Scale Your Paints on Three Major Parameters – What is the Best Alternative to It?

When it comes to home renovation or revamping, paints are one of the most staple answers. Adding a coat of paint adds a dash of sophistication and freshness to any home. Painting your home indoor or outdoor can increase your home resale value also, only if you are interested in the sale of purchase in the future. Did you know paints contain volatile organic compounds that are dangerous for those living in the home?

Paints are one of the most polluting things present in the environment these days. It’s essential to evaluate the quality of your color before applying its walls or objects. Or, find an alternative solution to all those problems related to conventional paints.

Scale your paints on three significant factors

  • Eco-friendliness – With the growing concern for global warming and air pollution, homeowners need to think sincerely about keeping indoor clean and green. Air pollutants like VOC can mix with the air, causing skin problems like itching, infections, or respiratory disorder. These chemicals components should be treated before, so that becomes fresh and surrounding becomes free from green-house gases. Try to safest alternative like photocatalytic self cleaning coating.
  • If your paints do not qualify for eco-friendliness then select a photocatalytic coating for your home indoor and outdoor. Ask experts to give you some ideas. You can read more from the website.

  • Self Cleaning – Most of the homeowners complain that conventional paints can run off easily with water. Dust and sunlight start fading it after a few months only, even after doing the paint job a month ago only. This means a lot of investment in repaints and maintenance charges every year. What if your paint has self-cleaning property? Or, it can protect itself from natural damages? Amazing, right! Think outside of the box, save yourself from costly repainting jobs with the help of an alternative solution called photocatalytic self-cleaning coating. It layers the outer surface from the accumulation of dust and rain while keeping your home look new always. The anti-static properties of the coat do not allow dust particles, pollutants or rain to remain on its surface. It rinses off the dirt, purifies the air around and keeps it clean without regular maintenance.

If the paint on your home features self-cleaning property, then apply it wherever required. Or, else go for the suggested alternative for a clean, new and eco-friendly home without wasting your time or money.

  • Retrain Mold and mildew growth – Regular paints are not enough for mold, mildew, or fungal growth around areas, which are always in contact with water. The damp area provides the best eco-system for mold and fungal growth, which are certainly not suitable for indoor air-quality and sometimes raises concern for air-borne diseases in homes. Paints can lock the wall pores but do not provide sufficient protection. To cause interference in their growth and multiplicity, a photocatalytic coating with anti-mold and anti-bacterial would be an ideal solution. Nano-photocatalytic self-cleaning coating destroys the bacteria and fungus from its root, giving you a clean and fresh indoor.

If your paints missed the anti-mold, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-mildew properties, feel free to request a quote for nano-photocatalytic coating. Three of these factors are essential to consider while choosing paint over a nano-photocatalytic coating.

Bottom Line

Your home needs a coat of safety, security, and reliability from outside and inside dangers. After all, it’s where you spend quality time with your family and treasure it forever!

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Is your Building Protected from Acid Rain?

Is your building protected from the harmful effect of acid rain? You all might have questioned yourself right now and turned down to a “no.” Yes, most of us are unaware of the impact of acid rain and searched ever for any self cleaning coating that can safeguard the newness of the building while staying intact.

Acid Rain & the Side-Effects on Buildings

Acid rain is really dangerous for buildings and statues; it can strip away the materials and corrode away the metal that makes up these structures. Architects use limestone, marble, steel, and brass for construction purpose so that it can resist the environmental elements. But to their surprise, the chemical reaction between environmental pollutants and building materials leads to corrosion and destruction. You can see visible changes in the exterior of the building with the chemicals present in the rain.

Basically, acid rain is a dangerous composition of sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides that are released in the air from the combustion of fossil fuel like oil and charcoal. Pollutants present in the environment combines with the rain, causing degradation of the buildings. Acid rain is natural; you cannot control the after effects. But, you can take action against.

Thankfully, a photocatalytic self cleaning coating can work wonder for the problem. Let’s help you know better.

Nano Photocatalytic Self Cleaning Coating & Acid rain

This self cleaning photocatalysis process is highly effective against the harmful effects of acid rain. Nano photocatalytic self cleaning coating utilizes nano particles and photocatalytic oxidation reaction to control the after effect and add protection. In the reaction, the nano particles react with the organic and inorganic constituents present in the environment in the presence of sunlight, where photocatalytic acts as a catalyst. The reaction breaks the inorganic components into environment friendly particles like water and carbon dioxide. This reduces the harmful impact on the environment, and the catalytic activity leaves on long term effect on the building. This measure is

  • Extremely safe and effective
  • Eco-friendly and long lasting
  • Super hydrophilic in nature
  • Reduces decomposition of organic pollutant
  • No mildew growth
  • Protection against bacteria and viruses.
  • No NOx accumulation on the building
  • Resistance to water like acid rain
  • Controls wastage of energy

The nanotechnology based photocatalytic self cleaning coating keeps your building new and clean. There will be no traces of air pollutants on your building if it has a coating of this advanced painting. You can find its application in solar panels, statues, historical buildings, and more. (Know how photocatalytic self cleaning coating is useful for solar panels here)

Know more about it and its benefits from the website. Talk to our experts or read the latest blog posts.

Why You Need Nano-Photocatalytic Self Cleaning Coatings for Solar Panels?

Solar Panels are an indispensible tool for the eco-conscious generation. People are now using the simplest devices for converting solar energy into electrical energy for use in any residential, commercial and public place. In addition to that, the federal government has also enforced the use of renewable resources to safeguard the environment from hazardous pollutants. Therefore, homeowners are switching to solar PV panels as an alternate to costly electricity.

