The Power of Better Odor Eliminating Process

Odor, bad, good or stinky, plays a crucial role in how we perceive things around us. The tiniest component of an odor can give social clues about what we should eat, how to treat each other and whom to get closer with. Smell or odor contains the key to our emotions when we smell anything we feel it. Since the smell is the only sense that is linked directly to the limbic system which is responsible for processing emotions and memory. Good or bad anything you smell reflects in our behavior and mood

It has been also proven that smell is a powerful thing. Whenever you smell something the olfactory system, which is directly linked to the emotional part of the brain, sends immediate information from the nose to the brain to recognize any smell. Many a time, people suffering from the neurological disorder are treated with old things to revive the memory, and results have been good till date. Support you smell the pot roast, and it instantly transported you back to the grandmother’s kitchen. The scent of roses will take you to the lost spring. Rubbing alcohol may take you to the last time you visited a hospital.

You can smell everything around you; however, the smell of your home affects your mood and behavior the most. Many a time, your home is full of foul and stinky odor that may be because of indoor pollution caused by the presence of volatile organic compounds and wall paints containing hazardous chemicals. Or, pets in the home can fill the entire home with a musty smell. You want to keep your home and pet frequent areas completely odor free.

Well!! There is an odor elimination technique that guarantees sure shot results in eliminating bad odor from home. The nanotechnology based photocatalyst coating can decompose chemical components into a molecular level and convert them to a harmless inorganic substance such as water and carbon dioxide. In fact, this coating is so strong that many industrial and public areas can be deodorized with it.

Some special features of nanotechnology based odor elimination technique.

Environmental-friendly, no extra pollution

To reduce the amount of carbon foot print on the earth atmosphere, the nano-photocatalytic coating decomposes the harmful chemicals in pollutants into the organic substrate. This is safe, environment friendly and leaves no negative effect on the environment. Ensure a healthy atmosphere in your indoor and outdoor every day.

Easy to apply in most site and diversified surfaces

The nano-photocatalytic coating is easy and effective in the odor elimination process. It requires no professional for application, any person having basic knowledge about how to apply paints can do the job without any hassle.

Decompose the odor in a molecular level, no absorption or covering

Traditional deodorizer and home disinfectant are very slow. It takes a lot of time to remove the bad odor since those were developed on absorption and covering process. Nano-photocatalytic odor eliminator for home is bit different; it decomposes the inorganic components into the atmosphere into water and carbon dioxide.

Results last for a longer time

The nano-photocatalytic coating is based on Photocatalytic oxidization reaction, which is the best odor eliminator for room and an effective process to most odors’ decomposition. It utilizes solar energy to decompose sticky smell at the molecular level. So, the smell lasts longer and you do not have to invest in painting, as often.

Eliminate odor and microbial risk at the same time

The nano-photocatalytic coatings are advanced odor removal technique. It can deodorize the environment and disinfectant at the same time. The chemical reaction kills all the germs and microbes present inside your home, keeping your home safe and germ free.

These are some of the best points of odor elimination technique, you can find at TiPE. If you are looking for more updated odor elimination and disinfecting procedure, feel free to contact our experts. Speak and discuss your problem.

Keep your home and an outdoor environment free from bad odor

Are Your Room Fresheners Safe? Is There Any Other Odor Elimination Technique?

Room Fresheners and air fresheners are always been used for masking unpleasant odor around you. The first type developed for uses in the home were aerosol, which when sprayed in the room creates a fine mist of fragrance to calm your senses. However, the aerosol based room fresheners become unpopular. Since the bad odor can have a negative effect on health and environment. Soon, the manufactures come out with high-tech versions of gel, liquid and heat-activated fragrances that can automatically mix into the environment and stay for longer hours.

Fragrance in Room Fresheners

Most air fresheners contain a variety of fragrances and chemicals. Fragrance is an umbrella term, which may include many chemicals mixed together, to mask the toxic products present in the room freshener. According to the Environmental Working Group, the fragrance is linked to allergies, asthma and other respirator concerns, hormone disruptions and other. This is definitely not the best, but the worst odor elimination method for any indoor.

Hazardous Chemicals in Room Fresheners

According to a report submitted by the Environmental Protection Agency, a store-bought air freshener contains chemicals like formaldehyde, petrochemical, p-dichlorobenzene and aerosol pollutants. A study from the university of California at Berkley confirmed the presence of ethylene-based glycol ethers and terpenes, which in dangerous and react with the ozone layer causing environmental problems.

Continuous exposure to these products can risk health and environment since room fresheners contain Volatile Organic Compounds that easily changes into a gaseous state at moderate room temperature. This compound can easily enter into the respiratory channel causing eye, nose and throat irritation, headache, loss of coordination, nausea. Some organic compounds can even cause cancer. The room air freshener is not only the sources for VOC at the home, but you can also come in contact through paints, wood preservatives, cleansers, disinfectants, pesticide and much more.

How to manage a bad odor?

All the above information gives clear information about how hazardous the common air fresheners are. You cannot control the bad odor with a simple method; rather find something reliable which can keep your indoor clean and breathable. Choose an eco-friendly substitute for harmful odor elimination techniques.

Is there any better solution to it?

