The growing demand of antimicrobial coating

The demand for antimicrobial coatings is growing rapidly and rightfully so! There are several benefits of getting these coatings to work in an environment of potentially dangerous microbes. The key term to notice here is potentially dangerous, which shouldn’t be confused with certainly dangerous. When we say potentially dangerous areas having microbes, we mean places like hospital products, and maybe some commonly used things like a spoon or even a keyboard.

Why are these coatings so popular?

Today, the industry of antimicrobial coatings is considered a billion-dollar industry and healthcare sector has the largest demand. There is a significant cash flow towards the research and development of antimicrobial coatings. So, what makes them so special? Here are some benefits of the antimicrobial coatings that make them an in-demand product today.

Antimicrobial coatings help to stop the growth of pathogens which have the potential to harm many things around them. These coatings are easy to use and are as effective as possible.

Since the antimicrobial coatings we provide are based on nanotechnology, they have a lower impact on the environment. On the other hand, the chemical disinfectants generally used have serious implications for the environment.

If the surface it is applied to doesn’t need a thorough cleaning every now and then, the cleaning time and cost are reduced considerably.

The benefits in healthcare sector

As mentioned earlier, the healthcare sector is one of the largest users of the antimicrobial coating. Are you wondering about the reason behind it? Well, to understand that, we need to look at the most common areas where the coatings are applied. Antimicrobial coatings are generally applied to counters, walls, door handles, and other areas that involve a lot of touches. Coming back to the medical sector, there are several areas which involve a lot of touching. In addition to that, there are microbes lurking in the air. To keep everything safe for the patient, regular cleaning of the medical facilities is a necessity. Considering the amount of time and money the antimicrobial coatings save while being equally effective, the healthcare sector is not shying away from it. The environmental impact of cleaning medical facilities is way too high and the use of the powerful antimicrobial coatings reduces it significantly.

At the TitanPE Technologies, we use nanotechnology to build a better future. Our antimicrobial coating based on nanotechnology is the best option as of now. Place your order now to get the best of nanotechnology for your needs. Get in touch with us to know more about the antimicrobial coatings as well as nanotechnology.


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