Solar PV Panels plays a crucial role in meeting our future energy demand, and it has been considered as an environment friendly source of electricity. For harvesting solar energy, the photovoltaic cells are mostly installed in the sun drenched desert areas, outdoor and roof tops of urban and rural areas. Hence, the expensive solar PV panels are exposed to dust, dirt, rain and external pollutants which results in loss of efficiency and power wastage.

Soiling in PV Solar panels

Accumulation of dust and debris on the surface of solar power panels leads to significant loss of energy. The light reaching the active semiconductor find it difficult to absorb solar energy, reducing the power output by 50%. You need to apply a novel self cleaning coatings which when applied on the surface of the solar panels absorb energy, eliminates surface contamination and optimize the energy efficiency.

What is the best solution?

TiPE offers photocatalytic self cleaning coating for solar panel users who want to protect the surface from unwanted dust and debris. Nano photocatalytic coatings have been extensively used as an anti-pollutant coating for home and buildings, and the solar panel is next in line.

What are the benefits?

The common benefits of photocatalytic self cleaning coatings are mostly not known to everyone. So, here is a list of advantages offered to customers from self cleaning coatings on PV panels.

No harm to the Environment – The nanotechnology based photocatalytic self cleaning coating utilizes the photocatalysis reaction, which means light energy is used to decompose organic pollutants at the molecular level and convert them into harmless carbon dioxide and water. Photocatalytic self cleaning coating for the solar panel are purposefully created to protect and save energy at the same time.

Cleans itself – As the name suggest, the photocatalytic coatings are developed to repel water and dust particle from the surface of the solar panel. These coatings have super hydrophilicity, which means water and dust particles have zero angles of contact with the surface when a coating in applied on it. This is called self cleaning property and helps a lot in keeping the panel clean and new.

The growth of Microbes, Viruses, and Bacteria are restricted – Advanced nanotechnology based self cleaning coatings are developed with some amazing properties. It can kill almost all kinds of bacteria and virus including mutants also such as MRSA, SARS, H5N1 and more. It also reduces the effect of volatile organic compounds on the solar panels.

Decomposes NOx – NOx or nitrous oxide is very dangerous for the environment and people around us. It is 310 times stronger than carbon dioxide and implicated in the destruction of the ozone layer causing a climatic disaster. When a photocatalytic self cleaning coating is applied to external of any building, it protects the outdoor from NOx deposition. The photocatalyic property cleans and purifies the NOx to convert them into environment friendly composition. Similarly, the photocatalytic self cleaning coating decomposes the hazardous components to something eco-friendly.

Saves energy – One of the greatest advantages of photocatalytic self cleaning coating is energy efficiency. It helps you save energy from wastage. The nano particles and photocatalytic reaction protect from loss of energy causes due to soiling on solar PV panels. Users can save cost on maintenance chares and other pollution controlling methods with this. Feel free to know more about it.

There are several benefits of using photocatalytic self cleaning coatings on solar panels. But, many of us are unknown to the use and application of it. You can use it for the conservation of historic buildings, NOx removal and much more.

If you are buying a solar panel for energy conservation, apply a coating of nanotechnology based photocatlytic self cleaning coating on it.

Avoid Water-Damages on Road with Photocatalytic Self Cleaning Coating

Extreme weather condition can, directly and indirectly, damage the public road transportation. Heavy rainfall and pollution create a drastic impact on the strength and longevity of the road. Flooding especially is the predominant cause of weather-related disruption to the transport sector. The local government body has to invest a lot of money on repair and maintenance since damaged roads can pose a threat to human safety, and causing significant disruption and associated economic and social impacts.

Existing approaches failed to control the impacts of rain, sun, ice and pollution on the road. There is a need for an advanced photocatalytic coating that cleanses itself and repels water accumulation, without any manual help.

Photocatalytic self cleaning coating is one of the most demanding protectors for building, equipment and hygiene critical objects. Modified with nano-photo sensitive technology, this is a paint that rejects water, reduces dust accumulation and acts smartly with sun rays on the road. Let’s talk about the most favorable points about self cleaning paint with nanotechnology.

Protection – Water accumulation on the surface of the road has poised considerable problems for road maintenance. Photocatalytic self cleaning coating gives freedom from all these types of worries. The super hydrophillic property of the coating repels the water by increasing the contact angle of water droplet on the surface. This is because of the titanium dioxide irradiated by sunlight. The wettability of the surface before and after the coating decreases, making the roads efficient to repel water and dust accumulation.

Self cleaning property – The photocatalytic self cleaning coating shows diversified benefits; self cleaning property comes under the category of protection it provides to the road, buildings and other hygiene critical surfaces. This is a breakthrough in the world of organic cleaning agent, the consumption of chemical cleaning agent and antimicrobial cleaning substance will be reduced, and finally, you will have a better world. The road can be cleaned itself just by rain and sun, no additional cleaning component is required.

Zero maintenance – Self cleaning coating needs no maintenance to improve longevity. Once applied, the coating works on itself. Titanium dioxide present in the paint acts automatically, the photocatalytic reaction will bring the self cleaning function to the surface, without making any changes in color and material. Furthermore, the product can be applied on road side to provide self cleaning and control NOx decomposition. This will save you from additional maintenance cost and repair charges.

Environment-friendly – Most of the water repellent coating is not safe for the environment. The composition of such products is highly unsafe for environment and the user. However, the photocatalytic self cleaning coating utilizes sunlight energy to function and removes water collection on the surface of the road. It does not release any harmful compounds such as Volatile organic compound or toxic materials in the environment, which is why; it is safe and causes no harm to the people around.

Protect the surfaces from rain, sun and air pollutant damage with photocatalytic self cleaning coating. Ask for a free consultation with experts from TiPE; we can help you understand the advantage of nanotechnology with respect to public benefit. Visit the website for more details!