:1, the vinegar-water cleaner will make your glass shiny in no time.

Say no to paper towels: When we think of the glass cleaning supplies, paper towels come first to mind. They are almost always in the cleaning supplies box. Well, as it seems, paper towels are not good at cleaning glass windows. In fact, they make matters worse. They leave behind linty streaks which make it tough to clean later. Using a microfiber cloth or even newspapers is a better option. However, if you are planning to use newspapers, make sure you have a pair of gloves handy as the ink might spread.

These are a few tips for cleaning glass windows. After you have cleaned the glass windows, make sure you use a dry microfiber cloth to wipe it off real good. This will remove any streaks, if present, and give a final touch to your hard work. Now that your glass is clean, you can focus on keeping it clean. The best way to do that is using our nano self-cleaning coating. It will save a lot of time and money. Moreover, it is an environmentally friendly compound which gives it an edge over others. Get in touch with us to know more about the coating.

Nanotechnology And Cleaning: A Match Made In Heaven

Cleaning is a tough affair. Anyone who mentions otherwise has probably never touched the cleaning cloth and the bucket of water. It comes across as no surprise when anything that makes cleaning easier is a hit among the masses. We all love having a good time and more often than not, the good time goes awry due to the cleaning part one has to do in houses. Not just residences, but commercial spaces also face the same problem. They need to keep their outers shining and interiors glazing. The solution to this is often hiring a cleaning contractor who will get onto the job. The problem with this is the use of cleaning agents employed in the process. Generally, these cleaning agents do more harm than good. They release harmful chemicals making an adverse effect on the environment. In addition to this, they are also not cost effective.

Nanotechnology Solution:

Nanotechnology is a relatively newer part of science, yet the goodwill it can bring along are evident. It is the manipulation of matter on an atomic, molecular, and supramolecular state. By changing the behavior on such a small scale, we can make the material to adapt to bigger changes. Nanotechnology is one of the finest green solutions one can find now. The nano self-cleaning coating, in this case, is a cleaner, greener and safer solution to all the cleaning woes.

The nano self-cleaning coating is advanced and environmentally friendly as well. In a time when we are looking for eco-friendly solutions, the advent of nanotechnology is just what the doctor ordered. The coating is used in several areas, including but not limited to, outer walls of skyscrapers, roads, industrial facilities, solar panels.

No Harm At All:

With the ever developing nanotechnology, one thing is certain and that is a better execution of the previous technique. When one starts using the nano self-cleaning coating, you will come to realize that it serves several purposes. From keeping the coated area clean to protecting it from the harmful UV rays, the coating is a great addition. What makes it even special is its ability to perform with just a single application. Yes, all that you need is apply the coating once and forget. The coating continues to serve the purpose for a long time. The air around the coated area is also purified and that makes the coating a natural savior of all surfaces. It has been noticed that there is no mildew or algae formation near the coating as well. With all the features the coating provides, it looks like just another feather in the cap.

The spark of nanotechnology is such that, the features and benefits don’t seem to end. Though the basic function of the nano self-cleaning coating is to keep the surface clean, it also keeps the interior cool. This directly results in a lesser consumption of energy leading to a decline in the utility bills.

Opt for a greener future; opt for nanotechnology.