Nitrous Oxide in Air! Let’s Detox it with the Best Treatment

With the growing impact of global warming, the air outside pose a serious threat to the health and living of all organism on the planet earth. Living beings are struggling with all the harmful gases and pollutants in the environment. Situation is seeing to worsen after few years, as the impact of Nitrous Oxide gives a new jerk to changing environmental condition.

According to studies, Nitrous Oxide is considered a dangerous greenhouse gas and three hundred and ten times more strong than Carbon Dioxide. Nitrous oxide also damages the ozone layer, thus reducing the protection offered from harmful UV sun rays.

At normal environmental condition, nitrous oxide is not harmful to humans. However, if the concentration of this gas increases in an enclosed space, this gas can cause dizziness, nausea and eventually unconsciousness. Depletion of the stratospheric ozone layer also means that humans may be exposed to high doses of UV sunlight which might cause skin cancers.

From above information, it becomes evident that this gas is no more a laughing gas. It is poisonous, hazardous and a threat. You need to adopt an advance nitrous oxide emission treatment to detox the air around you!

Nano Photocatalytic Technology for NOx Removal

Use the nano photocatalytic technology for nitrous oxide emission treatment because it

    • Gives accurate results – Nano photocatalytic technology is highly effective to targeted areas. Whenever you apply a coat on building, road, appliance or any other object, it provides complete protection from external foreign elements, germs and bacteria. You can witness maximum effect in minimum time.
    • Applicable to various areas – Being versatile in nature, the nano photocatalytic nitrous oxide emission treatment offers accessibility to variety of purpose in residential and commercial. Mostly a hygiene critical is best place for use. Although, this coating can be used on roads and its auxiliary facilities, tunnels – to purify inside feculent air and keep the tunnels ever-clean and on buildings for self-cleaning & anti-mildew function that decreases the maintenance cost.

Maximum Endurance to atmospheric condition – Nano photocatalytic based NOx removal technique are strong and long-lasting. When the coating comes in contact with changing weather condition on a building, the Nano effect and catalytic reaction produces durable and impressive effect. The amazing self-cleaning property keeps the building new and clean for a long. Best of all, nitrous oxide emission treatment decreases the photochemical crisis risk to the environment.

  • Safe to the environment – Nano photocatalytic based NOx removal technique is friendly to the human and environment, as well. The photochemical reaction purifies and decomposes NOx, other pollutants VOC and decrease the PM2.5 level which results in control of greenhouse gas emission in the environment. Overall, you will have an eco-friendly nitrous oxide emission treatment for you.
  • Friendly to the pocket – If you think it as expensive, then you are completely wrong. Nano photocatalytic nitrous oxide emission treatment is friendly to your budget and safe to the pocket. This is one-time investment that saves you from long-term environmental effects.

When in doubt about which nano photochemical coating can ward off the NOx effect, then come directly to us. We can help you manage with several environmental pollutants that threats your living and life. Find more about us from the page. Contact us now!

Nano Photocatalytic Technology for NOx Removal

Carbon dioxide accounts for maximum share of greenhouse gases, but nitrous spot its own rank in the list. The same laughing gas which was one’s used as anesthetics for dentist has become a threat for common people. According to studies, nitrous oxide is a potent greenhouse gas and three hundred and ten times stronger than carbon dioxide, which means the situation is too grave and need immediate attention from people to curate the correct habit. Get your outdoor and indoor things protected from harmful gases with efficient nitrous oxide emission treatment.

When search for nitrous oxide emission treatment, you may come across wide number of options. Some of them are effective, powerful, and cost-effective, although cause pollutants and not long-lasting enough to resist NOx from the surface. Many of them are just effective on NOx and don’t cause any effect on other harmful pollutants. There are others with limited applications. Therefore, what could be the better solution, you may ask yourself TiPE has the answer to your worries!

Use the nano photocatalytic technology for nitrous oxide emission treatment. Nano photocatalytic treatment is –

Targeted – Due the nano photocatalytic coating developed, photocatalyst can not only be used to produce catalytic filter for NOx, but also to be applied on targeted region and its auxiliary facilities to react with the NOx in atmosphere 24/7. The coating provides complete protection from external foreign elements, germs and bacteria that affect the overall building. You can witness result in minimum amount of time. Basically, the coating is mostly suggested for hygiene critical environment.

Versatile – Nano photocatalytic nitrous oxide emission treatment is highly versatile with use. The coatings are made with nano photocatalytic technology to make it accessible to variety of purpose. Application of this coating ranges from building outdoor to car exhaust, tunnels and many more. Applied on roads and its auxiliary facilities to destroy the car exhaust pollution and acid rain, meanwhile provide self-cleaning & anti-mildew functions to reduce the maintenance overall cost. Applied in tunnels, purify inside feculent air and keep the tunnels ever-clean. Applied on the buildings to purify its air around, meanwhile provide self-cleaning & anti-mildew function to decreasing the maintenance cost. These are some common areas where you can take advantage of Nano photocatalytic nitrous oxide emission treatment.

Long lasting – NOx is a major contributor to the ill cause of Global Warming and Greenhouse Effect. They have direct impact on environment and producing long lasting and durable effect is all what required to be. Nano effect and catalytic reaction produces durable and impressive effect. The self-cleaning property reduces maintenance cost and keeps the building new and clean for long. With the help of NOx removal technique you can decrease the photochemical crisis risk in cities and contributes to global warming problem solution.

