What is NOx, and Why NOx removal is so important?


NOx is a kind of toxic gas produced by the combustion of hydrocarbons in the atmosphere. It has two variants nitric oxide (NO) and Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2). Both gases are extremely reactive in nature and detrimental to the environment. NOx is also responsible for the depletion of the ozone layer.

Environmentalists and scientists have raised concerns regarding the high levels of NOx in the air and have developed a technique for NOx removal.

It is scientifically proved that NOx is a potent greenhouse gas that is 310 times more harmful and stronger than CO2. The high concentration of NOx in the air also results in acid rain.

So, let us first know the sources of air pollution and then find out the methodology of its removal.

Common sources:

  • Power Generation plants: Most power generation plants burn up the hydrocarbons like coal to generate electricity and, in the process, emit NOx.
  • Automobiles: The fuel like petrol and diesel on being burnt also emit NOx in air.
  • Industrial units: There are many industrial units that, in the process of manufacturing various goods, produce harmful NOx gas.
  • Residential gas and oil combustion also result in the contribution of NOx to the environment.
  • Industrial boilers: The industrial boilers need to be heated at a very high temperature, and in this process, a lot of fuel is burnt up. When the fuel is burned at an extreme temperature, it forces the nitrogen to combine with Oxygen, resulting in NOx production.

The other common NOx emitting sources would include sea vessels and marine equipment.

Techniques for combatting nitrogen Dioxide pollution from Tipe

Tipe offers a nano photocatalyst technology for the treatment of high levels of NOx in the atmosphere. It has developed an effective coating material that can be applied on roads, buildings and comes at an affordable price. Again, the industrial emissions and automobile exhaust present in the air reacts with the coating to destroy the serious effects of harmful photochemical pollution. In short, it decomposes the pollutants present in the air and reduces the greenhouse effect.


  • Purifies automobile exhaust using sunlight.
  • It has self-cleaning features that result in a reduction in maintenance cost.
  • It destroys the NOx emissions produced in the air.


  • The coating, when applied in the tunnel, leads to the elimination of feculent air present inside.
  • When the coating is applied to the building and industrial units, it reacts and destroys the harmful NOx present in the air.
  • It has self-cleaning and anti-mildew features, so once a coating is applied, it can last for a longer time.


The government has realized the worth of nano photocatalytic coating technology and therefore does not pay hefty amounts for NOx removal. The coating is widely applied on buildings and roads for combatting NOx. It also helps the government to abide by the Kyoto protocol of reduced carbon emission as per nations.

Importance of NOx Removal: Innovation From TiPE

Nitrogen oxides present in our atmosphere is one of the most harmful pollutants. These chemicals play a major role in the percussion of acid rain, ozone accumulation, and photochemical smog. The harmful oxide consists mainly of nitric oxide (NOx) and Nitrogen dioxide (NO2).

NOx is a greenhouse gas that is 310 times stronger than carbon dioxide. It plays a major role in the destruction of the ozone layer, which results in adverse climatic conditions. With the utilization of catalytic converters present in automobiles, the rate of NOx emission has reached a point where it is almost uncontrollable. Besides that, NOx is one of the chemicals that is released from manufacturing plants of nitric acid, which produce nitrated materials such as explosives and fertilizers, etc.

Because of the rising environmental issues due to NOx, continuous research, with a huge amount of expenditure, over time has been carried out to develop advanced and efficient NOx removal techniques. This can be a crucial step and contribution to the protection of our planet!

What is the NOx removal solution from TiPE?

TiPE has a nitrous oxide emissions treatment that uses nano photocatalyst technology for great efficiency and effectiveness. With the photocatalytic coating, the photocatalysts used in the solution produce a filter for NOx. It can also be used in roads and auxiliary facilities to filter the NOx present in the atmosphere by reacting with it. This destroys the various components that cause photochemical pollution.

So, it is a solution that helps to remove NOx from the surroundings in an environmentally friendly and economical way. This makes our nano photocatalytic coating NOx removal technology ideal for the implementation of carbon trading projects.

Goals of our NOx removal solution –

  • Purify & remove the NOx present in the atmosphere;
  • Lessen the photochemical crisis;
  • Contributes to global warming solution;
  • Work with the Kyoto Protocol at a low-cost

Features of our NOx removal solution –

  • Decompose the harmful pollutants in the atmosphere.
  • Purify car exhaust using sunlight.
  • Effective NOx removal treatment with nano effect and catalytic reactions.
  • Self-cleaning for a reduction in the maintenance cost.

Advantages that you can get from our NOx removal solution –

  • Produces a high-performance treatment that can be used to purify car exhaust in a very efficient way.
  • When used on roads and auxiliary facilities, the solution can destroy the car exhaust pollution and acid rain, removing the NOx present in the air.
  • Provides self-cleaning and anti-mildew functions for a reduction in the maintenance cost.

The Bottom Line –

NOx is one of the most harmful elements present in the air. It is a greenhouse gas that can create adverse conditions for our environment.

TiPE offers nitrous oxide emission treatment, which is based on nanotechnology for extreme effectiveness. With nano photocatalytic technology, it is designed for NOx removal from the atmosphere.

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Affordable NOx Removal Solution from Tipe

Global warming has taken its toll as the central issue for almost all nations worldwide. Indeed, what has been neglected for many years is now being highlighted in the latest journals and research papers since then! The NOx removal solution based on the nanotechnology frontiers’ firm grips can be one of the best ways to curb the menace caused by the increasing levels of nitrous oxide.