Thankfully, you have a nanotechnology based odor elimination method to deodorize your indoors with something fresh and clean. This is an innovative method that utilizes photocatalytic technology with nanotechnology to effectively decompose the stink directly at the molecular level and convert them to a harmless inorganic substance such as water and carbon dioxide. This is one of the safest alternatives to chemical agent and fragrances; it does not cause any additional pollution and stays for a longer time. You can use this for pet odor control, smoke smell, bad odor at the textile industry, large manufacturing units and others.

You can ask TiPE for other pollution control solution, such as antimicrobial coating, water treatment, VOC removal, air purification, NOx removal and much more. We are completely involved in finding the best alternative to the chemical method. Feel free to contact us, send your queries directly to us!

Can Bad Odor Affect Your Body And Mind?

Odor, especially bad odor, mostly associates with our indoor and outdoor environment. The cleaner the atmosphere around, the healthier and fresh we feel. Our mind and body find it really tempting to recognize good and bad odor around. According to new research, flower scents sprayed around the bedroom before sleep results in more positive dreams than unpleasant smells or no odor at all. This simply indicates one thing; your home needs advanced odor elimination technology to get rid of pungent smell around. Only fresh and clean air can boost your mental and physical well-being.

Let’s know few common reasons on how bad odor can affect our mind and body.

  • Bad odor has significant impact on the brain and is relic of life-and-death importance. Our olfactory receptor cells of nose are connected to the limbic system- which is the one of the oldest parts of human brain and responsible for long-term memory and other behavioral and emotional activities. Those who regularly inhale this smell mostly experiences negative psychological stats, such as, stress, depression, anxiety and chronic stress level. Thus, having odor elimination with one of our popular nano photocatalytic coating could be an ideal solution.
  • Smells has a greater impact on your spending, means what we buy, how much we spend and how much we gamble. According to a practical research, A Casino in Las Vegas witness 50 per cent rise in gambling money when a pleasant smell was sprayed in the slot machine. Another example is buying shoes; around 84 per cent of buyers find new shoe smell displayed in show rooms more attractive and purchasable for their pleasant aroma. Adding odor elimination program from one of our revolutionary deodorizing process is not only important for residential, it’s important for commercial set-ups too. Businesses can use nano photocatalytic technology to effectively decompose stink at molecular level and keep the indoor welcoming for your customers.
  • Bad odor can greatly affect your mental well-being. The pungent smell from rotten food, bacteria and other microorganism are scientifically proven to be a nervous system slower. Person who regularly smell bad odor experiences lower concentration level and poor memory. Smells triggers the memory cells in our nervous system, and are also an effective method to recover lost memory. It has been observed that memories triggered by smells tend to be clearer, more intense and more emotional. This is because, a part of human brain that process odor has direct links with parts that are involved with emotion and memory. Safeguard your environment with appropriate odor elimination technique.
  • Bad smells are major cause of health problems, as it contains gaseous molecules that can make you sick. One of the foulest smelling substances is Hydrogen Sulfide which is commonly sourced from sewer wastage. Hydrogen Sulfide does not cause any disease, but molecules can damage your central nervous by entering through the respiratory line. The amount of impact varies from percentage of gas inhaled, you can experience shortness of breath, headache, eye irritation, and even death if large amount of this harmful gas is inhaled regularly. It’s advisable to do proper odor elimination program followed by nano-technology solution regularly at home to keep the indoor air fresh and new.

In a nutshell, your power to sense smell can alert you against upcoming dangers. Even foul and pungent smell is a signature of warning. If the air inside your home is polluted, it is bad for you too. So, better opt for nano photocatalytic odor elimination technology to keep your worries at bay!

Safeguard Our Environment With Apt Odor Elimination Techniques

Odor, especially bad odor, is a major reason for lack of comfort in several public and private spaces. The easiest way for odor elimination that might often come to any mind is spraying the can of “freshener” generously. However, the costs involved in smothering the entire space of humans with the can with an ironic name are too high. The chemical content (high VOC to be precise) is too high to put the health of everyone around in jeopardy.

In this time and hour, it is important that we take the matters of the environment seriously. Not just understanding, we also need to put in our bit of help for making the indoors as well as outdoors better. In case you are someone who is willing to start out, proper odor elimination is the best place to start.

Avoid the chemical canisters of compressed sweet-smelling VOC as much as possible. In place of that, you can go for the organic alternatives. There are several DIY cleaners and air fresheners that might come in handy as well. Being environmentally woke is the need of the hour and it won’t be possible if all of us pass off our responsibilities. Take the first step and go the organic route. However, some people might find it too much time-consuming than the chemical route. The solution to this dilemma is nanotechnology. Nanotechnology-based odor elimination is the future. The best part of the “nano” method is that you can also remove the already present VOC.

The nano photocatalytic technology is a brand-new deodorizing solution, so we can use it everywhere easily, lightly safely. Our nano coating can effectively decompose the stink directly in molecular level and convert them to harmless inorganic substances such as water and carbon dioxide. In addition to this, the photocatalyst is environmentally safe and you can apply it anywhere with ease. The long-time performance and automated response are features that would make the busy bees happy and safe.

Now that you know the importance of being environmentally woke, take the first step by endorsing the better odor elimination techniques. Get in touch with us to know more.