Eco-friendly- Unlike all other pollution treatment methods, Nano photocatalytic technology leaves no harmful gases to impurify the air. Decompose the other pollutants in the air such as VOCs, decrease PM2.5 and many more with sunlight giving no extra pollutants behind. Purifies and decomposes NOx, decreasing the risk for global warming from green house gases. Overall, this is an environment friendly coating which you can apply on any building, car, road and other.

Cost-effective – Nano photocatalytic nitrous oxide emission treatment saves you a lot of money. The coating features photochemical components that cleans itself and saves additional maintenance cost on painting. The nanoself-cleaning coating uses natural light to trigger chemical reactions that ultimately breaks down organic matter at the molecular level, and turns them into harmless carbon dioxide and water. The building self cleans protects and save energy.

Nano photocatalytic technology can help you in lot many ways; nitrous oxide emission treatment is one of them. If you are looking for your car exhaust to be pollution free and reduce global warming, apply the coating. For more details, feel free to visit TiPE website.

Let’s talk about Nitrous Oxide!

Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) and Nitric Oxide (NO) together are clubbed as Oxides of Nitrogen or Nitrous oxide (NOx). Nitrogen, upon combustion, combines with oxygen to form Nitric Oxide and on further combination with oxygen, it becomes Nitrogen Dioxide. Though Nitric Oxide is not a hazard at a smaller concentration, Nitrogen Dioxide is. These gases react to form smog and acid rain all while being important contributors to the formation of ground-level ozone and fine particles too. All of it is directly associated with the greenhouse effect and have several adverse health impacts. Nitrous Oxide emission treatment is the need of the hour as the amount of nitrous oxide is increasing day by day.

Sources of pollution:

Nitrous Oxide is the result of the combination of Nitrogen and Oxygen during combustion. This becomes even more rampant while combustion at high temperatures. Hence, anywhere there is combustion in the presence of nitrogen, NOx can be found. For instance, car engines are a major source of NOx production and it even occurs naturally during lightning. Considering this, the amount of NOx pollution can be too high in areas with a higher number of vehicles.

Environmental issues:

NOx is a major contributor to the ill cause of Global Warming and Greenhouse Effect. They have a direct impact on vegetation like reducing growth and leaf damage. They have the potential to destroy the ecosystem of a forest. As per a study, local traffic emissions have a substantial contribution to exceeding critical levels and critical loads in areas of vegetation. In addition to the harm NOx does to vegetation, it also has the affinity to react with other pollutants and form ground-level Ozone which hampers all kinds of vegetation at higher concentration.

Nitrous Oxide emission treatment is a crucial step needed to sustain our planet for a longer time. There are several health issues due to the hazardous group of gases. When exposed for a longer term, it can increase the risk of respiratory conditions and allergen-related issues.

We have a cost-effective solution for nitrous oxide emission treatment that can help you tackle these issues at hand while complying with the Kyoto Protocol as well. Get in touch if you are interested in building a sustainable environment for the future generations.

Nitrous Oxide Emission Treatment Overview | TiPE

A brief idea on Nitrous Oxide

For those who have taken their science classes a tad bit seriously, nitrous oxide is a familiar name. Commonly known as laughing gas, it has a lot of legit uses that has bettered the chances of using this gas. It is used during medical procedures to numb the pain and also in engines to increase the power output. When it is inhaled by purpose or mistake, it leads your brain into a state of euphoria and relaxation. This pleasurable impact is responsible for the naming “laughing gas”. However, prolonged exposure or consumption in an enclosed area can have severe repercussions like death. This is the reason, the nitrous oxide emission treatment has become a necessity

Effects of nitrous oxide:

As mentioned above, it can leave you with an euphoric feeling. This is mainly because, nitrous oxide is classified as a depressant drug which means it will slow down the responses of your brain and body. There are several effects of this gas depending on the amount inhaled. Some of the common effects are:

  • Euphoria, relaxation, calmness are the feelings induced by the gas.
  • People are often found to be dizzy, that is, inability to think straight.
  • The intake of nitrous oxide might result in people bursting into fits of laughter.
  • Distortions or hallucinations are common.
  • An undesired headache might occur in some cases.

With these effects of nitrous oxide, the importance of nitrous oxide emission treatment goes even higher. There are several risks with the euphoric, dizzy feeling one gets.


The risks of nitrous oxide as a drug are far than imaginable. There are several implications, but here are some of the most dangerous risks associated with nitrous oxide.

  • The dizziness affects your sense of judgement putting you in danger of hurting yourself.
  • The oxygen amount is pushed out by nitrous oxide, which can result in death due to lack of oxygen.
  • It can also lead to the loss of vitamin B12 which will result in several other diseases like anaemia.

These are some risks of continous exposure to nitrous oxide. There are several risk factors that should be taken into consideration whenever there is a talk of nitrous oxide. Earlier it was used as a drug which resulted in a lot of addictions. Another poisonous gas, Sulphur Dioxide, is often added to nitrous oxide used in engines to discourage people from using it for their addiction.

Taking these situations into consideration, any sane person would opt for the best quality nitrous oxide emission treatment. In case you are looking for some, we can help you. We have the best nanotechnology based treatment solutions.