Interestingly, you will be surprised to know that NOx removal is now an essential element that has to be employed for healthy living! Do you know nitrous oxide is considered a potent greenhouse gas in the current world and is scientifically known that it is 310 times stronger than carbon dioxide? The NOx removal aspects aim to cover the ozone layer’s depleting frontiers as nitrous oxide is implicated for the ozone depletion devastatingly! NOx is also known for causing atmospheric disasters, including photochemical haze weather conditions and El Nino, to name a few! Scroll down to the bottom to know the different aspects of curbing NOx’s menace with the most affordable and reliable NOx removal solution from Tipe!

Why opt for the nanotechnology inspired NOx removal solution?

Pertaining to the harmful aspects of the nitrous oxide gas in the environment, it is evident that facing the adverse effects and coming up with a modern and functional solution is necessary! It is crucial to control the emission of NOx from the industrial activities and the automobile exhausts for protecting THE Earth’s climatic conditions.

The NOx removal solution from Tipe provides one of the most effective solutions for addressing this serious issue. The nano photocatalyst that is employed with this technology offers a brand-new solution for NOx removal in the least cost approach. Indeed, it is not only environmentally friendly, but it is also economical for you to purchase. Apart from the best NOx removal solution from Tipe, you can also opt for the grand-new nanotechnology inspired products for air purification and odor control.

How does the NOx removal solution work?

The NOx removal solution from Tipe develops a nano photocatalytic coating around the surface. Yes, this process has many advantages. Due to this process, the photocatalyst can be used for multipurpose applicability. It not only can be used to produce a functional catalytic filter for NOx but also can be perfectly applied on the roads and the auxiliary facilities. In this manner, the product can react with the NOx in the atmosphere 24/7!

The bottom line

Apart from the benefits you get to lead a healthy life, the NOx removal solution from Tipe shares a range of advantages for you! The photocatalytic reaction employed in the process destroys various VOCs from car exhaust. That may be the leading reason for photochemical pollution. In this manner, using the NOx removal solution from Tipe can help you decrease the PM2.5 reading!

Our nanotechnology-based NOx removal solution will also help you save heavily on the primary and auxiliary facilities’ maintenance aspects. Since the NOx removal solution combines with the perfect approach for self-cleaning, it can be one of the most profitable deals for the public sector applications.

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The Best NOx Removal Solution with the Nitrous Oxide Emission Treatment from Tipe!

Purifying and decomposing the NOx in the atmosphere can be a challenging task in the current scenario! When it comes to the global climate crisis, you may think of carbon dioxide to portray a significant problem, but is it all about the adverse effect caused by the harmful greenhouse gases?

Indeed, no! It is not the only problem. There is another pollutant that is visibly setting the researchers for a long race to analyze its adverse effects. For years, it has been known that nitrous oxide can be a potential risk for human sustainability in the future. Plus, to add to its disturbing aspect, nitrous oxide is around 300 times more potent than carbon dioxide. Moreover, it is now known as one of the leading gases for depleting the ozone layer. Apart from that, the gas is also knee for causing the climatic disaster, like, El Nino, photochemical haze weather, and many more.

Importance of NOx removal

NOX removal is now considered to be an essential part of a promising sustainable future! With the nitrous oxide emission treatment from Tipe, you can now regulate the NOx levels in the most cost-effective approach.

Due to the adverse effects of NOx in the atmosphere, it is essential to have the NOx removal solution to pace correctly with the ever-increasing levels of NOx from automobile exhausts and industrial activities. The nitrous oxide emission treatment from Tipe can prove to be one of the advanced solutions for eliminating the risk of NOx to protect the earth’s climate.

Is the Nitrous oxide emission treatment from Tipe effective for NOx removal?

At Tipe, you can find an extensive range of products that are built on the fundamentals of nanotechnology to meet your requirements. Whether you are looking for air purification solutions or odor control coatings, you can have the best products at affordable prices at Tipe!

Contextually, being based on the effectiveness of nanotechnology, the nitrous oxide emission treatment from Tipe, provides an effective solution for addressing this severe aspect! The reaction which undergoes a functional approach for NOx removal is based on our nano photocatalyst technology.

The nano photocatalyst employed in the nitrous oxide emission treatment provides an effective solution for NOx removal in an economical and environment-friendly manner. Since, in the reaction, a nano photocatalytic coating is developed, so the photocatalyst plays the role of many major aspects.

This photocatalyst in nitrous oxide emission treatment can not only be applied to produce catalytic filters for NOx but also can be extensively opted for application on roads and its auxiliary facilities. Yes, the treatment undergoes a reaction that is accounted to function for 24/7!

Benefits of using the nitrous oxide emission treatment for NOx removal

  • The photocatalytic reaction in the nitrous oxide emission treatment is also proven to destroy the various VOCs from car exhausts, thus controlling photochemical pollution.
  • The PM2.5 reading reduces automatically with the treatment for NOx removal!
  • The nano-coating that gets embedded with the nitrous oxide emission treatment can also help you reduce your maintenance costs as it also combines with the self-cleaning procedure.
  • Indeed, the nano photocatalytic coating technology with the nitrous oxide emission treatment for NOx removal can be an ideal way of controlling the levels of this harmful gas. In fact, it poses a free solution for the implementation of carbon trading under the Kyoto protocol’s flexible mechanisms!

The bottom line

Opting for a healthier lifestyle with the nano technology-inspired products can be a progressive step! With the nitrous oxide emission treatment, you can assure the safest and effective way for NOx removal at affordable prices! For any queries,contact us now!